Toyota Corolla 2002 price in Nigeria, review & used car buying guide

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1. Overview of Toyota Corolla 2002

Toyota with its reliable products has earned the trust of Nigerians in the automobile industry. Toyota Corolla is among the popular cars with durability in Nigeria today, and the maintenance is easy because spare parts are available. A proper maintenance habit will help keep the car running smooth for about 10 to 15 years.

The Toyota Corolla 2002 is designed as a 4-door, 5-seat sedan car. The Toyota Corolla has different generations, and the 2002 model was a different design. It belongs to the eighth generation which began from May 1995 to March 2002. In this article below, we will go through the Toyota Corolla 2002 price in Nigeria with a detailed review on its features!


The Toyota Corolla 2002 (E110) does not look much alike the E100

The Toyota Corolla 2002 can also be classified with a specific name based on its generation. The name was given to identify the design and model that belongs to a particular generation. The code name E110 is the eighth generation of Toyota Corolla, and it had seen slight modifications in design.

Toyota decided to make E110 the last sprinter model like that of the E100, focusing on improving the E110 Corolla, by reducing its body weight to save energy and resources. Collision and safety were improved as the car body weight was reduced, and this was achieved by installing new absorption steering column, seatbelts locking emergency and SRS airbags. The design appealed to a broad audience that confirmed how comfortable and durable it is and this promoted its sale around the globe. Each generation improves on the previous generation in body size and designs, engine capacity, energy conservation, and a few more features.

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2. Prices of Toyota Corolla 2002 in Nigeria

  • Prices of used Toyota Corolla 2002 in Nigeria

This sedan from Toyota does not have brand new models available for sale in the country because we are a long time away from 2002. It is possible to find foreign and locally used models for sale, and here is what you should budget.

    Toyota Corolla 2002 price in Nigeria
Model Prices in Nigeria
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2002 price in Nigeria ₦800,000 - ₦1.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 2002 price in Nigeria ₦500,000 - ₦900,000

Always plan a budget before searching for a used car in Nigeria, this will place you well in a negotiation table. Insist on your budget and do not get distracted by the appearance of the vehicle on first sight.


The interior was built with simple materials

  • Where to buy Toyota Corolla 2002 in Nigeria

There are many ways and places for you to buy a Corolla 2002 in Nigeria with a wide range of pricing. You can visit a reliable auto shop or surf the web for online car buying and selling platforms. Below are some of our suggestions!

Used Toyota car dealerships

  • Jamil Motors Port Harcourt
  • Carsbazr

Online shopping



The Corolla 2002 provides just ample space for passengers

Nigerian Customs auction website

Dealers at Cotonou


There is a large car market at Cotonou, so the Cotonou cars buying guide: buying steps & prices (updated 2019) will be of great help.

3. Brief review of Toyota Corolla 2002

  • Toyota Corolla 2002 Trims levels

Toyota Corolla 2002 according to their generations, E110 was available in trims or configuration of features. This allows customers to get what they want and also ensure that they were not overpaying for features they do not want. The E110 was also available in the base model, CE, S, and LE trims.

Here is a complete article on How to understand Toyota trim levels via their acronyms?

  • Toyota Corolla 2002 Exterior design

The body designs used fewer panels than the previous generation Corollas to increase its strength while reducing cost. Also, the headlights were made from polycarbonate other than glass.

  1. Wheelbase 2,464 mm (97.0 in)
  2. Length 4,369 mm (172.0 in)
  3. Width 1,684 mm (66.3 in)
  4. Height Sedan: 1,359 mm (53.5 in)
  5. Curb weight 1052 kg (2315 lb).


The Corolla 2002 looks lighter than its previous generation

  • Toyota Corolla 2002 Interior design

The interior has a grey/black seat color, with the three-point type of seat belt. The adjustable front seats, plastic steering wheels, availability of cigarette lighter, drivers and passengers make up mirrors, analog instrument clusters, and air conditioning. It includes a leather or fabrics material seat, leather clothing gear handle, analog instruments, etc.

The E110 generation also had the design of a sprinter; being a 4-door, 5 seat sedan vehicle other than looking similar to the E100. It shares the same wheelbase but weighing a little bit lighter than the E100. The front and rear lights are unique from other previous generations.


Sufficient features designed for the E110 (Corolla 2002)

  • Toyota Corolla 2002 Performance & Specifications

This vehicle functions with a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine which has 16 valves and produces 125 hp. The engine drives any of the transmission systems which includes 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission; or 3-speed or 4-speed automatic transmission available.

The extra features that endow the Toyota Corolla 2002 involves the following;

  1. Keyless entry
  2. Gold LED brake lights
  3. CD audio system
  4. Day-time running lights
  5. Safety
  6. Adequate front and side airbags
  7. Antilock brakes system (ABS)
  8. Child lock technology

2002 Toyota Corolla LE Virtual Tour

  • Pros and cons of Toyota Corolla 2002

When talking about a Toyota, particularly Corolla line-up - the best selling model in the world, most people agree on its outstanding merits. However, it doesn't mean the car is flawless. Below is our brief summary on the pros and cons of Toyota Corolla 2002 for your reference.

  Evaluation of Toyota Corolla 2002
 Pros  Cons
 Good second-hand value  Not so much room at the rear seat
 Durability and Reliability  It would not attract much admiration
 Low fuel consumption rate  

Currently, this car is suitable for undergraduate students and young adults; it will help them save cost on maintenance and fuel consumption.


The Corolla 2002 comes with a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine

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4. Notes when buying used Toyota Corolla 2002 in Nigeria

The Toyota Corolla is viewed as the best economical vehicle, and the best car for students in Nigeria currently, which means it is very available on sale. Learn these few tips to spend money safely when buying a Toyota Corolla 2002.

  • Check every part of the vehicle’s body for rust.
  • Check mileage, although this can be reset. If the number is high, the engine has little time to go on; if it is low, then maybe it is a good find.
  • Check the exhaust for smoke from the engine; this could tell if the engine needs thorough attention
  • Inspect inside the car for convenience and comfort.
  • Go on a test drive with the car, and pay attention to movement and sound as well as other components.

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It's better spending some time to investigate the car than getting cheated by the seller's tricks

5. Alternatives to Toyota Corolla 2002 in Nigeria

These cars are competitors in the compact car market along with the Toyota Corolla 2002; except that Toyota has won so much trust in the Nigerian auto market. Check our previous post on Best alternatives for the Toyota Corolla in Nigeria to know why we suggest these models.

  • Ford Focus
  • Honda Civic
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • KIA Spectra
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volvo S40


These compact sedans are similar to the Toyota Corolla 2002

6. Conclusion

If you are looking to own a portable sedan vehicle, then the Toyota Corolla 2002 is a great choice; you only have to take some extra care while purchasing this car. The information in this review on the Toyota Corolla 2002 price in Nigeria should be adequate to guide your decision.

Also note that other than Toyota Corolla, has plenty of other car models for sale with affordable price tags. Just click on Cars for sale and set your desired criteria on our advanced search. You'll be amazed at what we can offer!

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