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1. Introduction of Toyota Corolla 2000 to Nigeria

Toyota products generally are unarguably some of the most sought-after automotive products in Nigeria in terms of performance, durability, fuel-efficiency and easy access to spare parts in case you might need replacement of any component. Another fact why Nigerians love rushing for Toyota products is the second-hand value if you are willing to resell. Once you are able to fix some of the minor issues, you will get a good value for the car in any of the auto markets in the country.

One of many Toyota products that stand out is the Corolla. Here on, we will show you all you need to know about Toyota Corolla 2000 price in Nigeria.


It is almost 60 years since the first Toyota Corollas were released

2. Prices of Toyota Corolla 2000 in Nigeria

Since this Corolla model was manufactured for the 2000 model year, it will be difficult to get a brand new. However, you can easily get your hands on the foreign-used and locally-used Toyota Corrolla 2000 in Nigeria. Just make sure you purchase from a reliable and trusted source. If possible, go with an expert such as your auto mechanic for inspection.

2.1. Price of foreign-used Toyota Corolla 2000 in Nigeria

Compared to locally used units, Tokunbo Corolla 2000 are a bit more expensive and these prices may change due to currency exchange rate or clearing costs. However, it's all worth it when the car condition of foreign used models is clearly more reliable than their Nigerian used counterparts.

  Foreign-used Toyota Corolla 2000 price in Nigeria
 Model  Price
 Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2000 all trims ₦950,000 - ₦1.6 million

2.2. Price of locally-used Toyota Corolla in Nigeria

As you can infer from what we stated above, the locally used Corolla are cheaper but less reliable than the Tokunbo. That's why you should always ask an experienced car driver or mechanic to come with you on inspection day. This is to avoid underlying troubles that may require an overhaul after that.

  Locally-used Toyota Corolla 2000 price in Nigeria
Model  Price
 Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 2000 all trims ₦400,000 - ₦750,000

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3. Detailed review of Toyota Corolla 2000

3.1. Exterior design of Toyota Corolla 2000

The Toyota Corolla 2000’s design looks overly simple and somehow conservative. It has a clean shape that won’t get you much attention. Though close to being plain, it is effectively proportioned and efficient. It has indented body sides and an appearance of rear lamp cluster, which is similar to the small trunk-mounted segments of the Lexus GS.


Toyota Corolla 2000 front view


Toyota Corolla 2000 side and rear view

Safety features consist of dual airbags, front seatbelt pre-tensioner and shoulder belt anchor (adjustable), side-impact door beams and rear door lock for children protection. All these are standard features. Optional safety features include side-impact airbags and ABS.

3.2. Interior design of Toyota Corolla 2000

When it comes to space, Toyota has a fine reputation for bringing out maximum passenger space from the small overall package. There is sufficient room for the driver and passenger at the front seat. For the rear seat, just like we have in most cars in the same segment, it is less commodious but provides a reasonable room for the two rear passengers. The challenge here is the insufficient head and legroom for passengers of much height. It might feel uncomfortable if you decide to put three people at the back.


The interior design is decent and easy to use with enough legroom for the two front-seat occupants

The interior design is just as attractive and well finished as the external. Many might still argue that it looks as attractive as most cars in the same segment. The instrument clusters are found in a curved dash. You will get tachometer in the optional Touring Package. The controls are easy to use. For comfort, it is equipped with cupholders, storage boxes, and center console.

The interior materials are somehow above average. Same goes to the craftsmanship. It is possible you find the material used for the seat scratchy. Overall, it appears attractive and long-lasting.


You can easily fold down the rear seats to provide more space for luggage

For luggage space, it can be stowed in a trunk that is roomy enough with a large lid, which opens right down to the bumper to ensure easy loading. In the CE and LE versions, you can comfortably release the trunk to get the rear seats folded down.

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3.3. Engine and Fuel economy of Toyota Corolla 2000

The Corolla 2000 features a 1.8-liter 16 valve in a 4-cylinder engine which offers good performance, ride quality and handling. The engine is also powerful, economical and light-weighted. It offers an increase of five horsepower and better fuel economy through the VVT-i system in its overhead-cam engine and you can even push the fuel economy to a new hight if following these tips. It has the generative capacity of 125hps and a stronger low-rpm torque. This low rpm is useful when you are driving an automatic transmission and a 4-speed automatic. The challenge you might have here is the loud engine especially when you are under hard acceleration. But when you are at cruising speed, it seems quiet.

The transmission is swift to action when required especially when you are driving downhill, maneuvering or climbing hills. When you do not overthink it, its handling and road performance is decent enough. Its power steering is accurate and light. Its long wheelbase promises quality ride. Potholes shouldn’t be a problem for you as long as the car is in perfect condition.

Video: Toyota Corolla 2000 - Used Car Review

The tires are not that ideal for perfect road traction. They might also make noise when you decide to take the car around corners. They often transmit tread noise into the cabin during highway drive and lack good grip under hard braking. That is why we recommend you get the antilock braking system, which is optional.

4. Why should you buy a Toyota Corolla 2000?

The Corolla 2000 is rugged, well-built and comfortable. It is a very good machine for transportation. If you need a decent and affordable car for private use or transportation business such as Uber or Taxify, you might want to consider this model. It is easy to maintain and its fuel efficiency is decent enough to get good value for your money. For this reason, it is one of the 9 best cars for students in Nigeria.

However, there is no perfect car out there. What seems to be your best features might make the top 5 of another car user. However, there are general conceptions about a particular product. Take a quick look at the pros and cons of Toyota Corolla 2000 in Nigeria.


The Corolla is known to be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the market

Advantages of Toyota Corolla 2000:

  • Capable suspension
  • Impressive safety features
  • Overall Toyota build quality

Disadvantages of Toyota Corolla 2000:

  • Minimal leg room for occupants
  • Sluggish transmission
  • Pricey options

Generally speaking, the pros of Corolla 2000 outweigh its cons, which is why the car is much loved by Naija car drivers.

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5. More about Toyota Corolla 2000 History and Line-up

The Toyota Corolla - the most popular Toyota car on Nigerian streets comprises a line of subcompact and compact cars produced by the Japanese automaker, Toyota. It was brought to the market in 1966 and ever since then, it has topped the list of best-selling cars of all time in Nigeria. The company achieved a landmark in July 2013 when it sold more than 40 million Corollas for over 11 generations. Since inception, corolla has witnessed countless of major redesigns. The Toyota Corolla 2000 belongs to the ninth generation in the Corolla line-up.

For now, only three models are available in the market; the VE, CE, and LE. All Corollas come equipped with four doors and the sedans are mostly powered by a four-cylinder engine of 1.8-liter. The three available models share a 5-speed manual gearbox which comes standard. However, there are options of 3-speed gearbox for the VE, 4-speed for the CE and LE trims. Other optional features for the three trims include the antilock brake and side-impact airbags.


Depending on your choice and budget, you could either go for the LE, VE or CE

The VE has the plainest interior out of the three trims. A digital clock is optional and even the air-conditioner. When you request for these optional features, its price starts climbing up. For the LE, the standard features include the air conditioning, mirrors, power windows, door locks, and a 4-speaker sound system. The sunroof and alloy wheels are optional in LE. The CE, on the other hand, could be equipped to be the virtual twin to the LE.

6. Conclusion

We believe the Toyota Corolla 2000 is a good enough car if you are working under a limited budget. If you are not looking for luxury but a strong car for your daily activities or private taxi business, this review on Toyota Corolla 2000 price in Nigeria should be able to convince you to get one for yourself.

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