Toyota Corolla 1998 price in Nigeria & used car buying guide (Updated 2020)

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Overview of Toyota Corolla 1998 model

Ever since Toyota was introduced in Nigeria, the company has held on to its best in automobile production and won the hearts of customers in the country's automobile industry. This is as a result of some good features in Toyota brands considering the Nigeria economy and market. The maintenance of these cars is easy due to the access to spare parts; and with good maintenance culture, the Toyota Corolla 1998 price in Nigeria is fair since the car can serve for a long time. The 1998 Toyota Corolla has a sprinter sedan 4 doors and 5 passenger seat designs. Toyota manufactures different generations of designs in automobile production, and this model of Corolla belongs to the 8th generation of Toyota Corolla which was produced between 1995 to march 2002.

The 1998 model of Corolla was an improvement from the Corolla of the immediate past year; it was modified although it had similar look with the previous model. The company focused more on reducing the body weight of the 1998 model of Corolla to conserve energy and resources. This led to the improvement of safety on collision, which was achieved by installating seat belt locking emergencies, absorption steering column and airbags due to the reduction of the car body weight. This generation also improved more than the previous generation in the engine capacity, wheelbase measurement, energy conversion, body size and component designs. These features made it very unique from the previous generations and was sold greatly all around the world.

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Exterior of Toyota Corolla 1998

This model is a 4 door 5 seat sedan car with a sprinter design, with headlights made from polycarbonate instead of glass, a lighter body design panel and shares the same wheel base with the previous generations.


The familiar design of Toyota Corolla 1998

  • Length: 174 in.
  • Height: 54.5 in.
  • Width: 66.7 in.
  • Wheel Base: 97 in.
  • Cube weight: 2415 lbs

The exterior design features also a steel rear and front wheel with size of 14 x 5.5 in, front and rear tire size of P185/65R14 giving it balance when it is in motion.

Interior Design of Toyota Corolla 1998

The interior design includes the black or grey fabric material seat, adjustable front driver and passenger seat with 3 points seatbelt, air conditioning inlet, driver and passenger makeup mirror. The dashboard features analogue instrument cluster, cigarette lighter and a leather gear handle. The interior measurement includes;

  • Front Head Room: 39.3 in.
  • Rear Head Room: 36.9 in.
  • Front Hip Room: 47.4 in.
  • Rear Hip Room: 45.4 in.
  • Front Leg Room: 42.5 in.
  • Rear Leg Room: 33.2 in.
  • Front Shoulder Room: 52.8 in.
  • Rear Shoulder Room: 52.2 in.


An old Toyota Corolla 1998 dashboard still looks neat and user-friendly

Trim levels of Toyota Corolla 1998

Toyota Corolla 1998 is produced in trims; each trim has a specific feature that differentiates it from another in that same genaration. This helps the buyers know the exact features they are paying for and it has to fit with what they desire. The 1998 Corolla is available in three trims which includes the CE, the LE and the VE trims.

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Engine performance of Toyota Corolla 1998

This car is designed with. 1.8litre 4 cylinder engine that has 16 valves, producing 120 hp @5600 rpm and 122 ft-lbs torque@ 4400rpm; this engine drives on a 5-speed manual transmission system and 4-speed or 3-speed automatic transmission system and a front wheel drive.

Specifications & safety features of Toyota Corolla 1998

  • Fuel tank capacity 13.2 gal
  • PWR brake type
  • Anti-lock breaking system
  • Rear Child lock system
  • Day time running light
  • Gold LED break light
  • Keyless entry
  • Drives front side airbags
  • Passenger front side airbags
  • Three-point seatbelts

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Evaluation of Toyota Corolla 1998 pros & cons


  • This Corolla is very durable and reliable.
  • Has a high second hand value
  • The car has a low fuel consumption rate
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It can be used for both official and casual works.


  • No much space in the rear room
  • It would not attract much admiration.

How to maintain Toyota Corolla 1998

Maintaining your Toyota Corolla 1998 it's actually what guarantee the durability of the car, it keeps the car in a good working condition. In maintaining this car, you need to develop the habit of checking out the important things listed below.

  • Consistently check engine oil level at the beginning of every day
  • Change and replace the engine oil and oil filter at least every 3 months
  • Always inspect tires and maintain adequate pressure
  • Ensure there is no hydraulic leakage and top it if shorten
  • Get a mechanic to inspect the brake pads and inform you on when to change them

To get Toyota Corolla 1998 owner's manual, please click here!

How to change oil in 1998 Toyota Corolla

Prices of Toyota Corolla 1998 in Nigeria

Customers can only buy used 1998 Toyota Corolla in Nigeria because the company has been producing the most recent designs as brand new models. There are Tokunbo/ foreign used and Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 1998 price in Nigeria given below. Please note that these price lists are for reference only, actual prices may vary depending on related factors like currency exchange rate, clearing cost or car condition, etc.

  Toyota Corolla 1998 price in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigeria
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 1998 price in Nigeria ₦700,000 - ₦1.1 million
Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 1998 price in Nigeria ₦400,000 - ₦900,000

It is preferable to purchase the foreign used grades as many of them have been neatly used and maintained, while the locally used grades have experienced the harsh conditions of bad roads in the country.

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Tips for buying Toyota Corolla 1998 in Nigeria

Here are some tips in buying Toyota Corolla 1998 in Nigeria, it is very important to go through these guide to keep your purchase smooth and satisfactory.

  • Go for any inspection with a trustworthy and experienced mechanic who will take a close look at the engine
  • Look out for panel rusts all around the exterior of the car; and especially at the base line.
  • Check the exhaust smoke; it will tell you if the engine needs attention or not.
  • Inspect the interior for comfort and observe the roof for signs of  wet patches where water may have leaked into the car.
  • Allow your mechanic take the car on a test drive as you sit in the front passenger's seat, then you take the next turn.

>>> Follow this list to inspect your Corolla: Used vehicle inspection - the ultimate checklist


Inspect the car carefully inside out for underlying damages

Where to buy the Toyota Corolla 1998 in Nigeria

To get a 1998 Corolla in Nigeria, you can pay a visit to these car dealer shops. Otherwise, you can opt for online car market places listed below!

  • Carsbazr
  • Jamil Motors

Online sites to visit:

  • (e-Auction vehicles)

When buying cars online, please stay alert and refer to car buying guides to avoid scammers. Please refer to some articles below if you plan to buy cars online:


You can find hundreds of neatly used Corolla 1998 for sale on online markets

Sites for Toyota Corolla 1998 at Cotonou:


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Alternative cars Toyota Corolla 1998 which customers can consider

These list of cars have similar compact sedan body design and cost something similar to the Toyota Corolla 1998 price in Nigeria. They pose as close competitors in the Nigerian car market, and may be considered for purchase.

  • Nissan Sentra
  • Honda Civic
  • Mazda 3
  • Ford Focus
  • Volkswagen Jetta

These cars provide the most convenient fuel consumption with respect to utility, cabin and cargo space; they are sure to deliver on low maintenance cost and easy handling while driving. The Toyota Corolla 1998 model is among the favourites of the Nigerian auto users, and ther are a lot of positive reviews on the vehicle by dealers and customers alike.

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If you don't want a Corolla, a Honda Civic is also a good idea


That's all the most basic things you need before buying a Corolla 1998. Hope our prices of Toyota Corolla 1998 in Nigeria with detailed review is helpful to you. To view used Toyota Corolla 1998 for sale in Nigeria, please click on the link in blue!

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