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Sometime in 2014 or so, Toyota felt the need to design and produce a fresh new model to add to its already famous inventory. The whole project was headed by Hiroyuki Kob, the company's Engineering Chief. The efforts of Hiroyuki Kob and his team resulted in a fresh model that made its first product introductions or its first-ever public presentation at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. This all-new inventory model was the Toyota C-HR, a Subcompact Crossover SUV built on the Toyota New Global Architecture TNGA-C (GA-C) platform, also used in the production of various other Toyota sedan models like the Prius, Corolla, Levin, Auris and Lexus UX. And oh don't forget this article will detail the Toyota C-HR Price in Nigeria. But before that, let's finish off this cool overview of the Toyota C-HR.

The name C-HR was coined to reflect the design intent of the Hiroyuki Kob team. This was clearly to build a car with SUV capabilities and performance, with a more pronounced ground clearance but with the compact features of a sedan. Thus the need for a Compact-High Rider (C-HR) Crossover SUV. The C-HR retained some element of its close cousin the Lexus RX SUV especially with the hatchback design which gave a contemporary look that endeared it to the millennials. 


The Toyota C-HR was first introduced in 2016 (Photo Credit:


The contemporary exterior design of the C-HR makes sure it aligns pretty well with the tastes of the younger generation buyers of Toyota vehicles. The hatchback car body styles give it a sporty feel but also makes for limited rearview visibility. The body design sports a number of prominent contours. Considering the 2020 Toyota C-HR models, the rear region of the SUV houses most of the contours.

One prominent one is the somewhat half sinusoidal curve that runs from the upper tip of the backlight, just touching a part of the fuel tank cap, and then running that curve down across the rear door, and then flattening out on the lower part of the second door. 


This ride is blessed with some really delicate curves here and there

You would also notice another unique exterior feature in the position of the rear door handle, which is placed at the top right end of the door. This is opposed to the traditional mid-end format found on most car models and SUVs on the books of new generation Motor vehicle manufacturers. The rear shield is so designed that it runs in line with the upper lines of the side windows which is also a major reason for the reduced rearview visibility for the driver. The integrated rear bumper gives it an extra sportiness. 


The 2020 Toyota C-HR comes with an integrated rear bumper

The front area also has its fair share of contours and curves. Two deep creases on the bonnet work out well by highlighting the front headlamps, allowing for its extended length to fit in well with its snorty nose. It does the same for the fierce front fascia, and sharp side cuts for the front running light. Altogether, the C-HR looks really cool except that you will not get to experience the bliss of either a panoramic sun or moon roof.


The C-HR has this striking instant appeal


The Toyota C-HR's interior is just as cool as what you see on the outside, except for a few cheap plastics somewhere around the center console. In here, some really cheap looking plastics were used in dressing the area on either side of the console. Besides this, the interior is exactly what you would expect from Toyota vehicles: sharp and comfortable. The seats are dressed in fabric upholstering, with the front seats getting just enough position-adjustment options. The interior space available to the driver and passenger is just enough with the rear seat legroom standing at about 31.7 inches while the front seat passenger and driver get to enjoy much more conducive legroom with the figure standing at about 43.5 inches.

It also offers about 37 cubic-ft of cargo space if the back seats are folded back, while you only get 19.1 cubic-ft of cargo space with the back seats up.


Rear Legroom stands at about 31.7 inches

On the infotainment side, you get to use a traditional dashboard-mounted infotainment touchscreen. The size of this screen has been improved upon, from the 7-inch version that came with the 2018 models, to a current 8.0-inch size touchscreen that you will find in 2020 models.


2020 models of the C-HR comes with an 8-inch touchscreen

Performance and technology

Unlike many  vehicles of Japan, the performance of this tall SUV is a serious let down considering that it comes with a standard four-wheel drive layout, with an optional all-wheel-drive vehicles feature. It's standard 2.0 Liter In-line 4 cylinder engine, does not supply the bullish amount of power you would have expected from a fierce-looking car with such aerodynamic body design. Its power output maxes out at just a meager 144 hp, with its Continous Variable Transmission CVT offering just about 139 lb-ft of torque to the front drive axles. 

Due to its meager power and 1 speed CVT transmission, the C-HR struggles especially considering the performance of the other members in its motor vehicle category. It appears to blast off from rest, but before long, its tame power is exposed as the SUV begins to pant and doesn't offer enough acceleration. In fact, the C-HR is one of the slowest in its category, which is a real blow for the otherwise solid-looking ride. It's just that slow, such that it takes her a good 11 seconds to accelerate from rest to 60 mph, a far cry from what the competition is offering in similar cars. Surely you can't take the C-HR for any wild  Off-roading experience.

However, the C-HR is surely a category king when it comes to fuel economy; it definitely posts one of the highest numbers in the class, making it the go-to car for  private transport. Figures from the 2020 models show a fuel economy of 27 mpg for city drive and about 31 mpg for highway travel. So at least you can preserve more fuel with your somewhat sluggish C-HR...Lol!!


The first few production models of the C-HR became available to the public in 2017

Technology and Safety

On the technology side of things, the latest models of the Toyota C-HR comes with a host of technology features as standard. The prominent thing you would experience is the number of its features with stuff like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth phone and music connectivity, as well as the SiriusXM satellite radio. You also get the Dual-zone automatic climate control system as a standard feature across the different trims. In keeping to its high safety standard, Toyota makes sure the C-HR comes with the best safety features shown below:

  • Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist
  • Pre-Collision System
  • Dynamic adaptive Cruise Control with radar support
  • Automatic emergency braking system


The C-HR comes with a standard Pre-Collision System with emergency braking function

Toyota CH-R Price in Nigeria

Pictures of Toyota C-HR 2019 prove this is a worthy car to add to your collection. Now let us take a look at the prices for the various models of the Toyota C-HR starting from the latest 2020 models. We will also review the prices of both the Nigerian used and foreign used or tokunbo models of previous years. The following tables will supply these details.

Prices of Brand New Toyota C-HR by Trim

The table below gives you a perfect idea of the prices of the various trims of the 2020 Toyota C-HR. The Toyota C-HR new prices stated in the table are the manufacturer stated retail prices, but you could expect that the prices will differ, some may be higher and you could even be lucky to get the car for a cut-down price.

Prices of Brand New 2020 models of Toyota C-HR by Trim

Models   Prices
LE Trim with Front-wheel Drive ₦8.31 million 
 XLE Trim with Front-wheel Drive ₦9.11 million 
 Limited Trim with Front-wheel Drive  ₦10.28 million

Brand New Toyota C-HR 2019 price in Nigeria by Trim

Models   Prices
LE Trim with Front-wheel Drive ₦8.25 million 
 XLE Trim with Front-wheel Drive ₦9.04 million 
 Limited Trim with Front-wheel Drive  ₦10.22 million

Brand New Toyota C-HR 2018 for sale price in Nigeria by Trim

Models   Prices
 XLE Trim with Front-wheel Drive ₦8.78 million 
 XLE Premium Trim with Front-wheel Drive  ₦9.50 million

Buying Tip: A quick look at the tables above shows that the price increase by year of the various trims of the Toyota C-HR has been minimal, possibly because the SUV has not received a major facelift yet since it is still in its first generation. So if you must buy a brand new model of the C-HR, we advise that you go for the latest 2020 models as the cost of the 2019 model differs very little from 2020 models (so is the Toyota C-HR 2018 cost). You are better off looking for a Toyota C-HR 2019 for sale.

Prices of used models of the Toyota C-HR

The Nigerian market is bubbling with numerous fairly used cars, both tokunbo (foreign used) and Nigerian used. In Nigeria, we are more concerned with the price, and condition of a used car we want to buy than in the issue of what trim the car is. Understandably, we expect tokunbo or foreign used cars to be the more expensive models since they are always in better shape compared to Nigerian used models. You can easily get a listing with the price of the Toyota C-HR models on Naijauto Car Sales Page, as several options with affordable pricing are present. The table below gives an idea of Toyota C-HR prices in Nigeria, for the Toyota C-HR 2019 model and Toyota C-HR 2018 model.

Prices of Tokunbo Toyota C-HR used models by year

Models   Prices
 Foreign Used Toyota C-HR 2018 price ₦5.85 million - ₦7.99 million
Foreign Used Toyota C-HR 2019 price ₦6.12 million - ₦8.58 million

Nigerian used Toyota C-HR price in Nigeria by year

Models  Prices
 Nigerian Used Toyota C-HR 2018 and 2019 price ₦11 million - ₦27.5 million


In conclusion, we would like you to watch moving pictures of Toyota C-HR in the following brief video review of the latest 2020 Toyota C-HR:

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