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1. Overview of Toyota Camry Muscle 2007

Before the Camry 2007 was released in late 2006, lots of Nigerians were still basking in the euphoria of the Camry 2.2 (2001 model). After a few car owners got the Camry 2007, the love for it grew and in no time, it was nicknamed "the Muscle". The good thing is that the Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria has never been too high for lovers of the brand. That's why you can still come across a lot of the versions on major roads across the country nowadays.


The Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria hasn't gone up beyond affordable as the car surpassed expectations

It's worthy to note that the Toyota Camry was coined from the Japanese words Toyoda Kanmuri. Toyoda is the name of the founder of the company, while Kanmuri means crown. Therefore it's safe to say that you're driving around in a Japanese crown if you own a Camry. The model was launched in the early 1980's as a break away from the Celica Camry. The idea was to have a Toyota car that sportier and spacious as compared to those that were popular at the time - the Celica Camry and the corona. That was when the Camry was released.

2. Price of Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria

  • Foreign used Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria

Its great reputation has contributed hugely to the heat of the car on the used car market, bringing the keyword Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria to high rankings on Google and other search engines. If you are like many others who are looking for the price of the Camry 2007, without wasting any more time, here's a breakdown of the Toyota Camry 2007 Tokunbo price in Nigeria, the cost of clearing and where you can buy one.

When comparing to locally used units, foreign used Toyota Camry 2007 are more reliable but their prices are, of course, more expensive. Also, this pricing can change due to currency exchange rate, custom clearing cost or any related tax if have.

Price of Foreign-used Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria  
 Model Price
 Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2007  ₦2,300,000 - ₦3,500,000

Currently, the cost of clearing Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria is around ₦600,000 for all trim levels.

The XLE is among 6 trim levels of the Camry 2007

  • Locally used Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria

A cheaper option is buying Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2007. However, you must be careful when inspecting the used model as it may contain various hidden issues. It's best if you can bring a trusted mechanic to check all car components with you.

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Price of Locally-used Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria  
 Model Price
 Nigerian-used Toyota Camry 2007  ₦1m- ₦2,200,000


Customers complain about the hesitant engine on the 2007 model

  • Where to buy Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria

The very first choice you should go for is buying from a Toyota accredited dealer in Nigeria, which are included in the table below.

Where to buy Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria
Name Address Contact
Elizade Nigeria

ELIZADE-TOYOTA Plaza, 322A, Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village, Maryland, Lagos



RT Briscoe

6/18 Fatai Atere way, Matori Oshodi, Lagos.



Omoregie motors

45, Alhaji Tokan Street, Alaka Estate Surulere, Lagos



Germaine auto center

2nd Roundabout Lekki Expressway, v/Island , Lagos.

Mandilas Enterprise

35, Simpson Street, Lagos.


More places where you can find used Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria include Nigeria Customs and Cotonou, Benin. Finally, if you have a tight budget and don't want to go out much, please visit some online market places to choose your favorite Camry. The biggest websites of car buying and selling in Nigeria are:

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3. Pros and cons of Toyota Camry 2007

Ever since the release of the Toyota Camry, one of 9 best cars for students in Nigeria, the model has witnessed 8 generations. The Camry 2007 version is the 6th generation - along with 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 versions.

The mid-sized sedan came in several trim levels and sub-models including the Toyota Camry CE, Camry SE v6, Camry SE, Camry LE V6, Camry XLE, and Camry LE (Check How to understand Toyota trim levels via their acronyms? to know more). An insider at Toyota stated that one of the reasons the 6th generation Camry is popular than its previous is because of its affordability, styling, cargo room and fuel economy which are what a Nigerian driver is always looking for.

With all these good ratings of the car, experts also like the fact that the Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria hasn't gone up. For instance, the Camry 2007 LE comes with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and puts out up to 158 HP, not forgetting the standard features of the Camry - airbags in the knee area for the driver, side airbags for those in front, key-less entry, tilt telescope steering wheel, heated mirrors, an audio player that allows you play CD and mp3, 5-speed automatic transmission and lots more.


The Camry has been always seen as one of the best family cars

You can also add a few thousands of naira to get an upgraded version of the same Camry LE that has almost twice the horsepower of the average one, a 6-speed automatic transmission, and a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The XLE also comes with this V6 engine and many other exquisite features.

The Toyota Camry 2007 is definitely a great purchase. Though you might encounter some problems with the suspensions, and some leaks here and there and the biggest thing you might have to suffer its the hesitant engine and slight vibration at high speeds. Ho generally, it's well fit for Nigerian roads.


Despite its merits, 2007 Camry owners might suffer from suspension problems

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4. Notes when buying used Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria

The Toyota Camry is an absolute fun choice to drive for Nigerians to drive for its reliability that our people always put first. If we had to give it a point, that would be a 9/10 for the mileage, it's efficient to the point of 30mpg on the highway even it's has been driven for a decade.


Customers are very satisfied with the fuel economy

On the flip side, lots of customers complain about the hesitation of the engine which some, like me, can tolerate. Going for the Camry 2007,  you might need to learn how to live with the vibration that starts to experience at 70 mph.

Also, when buying used Camry cars in Nigeria, you should carefully check the car components to spot any major issue with the vehicle. Toyota spare parts are abundant on the market but you won't need to pay a large sum of money to replace the faulty ones after paying for the used car itself.

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5. About Toyota brand in Nigeria

The automotive industry created a name to remember in 1937 and it is Toyota - the largest car manufacturer (as of 2017) with achievements that companies of all fields are dreaming of.

Toyota vehicles have been best known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and variety of price tags across the segments. It is also the owner of the best seller in the automotive industry with the Toyota Corolla sold more than 44 million units by 2016.

In Nigeria, Toyota cars are dominating the roads with the Camry and Corolla on the list of most favorite cars by owners. If you want to see all Toyota car listings for sale, check out here!

Video: 2007 Toyota Camry Review (Start Up, In Depth Tour, Engine)

6. Conclusion

As a good reputation, it has spread around the world. the Camry has never failed its owner for the reliability. Along with it, the fuel efficiency is a plus point when it comes to buying vehicles in Nigeria. Though problems with the hesitant engine and a bit of vibration at high speeds might work as an impediment, it is undeniable that the car is worth every penny that you pay for.

That is also the end of our article on Toyota Camry 2007 price in Nigeria, hope you enjoy reading on Naijauto.com. More articles like this can be found in our Car Prices section, have a look!

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