Toyota Camry 2004 price in Nigeria, review & used car buying guide

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Overview of Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing

People of Nigeria has coined the nickname Big for Nothing for the Toyota Camry manufactured in 2004 for a reason. When prioritizing spacious, comfy, and fuel-efficient in a vehicle, there are not many sedan options we can pick better than the Toyota Camry 2004. That's why they have bossed the roads of Nigeria and don't seem to be slowing down.

The best for a man-of-the-family buyer, this mid-sized sedan comfortably carry two adults and 4-teenager at the back seat.


The Toyota Camry 2004 has quite a bold outlook

The car is also known as the Toyota 2.4. This is because the Toyota Pencil Light and Tiny Light were known as 2.2 (their engine's capacity) while the 2004 - 2006 carry a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. This is the 6th generation of the Camry that comes in 3 trims and will be definitely worth every kobo.

Wait no more, now we comes to the prices of Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing in Nigeria, brought to you by - the biggest car website in the country.

Prices of Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing in Nigeria (all trim levels)

The Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing came in 3 trim levels - the sporty SE, the XLE, and the LE. The LE is pretty much a standard in the Toyota Camry model as that's what most drivers rather purchase.

  • Brand new Toyota Camry 2004 Price

Finding a brand new Toyota Camry 2004 for sale in the market is impossible now but we put the new prices of the model when it's released here for your reference.

Model Price in Nigeria
Brand new Toyota Camry 2004 LE

From ₦3,275,900

Brand new Toyota Camry 2004 XLE

From ₦3,500,000

Brand new Toyota Camry 2004 SE

From ₦4,420,000

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  • Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2004 Price

Clearly, buying Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing is an ideal option for now compared to locally used units. Foreign used Camry are often better maintained, therefore offer more reliable performance on road. However, their prices are higher and may vary greatly due to import tax, clearing cost and currency exchange rate.

Foreign used Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing price in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigeria
 Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2004 LE

 ₦1,500,000 - ₦3,000,000

 Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2004 XLE

 ₦2,000,000 - ₦4,000,000

 Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2004 SE

 ₦2,500,000 - ₦4,500,000

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  • Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2004 Price

If you can't afford a Tokunbo unit, you can go for a locally used Camry. Of course these cars are cheaper than their foreign counterparts but their conditions are not guaranteed.

Locally used Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing price in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigeria 
 Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2004 LE

 ₦700,000 - ₦1,700,000

 Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2004 XLE

 ₦1,400,000 - ₦3,000,000

 Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2004 SE

 ₦2,000,000 - ₦3,200,000

The price lists above are not fixed, they somehow depend on your skills of turning the seller's head with the lowest price possible. In terms of clearing, normally it ranges around 500% and 70% of the car price. So note these before finalize your deal.

Powertrain & fuel economy of Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing

You can either opt for the Toyota Camry 2004 model that has a V6 engine or one with the 4 cylinder engine. The LE trim which is the base in this model comes with a 2.4 liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine that cranks out 157 horsepower. This engine is pretty much a standard in many other Toyota cars like the popular Highlander and RAV4 SUVs. However, you have an option of going for the 24-valve 3 -liter V6 engine or 3.3-liter DOHC V6 engine which puts our 210 HP and 225 HP respectively. Though the third option is available only on the sporty SE trim, also keep in mind that if the manual transmission is your thing, you can't get it in the more powerful V6 options, just the 4 cylinder engines.

Fuel economy is good in the Camry 2004. The 4-cylinder engine is rated 20 miles per gallon in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. The 3 liter V6 and 3.3 liter V6 engines both get an 18 mpg rating in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. Hence, what you achieve in power with the V6, you achieve with efficiency in the 4 cylinder engine. So decide which you rather go for. Don't forget that the V6 comes with a timing belt while the 2.4 liters 4-cylinder comes with a timing chain.

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Exterior & interior highlights of Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing

The Toyota Camry 2004 has an overall length of 189.2 inches and a height of almost 59 inches. The width is an impressive 70+ inches which makes it really roomy. You would notice this from the comfortable front and rear seats with the right shoulder and legroom. The cabin is organized and you don't see buttons littered everywhere.


A notable feature of the Toyota Camry 2004 is its inner space

Other features of the vehicle include anti-lock brakes, a bespoke DVD player and stereo, side and side curtain airbags, light steering, strong suspensions that absorb strain from bumps, and good air conditioning. The Camry 2004 is mode spacious than the Toyota Pencil Light and even rivals like the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima made within the same period. If you have a small family to move around, this is the ideal car.


This car may look too simple but its functions are truly practical

Pros & cons of Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing

  • Toyota Camry 2004 advantages

The first advantage to note is how big the car is. It's like a perfect family sedan.

Then the cost of maintenance is way below average for the class of comfort you're literally getting.

You enjoy high reliability and resale value, the trunk is spacious and the 4 cylinder engines save a lot of fuel.


Despite being produced 15 years ago, this Big for Nothing still looks reliable

  • Toyota Camry 2004 disadvantages

However, some cons cannot be neglected. First of all, there are variants without airbags. That's risky to drive as they didn't do well in crash tests conducted by the NHTSA. There are also issues with gasket cover that leads to oil leaks.

The rear strut and rear control arm bushings in the suspensions can only handle an amount of bumpy ride. Anything extra, they go bad. The check engine light signal comes on at the slightest issue like contaminated airflow, lack of power, bad sensor and so on. If you use the manual variant, the clutch is also one thing to keep an eye on for malfunctioning. Though all these can be fixed. So you won't worry so much. But overall, it's an amazing car.

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How to buy and maintain used Toyota Camry 2004 Big for Nothing

When buying a used Toyota Camry 2004, there are some things you should not ignore. Check for paint peeling off. It happens a lot but that should be taken care of by the seller. When test driving the car and it overheats or provides blue smoke, avoids it and go to another car dealer. Even white smoke is a sign that the engine of the Camry 2004 has a lot of issues. Try driving on a little bump, if it doesn't absorb enough, then the suspensions are bad and you'll have to tell the seller to change them. Look out for leaks and strange noises too. If the seller isn't willing to do anything about them, stay away from the vehicle.


The Toyota Camry 2004 comes with various engines including the powerful V6

After buying, maintaining the used Toyota Camry 2004 isn't much of a deal. Simply follow through with routine maintenance like changing the serpentine belt, changing timing belt of the V6 engine, maintaining fluid levels and repaint the areas where the old paint falls off. Top up coolant to prevent overheating, replace the water pump when due and change the contaminated transmission fluid. It won't cost you as much you would spend in rival models like the Acura TL, Mazda 6 or Nissan Altima.

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That said, the Toyota Camry 2004 provide comfort and fuel efficiency effortlessly. Though the Chevrolet Malibu is cheaper, the Honda accord is firmer and the Mazda 6 is more sporty, but the Camry Big for Nothing is roomier and saves you fuel. So we highly recommend it.

Hope our article on Toyota Camry 2004 (Big for Nothing) price in Nigeria, maintenance review and used car buying guide is helpful to you. Should you hesitate, you can check for more car reviews on our website before coming to the final decision!

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