Toyota Camry 2002 price in Nigeria & everything you should know

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Overview of Toyota Camry 2002 (Toyota 2.2)

Since the launch of the Toyota Camry model, they have focused on 3 things - comfort, reliability, and affordability and obviously met all 3. Camry cars have remained popular on Nigerian roads and that doesn't seem like it would be stopping anytime soon.

One of the most popular versions of the model is the Toyota Camry 2002 that comes with a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine or the V6. But the most popular is the upgraded 4 cylinder engine which has led to a lot of Nigerians nicknaming the vehicle the "Toyota 2.2". It also falls within the category of Toyota Camry Pencil Light and Toyota Camry Tiny Light. The 6th-generation 4-door sedan is spacious and fuel-efficient. Here is more information on the Toyota Camry 2002 price in Nigeria, review and used car buying guide, collected from!


The Toyota Camry 2002 has 3 trims which makes it quite desirable

Trims and Prices of Toyota Camry 2002 in Nigeria

The Toyota Camry 2002 comes in 3 trim levels - the CE, LE and XLE. With a few more thousands of naira offered, the XLE, the high-end version, puts on a sportier appearance and comes with a wide range of extra features in addition to what you can find in the other trims.

As the model had been produced over 15 years ago, you can't find a brand new Toyota Camry 2002 on the market for now. If you are into brand new Toyota Camry, you can visit Toyota accredited dealerships in Nigeria. You'll sure get the best prices while saving time and effort.

  • Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2002 Price in Nigeria

Below are the prices of foreign used Toyota Camry 2002 in Nigeria. They are often more expensive than a Naija used unit, but their conditions are more reliable in general. Please be also noted that these prices may vary due to currency exchange rate, clearing cost and import tax.

Foreign used Toyota Camry 2002 prices in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigeria
Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2002 base

₦800,000 - ₦1,400,000

Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2002 higher trims

₦1,000,000 - ₦1,800,000

  • Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2002 Price in Nigeria

Cheaper than Tokunbo models are locally or Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2002. These cars may not be well-maintained as foreign used units so you should check them very carefully during the vehicle inspection. Prices of locally used Camry vary in each situation, depending on car condition, car mileage and some other related factors.

Locally used Toyota Camry 2002 prices in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigeria
Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2000 base

₦400,000 - ₦1,200,000

Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2002 higher trims

₦500,000 - ₦1,500,000

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Fuel economy & engine performance of Toyota Camry 2002

The Toyota Camry 2002 comes with two kinds of engines to meet the needs of drivers. There is the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder double overhead cam engine, and the 24 valve 3 liter V6 engine (which puts out more horsepower than the former). The 4 cylinder engine also tends to save more fuel at 29 miles per gallon on the highway and 21 mpg in the city.

This is where it beats the V6. The 3 liter V6 has a rating of 26 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg in the city. So if you are looking for a car that can go a long way before you top up fuel, then the 4-cylinder engine is the best bet, while the V6 only provide more speed.


The Toyota Camry 2002 boasts a powerful V6 engine

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Exterior and interior of Toyota Camry 2002

The Toyota Camry 2002 generally looks sporty regardless of the trim level. Though the SE is the sportier one. You enjoy firm suspensions that allow you to drive smoothly off road and daytime running lights. There's also a much larger wheelbase than previous generations which gives the car more balance and traction. It is also known as tiny light by some people due to how the headlights look, it also has great grille. Coming to the interior, the car is spacious - which is quite expected of a Toyota Camry car.


The interior of the Toyota Camry 2002 is roomier than previous versions

There are also airbags installed, air conditioning, DVD player and bespoke sound system. The trunk is over 16 feet in volume which will allow you to carry a lot of loads if you want to. The steering wheel is light and easy to handle, and if you have kids, there are locks to prevent them from going off when the car is in motion. The only bad side is the lack of anti-lock brakes but all in all its a safe ride.


The Toyota Camry 2002 comes in 3 trim levels - the CE, LE and XLE


The interior room has been improved

Pros and cons of the Toyota Camry 2002

There are a lot of advantages of the Toyota Camry 2002. It's spacious and fuel efficient, which is what a lot of Nigerians look out for when going to purchase a car. The 4 cylinder engine comes with a timing chain so you don't have to worry about changing it soon. The vehicle does well off-road and easy to maintain.

But we won't ignore the cons.

Firstly is the use of timing belt in the V6 engine. This means you have to change it after some thousands of miles. There's also the non availability of the anti-lock brakes, which means you have to be extra careful. Other problems include faulty suspensions, bad rear struts and frequent oil leaks. But they can all be fixed with a few thousands of naira. So it's still an ideal car.


The Toyota Camry 2002 is spacious and comes with a longer wheelbase than previous generations

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How to buy and maintain used Toyota Camry 2002

There are 3 major things to look out for when buying used Toyota Camry 2002. First, the noises. It normally doesn't have road or engine noises, so any coming from there is a sign that you have to stay away from the car. Blue or white smoke is another bad sign. Finally, check for leaks. If the vehicle is void of these 3, you have nothing to worry about.

After buying the car, maintaining it should not be a problem. Simply ensure fluids are always topped up, the timing belt for the V6 is changed after 90,000 miles, the oxygen sensor and brakes are fixed when they are bad. If you buy a manual variant, keep an eye on the clutch and transmission. But generally, the car rarely has transmission issues. Maintenance is affordable, simply follow the routine and you're good to go.

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That said, the Toyota Camry 2002 is a perfect car for young people or those with small families. It's spacious and I'll definitely recommend for those who have about 3 to 4 kids or have a little clique of friends. It stands out as a big contender in its segment with the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, BMW 3, and Ford Fusion being its rivals. so if you are concerned about the price, the Toyota Camry 2002 is the one to go for.

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