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The Toyota Avanza may not be one of the most popular vehicles in the country, but you will be mistaken if you think there are not thousands of this van already in use across the country. The Avanza emergence is closely linked to the unfortunate financial crisis that hit the Asian continent some time in 1997. With the economy crunch seething through the continent, the purchasing power of individuals could barely allow them to survive not to talk of purchasing commercial vehicles or private ones that were way beyond their pocket. In a bid to build a car that will be very much affordable, as well as conform to high reliability and safety, Toyota, along with its Indonesian subsidiary Daihatsu, collaborated on a design and production project that birthed the Toyota Avanza in December of 2003.

The Toyota Avanza was first released to the public in Indonesia but would later make it to other Asian nations like Malaysia where the Avanza launched in 2004. Besides, the Philipines also had the Avanza launched in 2006. Furthermore, the van is also very popular in the Middle East and in South Africa. In Nigeria, the car already has a good presence, and you won't be mistaken if you say you saw a van that looks like the Avanza. So now, we begin a detailed Avanza Toyota review, which should highlight the Toyota Avanza Price in Nigeria so that after this post, you could decide if this is a car that fit your budget.


The First models of the Avanza were made public in 2003

Engine and Technology


The first models of the Toyota Avanza came in just two trims and just a single-engine variant, the 1.3 Liter I-4 engine. However, the most recent 2020 models are offered in about 4 different trims and 2 different Inline 4 cylinder engine variants which are only differentiated by the volume of their displacement. These two engine variants include the 1.3 Liter I-4 and the 1.5 Liter I-4 engine. The 1.5 Liter engines offer more power and torque compared to the 1.3 Liter engines, with the figures standing at 103hp and 100.31 lb-ft for the 1.5 Liter I-4 while the 1.3 Liter I-4 engine figures stand at 95 hp and 89.25 lb-ft.

Supplying this much torque are two transmission options of either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed Automatic transmission. The 4-speed automatic transmission accompanies the 1.5 Liter I-4 engines with just one exception found in the G trim, which has a 1.5 Liter I-4 engine, accompanied by the 5-speed manual transmission.

In terms of fuel economy, you would expect the 5-speed manual to outperform the 4-speed automatic transmission, which posts a fuel economy rating of about 31 mpg combined. We, however, have very little data on the fuel efficiency on the 5-speed manual transmission. To top it all up, the Avanza utilizes an efficient front-wheel-drive system to help propel the van effortlessly.


The 2020 Toyota Avanza comes in two engine variants


On the technology side, the Avanza offers a handful of  Automotive technologies, starting with the electronic climate control, and a smartphone mirroring system which supports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity. You also get the two front airbags for both driver and passenger, which is standard in all Toyota vehicles, ISOFIX tethers  Vehicle technology for child seat safety, rear parking sensors ABS brakes, as well as a back-up camera, which is an optional feature.


Considering that the Avanza is a considerably long and tall multipurpose van, you would expect it to offer 3-row seats. Well, your thoughts are just correct, as the Avanza offers three rows of seats that comfortably seat at least 7 passengers. The Avanza is as spacious inside as you would expect, and considering the fact that the Avanza is a tall ride, the interior headroom, especially along the second and first-row seats, will surely exceed 39-inches. Also with the legroom, we don't expect that you will notice much of a difference with the figures for the headroom; a close observation shows they appear similar. The boot area can carry just sufficient cargo, with that space further increased if the rear seats are folded down.


The latest models of the Avanza come with a touchscreen display


 The base J model of the 2020 Avanza comes with 2-row of seats only

The seats are obviously covered in cloth with a good deal red stitching designing the middle area of each seat. The interior layers and dashboard area are carefully covered in fine-grain plastics, which is further accentuated by an all-new touch screen display center-mounted on the dashboard just below the airconditioning vents.


The Avanza was built as a successor to the Daihatsu built Toyota Kijang model. A look at the front area of the most recent models of the Toyota Avanza makes you believe you're possibly looking at the Highlander or a Lexus RX SUV, or even the Toyota Venza Motor vehicles. That's just how classy the 2020 models of the Avanza looks. The contours and curves are just cool, the front fascia along with the contours of the bumper that houses the fog lights gives the Avanza an expensive frontal look. 

The Avanza is long enough, considering that it is built on a 104.53-inch wheelbase, just about what you get with the 2012 model of the Toyota Venza. However, the Venza is longer than the Avanza. Talking about the height of the Avanza, the 2020 models of the van stands tall at about 65.35-inches. This height is very conspicuous when you have a look at the rear end of the Multipurpose Van MPV. It looks tall at the back, and almost gives an impression of being the same height as the 1993 model of the Mitsubishi L300 Bus. The rear door or what you may call the boot door runs from top to bottom and integrates some part of the rear light, as well as the rear windshield.

It comes with what looks like an R19 or R20 wheel size, which is just sufficient for its height and wheelbase length. The 2020 models are delivered with a posh looking  Automotive industry Split LED headlamp, as well as an indicator light right on the body of the side mirrors. The Rear lights are conspicuous and take up a good portion of the rear edges of the Van. 


The 2020 Avanza models are built on a 104.53-inch wheelbase


They also come with standard LED Headlamps and backlight

Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria

Toyota Avanza new price

As earlier mentioned, the Toyota Avanza new model comes in 4 different trims. These include the Toyota Avanza Veloz trim, the Toyota Avanza G Trim, the Toyota Avanza E Trim, and the Toyota Avanza J Trim. The top of the class trim, the Toyota Avanza Veloz, comes with extra top technology and safety packages, making it the most expensive of all 4 trims. The following table offers the Toyota Avanza brand new price list. Check it out below

Toyota Avanza brand new price in Nigeria
Trims  Transmission   Price
Toyota Avanza Veloz trim price in Nigeria Automatic  ₦8.25 million
Toyota Avanza G Trim price in Nigeria Automatic ₦7.76 million 
Toyota Avanza G Trim price in Nigeria Manual ₦7.43 million 
Toyota Avanza E Trim price in Nigeria Automatic  ₦7.04 million
Toyota Avanza E Trim price in Nigeria Manual ₦6.71 million 
Toyota Avanza J Trim price in Nigeria Manual ₦5.70 million 

Foreign Used/Tokunbo models of Toyota Avanza

The following table gives a highlight of the prices of the Toyota Avanza old models, starting from 2019 models down. We must say that you should add clearing costs at Nigerian ports if you must import them. For Vans and Multipurpose vehicles like the Avanza, the clearing cost should be somewhere in the region of ₦500,000 to ₦1.5 million. Be advised that Toyota Avanza from South Africa, is the closest foreign market from where you can import foreign used models of the Avanza.

Foreign Used/Tokunbo models of Toyota Avanza Price in Nigeria
Models by Year   Price
 2019 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦4.18 million - ₦5.95 million 
 2018 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria  ₦3.28 million - ₦5.20 million 
 2017 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria  ₦3.06 million - ₦5.34 million 
2016 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria  ₦3.09 million - ₦4.85 million 
2015 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦2.20 million - ₦4.63 million  
2014 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦2.20 million - ₦4.41 million  
2013 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦2.53 million - ₦4.41 million  
2012 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦2.31 million - ₦3.31 million  
2011 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦1.96 million - ₦3.30 million  
2010 Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦2.09 million - ₦3.52 million  
Toyota Avanza Older models price in Nigeria  ₦1.87 million and above 

Nigerian Used Avanza Toyota price

A close look at the Nigerian Toyota Avanza used for sale market, shows there are very few listings of the Toyota Avanza across the country. However, you can still find a number of listings on Naijauto cars for sale page. Generally, the prices of Nigerian used models of the Avanza ranges from ₦1,001,000 to about ₦6,500,000.

Nigerian Used Avanza Toyota price in Nigeria
Models Price
Nigerian-used Toyota Avanza price in Nigeria ₦1,001,000 - ₦6,500,000


It is our hope that this article has better informed you about everything that has to do with the Toyota Avanza. You are now better prepared to make a solid decision when you plan to do a purchase on a family size car. In conclusion, we invite you to watch the following brief video review of the latest Toyota Avanza 2020

2020 Toyota Avanza Veloz vs 2020 Lexus LM300h: Introducing 

Are you interested in knowing the kind of car that fits perfectly within your budget? You can check out our listing for Toyota Avanza Price in Nigeria or our other numerous listing for other New, Tokunbo, and Nigerian used cars for sale in Nigeria!. And oh you can also check out the latest transport vehicles review just a click away. 

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