Get excited with comprehensive lists of Mercedes Benz prices in Nigeria! (Update in 2020)

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Ever imagine you will drive a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon? Pricing is not a problem now.

1. Mercedes Benz - King of automobile empire?

First introduced in 1926 under the name Daimler-Benz, Mercedes Benz is a division of German vehicle manufacturer Daimler AG.

The brand is actually the combination of Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft and Benz Patent Motorwagen founded by Karl Benz. It aims to produce ranges of luxury vehicles, from passenger cars, buses to lorries. The headquarter is now located in Stuttgart in Germany.

Besides two main subsidiaries: AMG and Maybach which produces ultra-luxury versions, this company also collaborates with BYD Auto group to design battery-electric cars in China.

a sexy girl and a white Mercedes Benz

A sporty car by Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is an active participant in motorsport activities

It also proves its leading position in transportation engineering through reputable motorsport activities like Formula One as both participant and engine supplier.

Just like its slogan: “The best or nothing”, Mercedes reveals its nonstop endeavor to rule the auto world with diverse products such as compact sedans, coupes, off-road vehicles or large-size truck etc. It’s totally understandable why some refer to Mercedes as the King of automotive industry. These vehicles of Germany boast high performance on different types of terrains and climates, flexibility and undeniable durability.

It’s impossible to list out all Benz products here, so will just mention most common cars from this manufacturer which are produced during the late 20 years. Below are renowned names from Mercedes family.

A Mercedes Benz AMG on road

Mercedes offers a wide range of products for multi purposes

 Car type Segment/Car body style  Production years 
 Mercedes Benz SL Class  Grand Tourers  1989 - 2001
 Mercedes Benz C Class  Compact executive car  1993 - 2000
 Mercedes Benz E Class  Executive car  1995 - Present
 Mercedes Benz S Class W140  Full-size luxury sedan/saloon, coupe & cabriolet  1998 - 2005/6
 Mercedes Benz S Class W220  Full-size luxury sedan/saloon, coupe & cabriolet  1998 - 2005/6
 Mercedes Benz A Class  Subcompact luxury hatchback/sedan/saloon  1997 - Present
 Mercedes Benz M Class  Mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle  1997 - 2015
 Mercedes Benz CLK Class  Mid-size/ entry-level luxury coupes and convertibles  1998 - 2010
 Mercedes Benz A Class W168  Subcompact luxury hatchback  2000 - 2004
 Mercedes Benz A Class W169  Subcompact luxury hatchback  2004 - 2012
 Mercedes Benz B Class W245  Subcompact executive Tourers  2005 - 2011
 Mercedes Benz B Class W246  Subcompact executive Tourers  2011 - Present


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Besides aforementioned classes, Mercedes has also recently added its line-up with other automobile layouts such as buses, vans or crossovers. Some newly arrived names are R Class, GLA Class, CLA Class, AMG C63 and X-Class (luxury pick-up truck).

All Mercedes products are popular worldwide but for Nigerian market, there’re certain trims more favored than others. The price list below will not include all but select typical models often chosen by Nigerian residents only.

2. Latest Mercedes Benz price list in Nigeria

Buying a Mercedes Benz is not difficult at all but the price tags of a brand new unit may hurt one’s eyes. A more advisable strategy is turning to Mercedes foreign used (Tokunbo) or locally (Nigerian) used cars for sale with much more affordable price tags.

Mercedes minibus

Albeit classified as a hi-class brand, Mercedes is widely chosen in all markets.

However, when purchasing a pre-owned car, you should pay close attention to variations in currency exchange rate, custom clearance tariff as well as other issues related. These factors may make prices vary a bit, while buying a locally used car is less complex. You just need to check carefully car condition, fuel mileage as well as some similar features before reaching an agreeable price with the seller.

2.1. Brand new Mercedes Benz prices in Nigeria

Not all Mercedes models remain in production till date, so Naijauto just presents here prices of some brand new vehicles in Nigeria, which is among the most sought-after product of this carmaker in the N postcode area.

Prices of Brand new Mercedes Benz in Nigeria
 Models  Price in Nigerian Naira
Brand new Benz E300 price  N28 million – N40 million
Brand new Benz C300 price N24.9 million - N34 million
Brand new Benz C350 price >N20 million
Brand new Benz ML350 price N18 million - N36 million
Brand new Benz E350 price N30 million - N40 million
Brand new Benz G-Wagon price N50 million - N100 million


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2.2. Foreign used (Tokunbo) Mercedes Benz prices in Nigeria

Among various models, ML350 is a commonly bought by Nigerian drivers for its eye-catching design and reasonable pricing.

Prices of Tokunbo Benz ML 350 in Nigeria are as follows.

Price of Foreign used Mercedes Benz ML350 in Nigeria  
 Model  Price in Nigerian Naira
 Tokunbo Benz ML350 2005 price  3 million – 4 million
 Tokunbo Benz ML350 2006 price  4 million – 6.5 million
Tokunbo Benz ML350 2008 price  5 million – 7 million
 Tokunbo Benz ML350 2010 price  6 million – 8.5 million

Mercedes Benz ML350 on the road

Mercedes Benz ML350 is among most favoured Benz products

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Next comes prices of Tokunbo Mercedes Benz C Class in Nigeria.

Prices of Foreign used Mercedes Benz C Class in Nigeria  
 Model  Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Benz C300 2012 price  6.5 million – 10 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK350 SUV 2012 price  9.5 million – 11 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK 2005 price  2.5 million – 3.8 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK 2012 price  9 million – 12 million
 Tokunbo Benz CL Class 55 V8 2009 price  9 million – 10 million
 Tokunbo Benz C300 2010 price  4 million – 5 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK 350 4MATIC 2011 price  7 million – 9.5 million
 Tokunbo Benz C200 2005 price  800,000 – 1million

The last price list is for 3 more favoured Mercedes models in our market.

Other foreign used (Tokunbo) Mercedes Benz prices in Nigeria  
 Car type  Price in Nigerian Naira
 Mercedes Benz G-Class 2004  13.5 million – 19 million
 Mercedes Benz GL-Class 2008  5.5 million – 9 million
 Mercedes Benz E350 2014  10 million - 15.5 million

interiors inside a Mercedes Benz car

Famous luxury interior deco inside a Mercedes Benz

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2.3. Locally used Mercedes Benz prices in Nigeria

The table shows you how much a Nigerian used Benz cost in Naira:

Price of Locally used Mercedes Benz in Nigeria  
 Model  Price in Nigerian Naira
 Nigerian used Benz G-Class 550 2003 price  7 million – 12 million
 Nigerian used Benz GLK 2010 price  4.5 million – 7 million
 Nigerian used Benz GLK 350 4MATIC 2010 price  5.5million – 9 million
 Nigerian used Benz C200 2005 price  850,000 – 1.1 million
 Nigerian used Benz C280 2005 price  1 million – 2.2 million
 Nigerian used Benz CLA-Class 2014 price  9 million – 13 million
 Nigerian used Benz CLS550 2007 price  2.5 million – 4.2 million
 Nigerian used Benz M Class 2.1 CDi 2008 price  3 million – 5 million

3. Do you know enough about Mercedes Benz line-up?

As we said earlier, Mercedes Benz automobiles are globally recognized for their durability and remarkable performance on various road conditions. Though names, layouts and primary purposes might differ between classes, they all share the same firmness on the ground as well as classy decoration throughout.

Mercedes trendy design

Not only fashionable but also durable is what we appreciate in Mercedes’

3.1. Overview of Mercedes Benz ML350

Mercedes Benz ML350 belongs to the GLE Class (previously known as M Class) specialized in mid-size luxury SUVs. This series was manufactured from 1998 to 2015 when it gave way to more modern GLE products.

ML350 features a charming crossover SUV designed in different automobile layouts namely front engine rear wheel drive as well as four-wheel drive.

Actually, ML series is called M Class at first. However due to the possible mistaken reference to BMW M units, it was changed to ML Class before being renamed one more time in 2015 to GLE. This title stays in line with certain products of the same automaker like G-Wagon.

ML350 employs various powertrain options including 7-speed or 9-speed AT mated to a vast range of engines, 3.5L V6, 5.5L Bi-turbo V8 and 2.1L I4 turbo-diesel to name but a few.

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3.2. Overview of Mercedes Benz C Class

Unlike M Class, C Class majors in more compact designs such as luxury sedan, coupe or cabriolet with elegant aesthetic highlights. No matter what series you choose, either Mercedes Benz CLK or CL (built with complete knock-down kits), you can be firmly assured the best experience while driving these hi-end models. Not only stylish body frame but also smooth operation under a variety of conditions is the frequent remark when mentioning these four-wheeled machines.

The mainstream in this class are bestowed a turbocharged 2.0L inline-four engine paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission to produce 241 hp at max. Meanwhile, the hybrid plug-in version of C Class sedans can reach up to 275 hp and 51 MPGe according to Environment Protection Agency conversion.

Mercedes Benz C Class cars

The elegant design of C Class models

3.3. Overview of Mercedes Benz G Class

If you have never heard of G-Wagon from Mercedes Benz, you might not belong to this planet. And should you spot a G-Class model around your neighborhood, make sure you know exactly who is driving it. He or she is probably among the most powerful nearby, a member of the senate for example.

This is because price of Mercedes G Wagon is not pocket-friendly at all, ranging from N50 million to N100 million for a brand new model while the cheapest Tokunbo is around N16 million. Locally used G Wagon is a bit more affordable, from N7 million to N60 million based on the car condition and fuel mileage. Should you determine to get one, pick a pre-owned Mercedes G Wagon with a much comfortable price tag on our website.

Though people once regarded this design as an eccentric for its cardboard-box-like outlook, the model soon caught on like fire, especially among influential classes in the society.

Mercedes G Class car uphill

G Wagon soon caught on like fire despite false impression at first

You must be surprised to know this full size luxury SUV series was produced back to 1979. So many modifications have been applied that it has totally transformed to a whole new level after nearly 40 years. Thanks to its durable strength, G Class has been trusted by numerous police forces and even national armies all over the world, namely Germany, France, Egypt and Canada.

4. What would we say about Mercedes Benz?

There’s not much to comment on, after all above descriptions of renowned models from this auto marque.

What we love about its products is:

  • Outstanding durability: Needless to say, Mercedes Benz vehicles welcome almost all kinds of routes and challenge the most extreme weather conditions.
  • Hi-class orientation: Of course many might frown upon this feature as the pricing is truly a concern for average citizens. However, luxury outer designs and classy equipment inside can’t be overlooked when talking about Benz line-up.
  • Quality customer services: As you can see yourself, Mercedes Benz customer service centers are spreading to all countries and major regions around the globe to meet their users’ demands. Not long before, a Mercedes Benz showroom has its grand opening in Lagos.

white Mercedes Benz car

Following hi-class orientation but Mercedes are embraced by the entire public

  • Utility: With such a wide range of car body styles and engine configurations, Mercedes products can serve many functions, of both individuals, groups and organizations. One can easily find himself a smart car for daily transport or a spacious van to ship cargo across the country.
  • Unmistakable trademark: Clearly, driving a Mercedes Benz distinguishes you and other drivers on road. Segment can be the same but the status is surely different.

What we recommend for Mercedes to upgrade is:

  • Fuel economy: This demerit is commonly seen in luxury series when money doesn’t matter that much to their owners. However, to gain more popularity from the mass public, Mercedes definitely needs to improve its fuel consumption rate.
  • Pricing: We are not sure how much it costs to manufacture a Benz model but the price tags can cause eye sores to look at, really. High pricing might come from the brand value, so manufacturers can absolutely reduce the retail price so that more people can get access to these luxury brands.

5. Our conclusion

All in all, we must admit that Nigerian price list of Mercedes Benz products are not as expensive as other markets thanks to an abundance of Tokunbo and locally used units. However, brand new Mercedes Benz prices in Nigeria may still cause headache for many car lovers in this country.

Don’t forget to check Nigeria car prices on Naijauto to update latest changes.

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