Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria – Every for All (Update in 2020)

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Being not only an ideal family transport but also a compact commercial vehicle, what kind of the prices it has? Click for the latest Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria!

1. A brief overview of Suzuki minibus

Based on its compact but useful design, Suzuki Every is shortly called Suzuki minibus. Gradually, this term becomes so familiar that we almost forget its official name tag. In this article, prepare yourself with a myriad of names for this model, varying in different countries.


The Suzuki mini bus was born along with kei truck product line

Back to its origin, the Suzuki Every is the microvan version of Suzuki Carry – a kei truck lineup introduced in 1961. The first two generations of both Every van and Carry truck were promoted under the Suzulight badge to emphasize their “light” trait.

Direct competitors of Carry and Every can be listed as Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet and Mitsubishi Minicab.

2. Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria

Suzuki buses are widely available in Nigeria. You can easily find suzuki mini bus for sale in Lagos, Abuja and other large cities where car dealerships are abundant.

We know what you care most is “How much is a Suzuki minibus” but for the sake of knowledge, we already included some information around the development of this vehicle through over 50 years right after this section. Remember to check it through to know more about what you’re planning to buy.

a yellow Suzuki minivan

Self-equipped with more knowledge about model is never redundant

Speaking of Suzuki mini bus for sale in Nigeria, there are not many choices for buyers. If one wants to have a brand new, he or she must order overseas. Though the suggested retail price might sound cheap to most of us, the actual price after adding all kinds of shipping or clearance fees may double that amount.

Meanwhile, Tokunbo Suzuki mini bus for sale are available on several car markets but their range of production years is limited. So are the Nigerian used units. That’s why can just summarise here a general idea of Suzuki mini bus price in Nigeria for available models in the country.

2.1 Brand new Suzuki minubus prices in Nigeria

Brand new Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria
Model Suggested retail price
Suzuki Every 2WD manual transmission ~₦4.5 million
Suzuki Every 4WD manual transmission ~₦5.3 million
Suzuki Every 2WD automatic transmission ~₦4.9 million
Suzuki Every 4WD automatic transmission ~₦5.6 million

a brand new Suzuki Every

Buying a brand new or Tokunbo Suzuki is up to your personal needs

2.2 Tokunbo Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria

Tokunbo Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria
Model Suggested retail price
Suzuki Every 2000 650,000 – 900,000
Suzuki Every 2001 650,000 – 950,000
Suzuki Every 2002 700,000 – 1 million
Suzuki Every 2003 700,000 – 1 million
Suzuki Every 2005 850,000 – 1 million
Suzuki Every 2013 1.4 million – 1.7 million

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2.3 Nigerian used / Locally used Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria

Nigerian used Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria
Model Suggested retail price
Suzuki Every 450,000 – 950,000

3. Highlights in the development of Suzuki mini bus

The first-gen Suzuki Carry van was rolled out in October 1961. The model employed an air-cooled 2-stroke two-cylinder, producing 21 hp only. The engine was then upgraded with three-cylinder version which was also adopted for Suzuki Jimny to reach 76 km/h at max.

Suzuki Carry van model year 1964

The simple design of first-gen Carry

Moving to the second phase of development, FRM layout remained in use to design the 4-door van. There’s hardly an improvement in the engine power but the outside styling had established its distinctive features at least: 2-piece tailgate which was horizontally divided and a sliding rear window.

It’s not until the fourth generation that significant modifications were made to the minibus form. This period witnessed the introduction of 2 opening side doors along with a top-hinged rear gate. The 5-door design looked exactly symmetrical with nearly the same styles for both front and rear end. This model also boasted more powerful engine having a max speed of 95 km/h and the max load of 300 kg.

a forth-generation Suzuki Carry van

The forth-gen looks perfectly symmetrical

Major styling changes were made to the sixth-gen custom van with well-equipped interiors, metallic paint and chrome bumpers. This is because the automaker had targeted this model as a private transport, which inspired the modern design of Suzuki Every later.

This product also featured a 4-stroke engine and was the first Suzuki model made in Indonesia. It had been warmly welcomed in this local market where it’s used widespread as Angkot – the Indonesian term for share taxi.

Suzuki Every multicab van

Small bus the Suzuki Every’s design resembles the sixth-gen Carry most

Since 7th generation, the name Suzuki Every was introduced for the specialized passenger van to distinguish with other van forms in different markets. For example, there was Suzuki Bolan van in Pakistan while Suzuki Chinese van was named Chang’an SC6320G.

The model followed modern layout with front mid-engine mated to either rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive system.

a decorative Suzuki minibus in Pakistan

Pakistan-spec Suzuki is redecorated in religious activities

The latest versions come with Suzuki Every Plus – an enlarged 7-seater MPV employing both manual and automatic transmissions. The classical 4-door van was still maintained till date, badged under different names for numerous markets worldwide. To name but a few, Korean version is known as Daewoo Damas or Chevrolet CMV while Maruti Omni refers to Indian model. UK-spec products, on the other hand, are called Bedford Rascal.

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4. Suzuki minivan latest model

Through ten generations with considerable adjustments, modern-time Suzuki minivan is more complete and attractive in both styles and engine performances.

modern design of Suzuki Every

The good-looking Every after 50 years of development

The versatile box shape is highlighted with rectangular headlights, short bonnet and especially more glass areas to make the design more spacious.

Inside the cabin, there’s not much room for head and legs, though. The theme looks rather rigid but still, it gives out a sense of convenience and flexible utility with diverse equipment. The most impressive feature inside is the all-around visibility thanks to enlarged glassy part.

Suzuki Every and its cargo space

Extended glasses also makes the car look more spacious

Latest Suzuki mini bus engine performance is rated above average with smooth-operated transmission and improved fuel economy. Plus its compact size, Suzuki Every can easily handle traffic obstacles.

Also, the modern Every utilizes front discs and rear drums, so there’s no need to concern about the breaks.

5. Final thoughts

Should you be looking for a perfect vehicle for multiple purposes which can travel through either crowded streets in cities or smoggy routes outskirts, Suzuki minibus is just there for you. Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria are also competitive. Riding this vehicle is clearly efficient in most cases thanks to its roomy loading space and acceptable fuel economy.

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