Prices of Hyundai ix35 in Nigeria – when Used look Brand-new! (Update in 2020)

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While many cars of South Korea aren't recognized by non-professional drivers, Hyundai ix35 gains global popularity. Below are prices of Hyundai ix35 in Nigeria collected by

1. Where Hyundai ix35 comes from?

When looking to buy an ix35, besides prices of Hyundai ix35 in Nigeria, have you ever wonder which product line it belongs to? Does it remind something of Hyundai Tucson?

Hyundai ix35 is exactly the second generation of Hyundai Tucson which was released in 2004 in the form of a compact sport utility vehicle. After 5 years of competing in international markets, Hyundai Tucson revealed certain drawbacks such as its failure to recognize parking spaces in Japan or the lack of EuroNCAP testing for European markets.

an orange Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35 was the revised version of 1st-gen Hyundai Tucson

It was these mistakes that caused Tucson to withdraw itself from many places and led to a facelifted version called Hyundai ix35 (Chinese market) produced by Beijing Hyundai.

The name ix35 then became an independent model, boasting remarkable upgrades in either styling or performance.

Hyundai ix35 was officially introduced in Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 with improved strength, fuel economy, driving sensation and safety features as well.

a red Hyundai ix35 2010

The ix35 was first made for Chinese market

According to Hyundai report, ix35 design and manufacture had taken 3 years plus $225 million (around N82 billion) to be completed.

2. Prices of Hyundai ix35 in Nigeria

As the production of Hyundai ix35 lasted for around 5 years till 2015, you can hardly buy a brand new model in Nigeria.

However, as the car has just been produced within 8 years so far, almost all second-hand Hyundai ix35 cars for sale in Nigeria remain like-new regardless of being foreign or locally used.

a white Hyundai ix35 side look

Most used ix35 cars are in good condition like brand new

More surprisingly, for this model lineup, there’re not many Tokunbo cars on sale. Most units we found displaying on various markets are Nigerian pre-owned. Prices are, therefore, quite affordable.

2.1 Tokunbo/Foreign used Hyundai ix35 prices in Nigeria 

Foreign used Hyundai ix35 prices in Nigeria 
Model Price
Tokunbo Hyundai ix35 starting from N3 million

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2.2 Locally used / Nigerian used Hyundai ix35 prices in Nigeria 

Locally used Hyundai ix35 prices in Nigeria 
Model Price
Hyundai ix35 2011 N1.9 million – N4 million
Hyundai ix35 2012 N2 million – N6.5 million
Hyundai ix35 2013 N2.2 million – N6.5 million
Hyundai ix35 2014 N2.2 million – N7 million
Hyundai ix35 2015 N4 million – N7.5 million

Hyundai ix35 2013 review

3. Details of Hyundai ix35

3.1. Hyundai ix35 exterior and interior design

Hyundai ix35 was designed by Cha II Hoei guided by Thomas Buerkle – the former designer from BMW. The car features a sweeping coupe-like body style in the form of a compact crossover vehicle.

This model was promoted in the US with 3 versions: GL, GLS and Limited but the all-wheel-drive automobile layout is only offered to GLS and Limited edition.

Some inner features worth-mentioning include steering wheel-mounted audio control, wireless Bluetooth phone connection, iPod interface and navigation system.

Hyundai ix35 2014 cabin

The premium vibe inside a Hyundai ix35 cabin

In 2014, ix35 was little revised with the addition of LED taillights and headlights, restyled alloy rim as well as several modifications in audio system inside the cabin.

3.2. Hyundai ix35 engine performance

The ix35 comes with a variety of powertrain options, ranging from diesel R engine to Gamma GDI gasoline. Both automatic and manual transmissions are available with 5-speed and 6-speed.

The maximum output ix35 engines can reach is 184 hp. Especially, the 2.4L four-cylinder can produce top speed of a V6 engine but demonstrates 20% better fuel efficiency.

a Hyundai ix35 is towing a container

Hyundai engines are not only powerful but also efficient

Hyundai ix35 model year 2014 was also upgraded to GDI direct-injected Theta-II engine to boost its power strength and lower emission rate.

3.3. Hyundai ix35 safety features

This Hyundai model had been awarded “Top Safety Pick” from IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). 3 out of 4 criteria were marked “Good” in IIHS crash tests.

Some outstanding safety content of Hyundai ix35 can be named as:

  • Downhill brake control
  • Vehicle dynamic control
  • Hillstart assist control
  • Emergency Stop signal
  • Proximity Key+

a Hyundai ix35 is running at high speed

Hyundai ix35 gained remarkable ratings from IIHS

4. Conclusion

Despite being recently produced and the neat condition, prices of Hyundai ix35 in Nigeria is quite affordable to many buyers. And the most popular model year seems to be Hyundai ix35 2012 whose prices vary from over 2 to approximately 7 million nairas.

Please understand that the actual price might be added up due to certain types of costs and fees agreed between sellers and buyers. Make sure you check everything thoroughly before settling down for an acceptable price.

Refer to more Car prices for further reference and check out Market news to update latest info in the automotive industry!

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