Prices of Toyota Avalon in Nigeria & review on its most sought-after model year (Update in 2020)

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Another work of art from Toyota, Avalon deserves endless praise for its driving experience. The article provides detailed lists of prices of Toyota Avalon in Nigeria.

1. Overview of Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon was released in 1994 out of the TMMK assembly line, becoming the largest front-wheel-drive sedan in the markets it arrived. This full-size car was the successor of Toyota Cressida which followed midsize rear-wheel-drive layout using inline-six mill. However, the Toyota Avalon employed front-wheel-drive and V6 engine while its recent platform inclines towards Toyota Camry as well as Lexus ES.

a 2018 Toyota Avalon on road

Toyota Avalon was named after a mythological island in legends

The name Avalon derived from a legendary island, giving out a vibe of myth and somewhat royalty, which stays in line with Toyota name codes. For example, Toyota Crown, Corona, Corolla and Camry are all translations of the word “crown” in different languages. Tiara is also a crown type and Scepter represents King or Queen’s power.

As prices of Toyota Avalon in Nigeria are greatly influenced by production year or powertrain configurations, will brief below 5 generations of Avalon with distinctive features so you understand why price range may vary that much.

1.1. First-gen Toyota Avalon

The newly born Avalon was launched in 1994 with many resemblances to XV10 Camry. It runs on a 3.0L 1MZ-FE V6 engine mated to 4-speed A541E automatic transmission to produce 192 hp and 285 Nm at max.

1998 Toyota Avalon and 2 girls

The first-gen Avalon was built on Camry platform

In America, Avalon was recognized as the roomiest six-seater from car manufacturers of Japan although its dimension was shorter than either Mazda 929 or Dodge Intrepid.

Some other traits that distinguish first-gen Avalon with others were front bench seat, column shifter, ABS or front seat-mounted side airbags.

In Japan, it was exclusive to Toyopet Store, displayed along with other counterparts as front-engine and rear-drive Celsior. Due to its large size, Avalon was classified into the luxury car segment in its home country.

For the Australian market, Toyota intended to rename Avalon to Centaur which refers to a mythological creature in this culture. However, the company found out that an Australian hospital ship named AHS Centaur had been torpedoed by the Japanese army in World War II. Toyota then decided to remove all Centaur nameplates or badges from their products, keeping the original “Avalon.”

white Toyota Avalon and 2 people

Toyota Avalon could have been renamed as Centaur in Australian market

It was also in this country that Avalon’s production was ceased in 2005, replaced by Toyota Aurion (XV40) while other markets remain getting new Avalons till today.

1.2. Second-gen Toyota Avalon

The most outstanding changes in this new-gen model were the addition of VVT-i technology shared with many other Toyota products like Sienna, Highlander, Lexus RX300 and Lexus ES. A JBL audio system, navigation system, vehicle stability control and dual climate control were also offered.

Particularly in Japanese market, the second-gen Avalon was sold only in Toyota Netz Store as Toyota Pronard, placed between Aristo and Verossa. Pronard came with TEMS ride control and received “Good” rating from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

a second-gen Toyota Avalon

Second-gen Avalon in Japan was exclusive to Toyota Netz Store

1.3. Third-gen Avalon

The third-gen Avalon got rid of front bench seat design which was the typical feature of American sedans like Buicks or Cadillacs, adopting a semi-flat rear floor instead.

This version also used Dual VVT-i paired with 3.5L 2GR-FE engine to generate the maximum output of 280 hp.

Other newly added features include electrochromic auto dimming rear view, driver’s side-view mirrors, Toyota’s smart key system going with keyless push-button start, dynamic laser cruise control and backup camera. To enhance safety content, Toyota also equipped both side curtain airbags and driver’s knee airbag as standard in many vehicles from this company.

third-gen Toyota Avalon

Dual VVT-i was applied to the third-gen models

1.4. Fourth and fifth generations of Toyota Avalon

The two last generations of Avalon didn’t show breakthrough upgrades but the birth of hybrid gasoline-electric model in 2013 did stir up the auto fan community.

Besides 2GR-FE V6 engine like in previous generations, Avalon hybrid version used 2.5L 2AR-FXE I4 powertrain with 6-speed automatic transmission.

First drive on latest Toyota Avalon

2. Brand new Toyota Avalon price in Nigeria

As Toyota Nigeria does not provide Toyota Avalon, it’s hard to determine an exact price range for brand new models. The suggested retail price of Avalon for global markets starts from ₦11 million but the actual cost you must pay to have a new unit delivered to your place may double or even triple that amount. Please take into account various types of fees or taxes to get one shipped to Nigeria.

In the scope of this post, just focuses on the pricing of foreign and locally used Avalon in Nigeria.

a red 2019 Toyota Avalon

Brand new Avalon is unavailable in Toyota Nigeria dealerships

3. Tokunbo Toyota Avalon prices in Nigeria

Foreign used Toyota Avalon price in Nigeria
 Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2001 price in Nigeria ₦1,200,000 - ₦1,400,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2002 price in Nigeria ₦1,200,000 - ₦1,450,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2003 price in Nigeria ₦1,250,000 - ₦2,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2004 price in Nigeria ₦1,350,000 - ₦2,400,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2005 price in Nigeria ₦2,000,000 - ₦2,350,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2006 price in Nigeria ₦2,000,000 - ₦2,700,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2007 price in Nigeria ₦1,850,000 - ₦2,900,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2008 price in Nigeria ₦1,990,000 - ₦3,300,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2009 price in Nigeria ₦2,500,000 - ₦3,750,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2011 price in Nigeria ₦4,050,000 - ₦6,500,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2012 price in Nigeria ₦3,500,000 - ₦7,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2013 price in Nigeria ₦5,000,000 - ₦7,500,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2014 price in Nigeria ₦6,200,000 - ₦8,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2015 price in Nigeria ₦8,200,000 - ₦9,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2016 price in Nigeria ₦8,300,000 - ₦9,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2017 price in Nigeria ₦9,500,000 - ₦10,800,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2018 price in Nigeria ₦11,000,000 - ₦22,000,000
Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2019 price in Nigeria ₦24,000,000 - ₦26,500,000

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2019 Toyota Avalon interiors

Let’s have a look at  2019 Toyota Avalon interiors!

4. How much does a locally used Toyota Avalon cost in Nigeria?

Price of Locally used Toyota Avalon in Nigeria
 Model  Price in Nigeria Naira
 Price of Toyota Avalon 1999 in Nigeria  ₦700,000 – ₦1,000,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2000 in Nigeria  ₦700,000 – ₦1,000,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2001 in Nigeria  ₦700,000 – ₦1,000,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2002 in Nigeria  ₦900,000 - N,200,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2003 in Nigeria  ₦1,300,000 - ₦1,600,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2004 in Nigeria  ₦1,300,000 - ₦1,600,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2005 in Nigeria  ₦1,300,000 - ₦1,800,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2006 in Nigeria  ₦1.300,000 - ₦2,000,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2007 in Nigeria  ₦1.300,000 - ₦2,000,000
Price of Toyota Avalon 2008 in Nigeria  ₦1,400,000– ₦2,300,000
Nigerian used Toyota Avalon 2009 price in Nigeria  ₦1,400,000 – ₦2,500,000
Nigerian used Toyota Avalon 2010 price in Nigeria  ₦1,400,000 – ₦2,500,000
Nigerian used Toyota Avalon 2011 price in Nigeria  ₦3,000,000 - ₦7,000,000
Nigerian used Toyota Avalon 2012 price in Nigeria ₦3,000,000 - ₦7,000,000
Nigerian used Toyota Avalon 2013 price in Nigeria ₦6,500,000 - ₦10,000,000
Nigerian used Toyota Avalon 2014 price in Nigeria  ₦6,500,000 - ₦10,000,000

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5. 2007 Toyota Avalon – the most sought-after Avalon in Nigeria

5.1. 2007 Toyota Avalon exterior

This model comes in 4 trim levels: XL, XLS, Touring and Limited version. In comparison with Toyota Camry the same year, Avalon had longer frame as well as extended wheelbase.

The company depicts this car as a “subtle” sleeker which combines all aesthetic highlights from chrome-accented bar on its grille to sophisticated fog lamps.

Toyota Avalon 2017 side length

The overall design of Toyota Avalon 2007

5.2. 2007 Toyota Avalon interior

The 2007 Toyota Avalon can accommodate up to 5 adults with reclining seatbacks. The Touring version whose target customers are younger people boasts special interior decoration with charcoal dashboard trim.

All Avalons this year are installed dual-zone climate control, power driver’s seat as well as CD stereo. Navigation system is offered with all trims except for XL while heated seats, rain-sensing wipers and keyless start button are only available in the Toyota Avalon Limited.

Toyota Avalon 2007 cabin

Inside cabin of Toyota Avalon 2007 Touring

5.3. 2007 Toyota Avalon performance

Avalon is always reliable in road performance and model year 2007 is no exception. In spite of a little bit heavy feel while starting, this car shows assertive acceleration. The steering wheel is generally responsive and driver-friendly.

This model also reveals great ability to maneuver around plus highly visible ample glass, which assists its driver to the fullest extent.

Under the hood is a 3.5L V6 engine mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission to produce a maximum of 268 hp and 248 Nm of torque.

Thanks to those mentioned remarks, 2007 Toyota Avalon has been warmly welcomed in Nigeria since its very first days. At present, this model is often hunted for in used car markets.

Toyota Avalon 2017 rear design

The Avalon model year 2007 comes with 4 trim levels featuring a different design

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6. In a nutshell: Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon is an advisable choice from this Japan automaker. Prices of Toyota Avalon in Nigeria are also reasonable for what you’ll get when driving one of these models. Despite being categorized in luxury segment, Avalon maintains its humble vibe with stable performances. Should you desire for a practical vehicle but featuring a bit hi-class atmosphere inside, hesitate no more and opt for Toyota Avalon!

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