Ever wonder what the price of Ford Focus in Nigeria is? Find out here! (Update in 2020)

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Price of Ford Focus in Nigeria is quite comfortable to most budgets, starting from ₦400,000 for a Nigerian used 2000 model. For those who are looking for fuel efficiency without sacrificing comfort, Ford Focus is a feasible option. Let's check it out now!

Henry Ford is synonymous not just with automobiles, but with high technology and innovations. With ever-increasing demands for automobiles that have the functionality and glamour of an SUV without necessarily packing so much weight and space like the SUV does, the Ford Focus certainly guarantees all these and more.

With manufacturing starting back in 1998 to replace the Ford Escort, Ford Focus has surpassed other vehicles in the compact vehicle category. It continues to surpass and keep its competitors on their toes, and its customers ever satisfied. The Ford Focus is in the category of compact land vehicles, or what is known as small family cars in Britain. This means that it is roomier than the coupes and less voluminous than the SUVs but at almost the same interior comfort level with the SUV and certainly at par in terms of automotive technologies. Naijauto – your No. 1 online car sales portal in Nigeria brings you the comprehensive list of price of Ford Focus in Nigeria. Here we go!

1. Ford Focus model picture - it’s worth a thousand words!

The saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, is especially true with the Ford Focus, but words can still do justice to the fantastic exterior and interior features. 

The Ford Focus (first generation) introduced by Ford of Europe in 1998, was available in 3 body styles: a 3-door hatchback, a 4-door saloon or a 5-door wagon. This remained until a facelift was done on the Ford Focus (second generation, Europe) in 2007 which led to more car sales. These facelift saw changes in the bonnet styles, door styles, headlights that were pulled back, as well as the lower grille which was replaced with a bigger trapezoidal one. The changes for Ford Focus (second generation, North America) were different and only available as either a 2-door coupe or a 4-door saloon.

The fourth generation features a 5-door hatch body style that has been laser welded, a new aerodynamic body design, an active front grille, aerodynamic under-body panels, 16-inch alloy wheels, and aero-curtain bumpers. It also includes automatic headlights with dusk sensors, integrated rear spoilers, LED DTRL (Day time running lights) and auto windscreen wipers with rain sensors. These features are simply awesome.


Ford Focus Fourth Generation – Exquisite harmony of High tech, Safety, and Beauty!











2. Ford Focus interior – even more spectacular!

As much as you would fall in love with the exterior of the Ford Focus due to its attractive and eye-catching features, the interior will sway you even more. Ford Focus has revamped its interior features and included some of the award-winning specs that have made Ford Focus rise in demand.




Interior features include more room for the knee and shoulders, selectable drive modes, E-park brakes, and electro-chromatic mirrors. Also, there is a lumbar supported 6-way seat adjustment system for the driver, leather steering, rotary e-shifter, power windows as well as cruise control systems. Interior infotainment features include 6 audio speakers, Bluetooth, in-built SATNAV, SYNC 3 OS, voice recognition, 8-inch full-colour touch screen with high resolution, Android Auto3, Apple CarPlay2 and AppLink 4.




The modern Ford Focus is also built with the latest automotive technologies for safety. Some of the safety features you’ll find in it include airbags for driver and passengers both front and side airbags, hill launch assist, power child locks, emergency brake assist, collision avoidance system, DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), reverse camera with full colour at 180 degree, ABS with traction control and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution). Other safety features include rare parking sensors, post-impact braking, adjustable speed limiter and lane departure warning which can help reduce accidents on Nigerian roads.

All these interior, as well as safety features, make the Ford Focus a must-own.

3. Ford Focus price list – be in the know!

3.1. Brand new Ford Focus price in Nigeria

In the table below, you will find the list of prices of brand new Ford Focus as obtainable in the Nigerian automobile space today. These prices are affected by the usual factors like the year of manufacture, trim levels among other factors. For example, the 2018 model has upgraded features like the rotary gear selector usually found in the Ford Fusion and Ford Fiesta and as such has a higher price.


Brand new Ford Focus price in Nigeria (MSRP)

Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Brand new Ford Focus 2018 ₦9.1 million - ₦22.2 million
Brand new Ford Focus 2017 ₦5.6 million - ₦20 million
Brand new Ford Focus 2016 ₦5.2 million - ₦16.4 million
Brand new Ford Focus 2015 ₦4.5 million - ₦11.7 million
Brand new Ford Focus 2014 ₦3.4 million - ₦10 million

3.2. Foreign used Ford Focus price in Nigeria

You will also find the prices of foreign used or Tokunbo Ford Focus cars in the table below. However, later versions of Ford vehicles for sale are hard to find as foreign used. This is because there are not so many available in the Nigerian automobile market.

Foreign used Ford Focus price in Nigeria

Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2000 ₦1 million - ₦1.2 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2001 ₦1 million - ₦1.2 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2002 ₦1 million - ₦1.2 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2003 ₦1.2 million - ₦1.3 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2004 ₦1.2 million - ₦1.3 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2005 ₦1.2 million - ₦1.3 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2006 ₦1.4 million - ₦1.8 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2007 ₦1.4 million - ₦1.8 million
Tokunbo Ford Focus 2008 ₦1.4 million - ₦1.8 million


Ford Focus 2015 RS in Ford’s imperial blue - packed with double the power of others!

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3.3. Locally used Ford focus price in Nigeria

Prices of locally used Ford Focus cars are found in the table below. These are the prices as obtainable presently in the car market. The price is generally cheap because these models were manufactured over a decade ago and pre-owned by Nigerian drivers. That's why you shouldn't expect much for a well-maintained car among those, though the chance is possible.

Locally used Ford Focus price in Nigeria

Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2000 ₦400,000 - N600,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2001 ₦400,000 - N600,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2002 ₦400,000 - N600,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2003 ₦650,000 - N850,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2004 ₦650,000 - N850,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2005 ₦650,000 - N850,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2006 ₦700,000 - ₦1,500,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2007 ₦700,000 - ₦1,500,000
Nigerian used Ford Focus 2008 ₦700,000 - ₦1,500,000

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4. More on Ford Focus 2015 – the re-defining phase

Starting production of the third generation in late 2010, the Ford Focus began a trajectory of exciting designs both interior and exterior. It wasn’t until the Ford Motor Company arrived with the 2015 model, did the automotive industry realise that the Ford Focus has come to stay as the leading compact vehicle.

4.1. 2015 Ford Focus specs – make your choice!

There is one of three trims that are available for a 2015 model of Ford Focus which are the standard trim denoted as S, the SE trim and the Titanium trim. The major differences found in these three trims are in the interior but for the exterior, the Titanium high beam headlights as compared to the normal headlights of the S and SE trims. The Titanium also has 17-inch alloy wheels while the SE has a 16-inch alloy wheel and 15-inch steel wheels for the S trim. There is also a rear spoiler available only for the Titanium trim except as an upgrade option available for the SE trim.


Ford Focus 2015 – the height of luxury redefined!

For the interior, you’ll only find similarities for the media player, audio jack, USB port connectivity, Bluetooth, voice recognition, display, a backup camera, cruise control, power steering with tilt or telescopic control, power doors and power windows. That’s where the similarities stop for the three trims. The Titanium has exclusivity or a higher version for features like leather seats, remote keyless entry system, satellite radio, speakers and air conditioning where Titanium has dual zone climate control. The other difference that the Titanium has is in a safety feature known as LDW (Lane Departure Warning) which ensures that your Ford Focus remains on its lane while on the highway or else a warning sound is given by the car. This is exclusive to the Titanium specs.

4.2. 2015 Ford Focus weight – how hefty can it be?

Unlike the bigger Ford vehicles like the Ford Explorer and the Ford Escape which have heavier curb weights, the weight of the Ford Focus is smaller and ranges between 1.314 tonnes to 1.36 tonnes. This weight is dependent on the body style and by extension the cargo room of the type of car you are considering. A hatchback will have more cargo room and is bound to weigh more than the saloon body style car.

4.3. 2015 Ford Focus horsepower – very respectable!

As it is expected for a compact vehicle, the horsepower capacities are not so much. For the Ford Focus, it is 160 Hp at 6,500 rpm for a 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine or a 123Hp at 6,000 rpm for a 1.0 litre 3-cylinder T-VCT EcoBoost engine, which is an option available only for the SE trim. There were modifications made to the Ford Focus used in the rallying and touring motorsports where it has replaced the Ford Escort.

2019 Ford Focus Interiors- All the gadget you’ll love in one place!

4.4. 2015 Ford Focus SE specs – makes more sense!

The SE trim of the Ford Focus 2015 comes just before the high-end trim but has some exclusive features and options which are not available to other options including the Titanium trim which is the highest of the trims. Options like the 1.0 litre 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine which ensures a better fuel economy is only available for the SE trim. Also, a 6-speed manual transmission, as well as 6-speaker audio system, can only be found on the SE trim. There are also two other trims available with the SE which are the SE 201A and SE Sporting which can have even higher options at par with the Titanium trim.

4.5. Have an idea of Ford Focus 2015 price?

The prices of cars are determined by different factors including the trim, if it is brand new, locally used or a Tokunbo. Based on these factors, the prices of a Ford Focus 2015 in Nigeria will range from ₦4.5 million to ₦11.7 million. However, it should be noted that finding a used 2015 Ford Focus either Tokunbo or locally used is usually a tall order and will require a keen search to find one.


2015 Ford Focus SE - taking your comfort and safety a step further!

5. Ford Focus objective customer reviews

Every car has its own pros and cons, so it's normal when one receives both positive and negative feedbacks from the customers. Below are some reviews we extract from different sources around this car model. Please take it for reference and try to verify the information with someone you know driving a Focus.






Customers worldwide reviews on Ford Focus

6. Final take

Naijauto believes Ford Motors has taken transportation engineering a step further with a fuel-efficient compact car in Ford Focus. Price of Ford Focus in Nigeria is also affordable to households with average income. With its production of Ford Focus electric that is sometimes compared with the Nissan Leaf, Ford Motors is already set for the future as electric vehicles are the future of automobiles.

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