Mercedes Benz E350 prices in Nigeria – latest updates from local car markets (Update in 2020)

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Price of Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria is among the most searched keywords on auto markets throughout the country. Check out why!

1. Overview of Mercedes Benz E-Class

As you must know, the E350 is one of the most successful models from Benz E-Class. But which place it secures or what it’s inherited from this product line remains unknown to many. Why not take a quick look at its history with before coming to Mercedes Benz E350 price in Nigeria?

Mercedes E-Class car and girl

Mercedes Benz E-Class is named after Einspiritzmotor

Classified as executive cars of the German luxury brand, E-Class does not take its name from the word “executive” as many people may think.

In fact, the series produced since 1993 gained its name from Einspiritzmotor, a German word for fuel injection engine. At that time, this feature was dominating almost all Mercedes engines, which was the reason why prefix E was adopted for this product line.

The very first E-Class models released were available in four car body styles: 

  • 4-door sedan
  • 5-door station wagon
  • 2-door coupe
  • 2-door convertible

and two automobile layouts: front engine, rear-wheel drive or 4Matic four-wheel drive.

In 1997, coupe and convertible versions were re-categorized into Mercedes Benz CLK-Class, with styling resemblances to both C-Class and E-Class products.

Talking about its source of inspiration, E-Class models gather various eminent features from a range of renowned predecessors including W120 Ponton, W110 Fintail, W114 Stroke-8, or W123.

Mercedes Benz E-Class model picture

E-Class ranks the best seller of Mercedes Benz

The 25-year period since 1993 has witnessed the rollout of 5 generations from E-Class cars (W124, W210, W211, W212, C207/A207, W213) with millions of units. To be more exact, over 13 million E-Class cars have been sold, which makes this midsize series the best-selling model of this automaker. 

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2. Mercedes Benz E350 price in Nigeria

It’s truly difficult to find new Mercedes Benz E350 cars displayed in Nigeria. Of course, you can order one from international distributors but the prices can double the retail suggested price list here. Please understand that the delivery cost or any kind of tax-related can add up the prices of brand new E350 to around 30 to 40 million.

Or you can opt for used Mercedes Benz E350 cars for sale for more reasonable pricing. Also note that prices of foreign used are not necessarily higher than locally used units, depending on car condition, production year and fuel mileage.

a girl and a black Mercedes Benz E350

a girl bending over beside a Mercedes Benz E350

a sexy girl lying on the driver seat of a Mercedes Benz E350

Brand new Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria is hard to find

 Price of Brand new Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria

  Price of Brand new Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria (suggested retail price)
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Brand new Mercedes Benz E350 price N18,000,000 – N20,000,000
Brand new Mercedes Benz E350 4Matic price N2,000,000 – N22,000,000

Price of Tokunbi / Foreign used Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria

Price of Foreign used Mercedes Benz E350 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo 2005 Mercedes Benz E350 price N2,500,000 - N4,000,000
Tokunbo 2006 Mercedes Benz E350 price N2,500,000 - N4,000,000
Tokunbo 2007 Mercedes Benz E350 price N3,100,000 - N4,500,000
Tokunbo 2008 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N3,100,000 - N4,500,000
Tokunbo 2009 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N7,000,000 - N10,000,000
Tokunbo 2010 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N7,000,000 - N10,000,000
Tokunbo 2011 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N6,500,000 – N10,000,000
Tokunbo 2012 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N6,500,000 – N10,000,000
Tokunbo 2013 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N9,000,000 – N13,000,000
Tokunbo 2014 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N10,000,000 - N15,500,000
Tokunbo 2015 Mercedes ​Benz E350 price N10,500,000 – N19,500,000

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Price of Locally used / Nigeerian used Mercedes E350 in Nigeria

Price of Locally used Mercedes E350 in Nigeria  
Model Price in Nigerian naira
Nigerian used 2004 Mercedes Benz E350 price N1,500,000 – N2,500,000
Nigerian used 2005 Mercedes Benz E350 price N1,500,000 – N2,500,000
Nigerian used 2006 Mercedes Benz E350 price N1,500,000 – N2,500,000
Nigerian used 2007 Mercedes Benz E350 price N2,000,000 – N3,000,000
Nigerian used 2008 Mercedes Benz E350 price N2,000,000 – N3,000,000
Nigerian used 2009 Mercedes Benz E350 price N4,200,000 – N8,000,000
Nigerian used 2010 Mercedes Benz E350 price N4,200,000 – N8,000,000
Nigerian used 2011 Mercedes Benz E350 price N4,500,000 - N10,000,000
Nigerian used 2012 Mercedes Benz E350 price N4,500,000 - N10,000,000
Nigerian used 2013 Mercedes Benz E350 price N5,500,000 - N18,000,000
Nigerian used 2014 Mercedes Benz E350 price N5,500,000 - N18,000,000
Nigerian used 2015 Mercedes Benz E350 price N5,500,000 - N18,000,000

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3. Mercedes Benz E350 and interesting facts

Mercedes Benz E350 came from the third-gen E-Class launched in 2002. This generation was coded W211 and built as E320 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon, using V6 gasoline engine to produce 221 hp.

E500 was introduced later then E55 AMG was added in 2005. Certain names were changed from that time onwards, particularly E55 AMG switched to E63 with larger V8 supercharged engine while E320 became E350 due to the upgraded 3.5L inline-6, reaching 268 hp at max.

Mercedes benz E350 in twilight

Mercedes Benz E350 with its sleek design

When Benz E350 came to the world, global warming was an alarming fact concerning almost all scientists and the public in general. Two major eco-friendly innovations were quickly introduced: BlueEFFICIENCY and BlueTEC which both helped to boost fuel economy rate. Thanks to this event, prefix E could sometimes be interpreted as “Environmental”.

The Mercedes Benz E350 was also offered in a special version with E-Guard package. These models will be equipped with an armoured frame, enhanced suspensions, reinforced windows, customized wheels as well as many other tailored functions for high-profile riders.

The last thing we want to mention is the teaser of Mercedes Benz E350. It’s not a common TV commercial or a poster you’re thinking of. Long before its official premiere, Benz E350 had been featured in the blockbuster movie: Men in Black II. It was used as official private transport of the secret agents when travelling around New York streets.

Mercedes benz E350 and 2 men in black

Benz E350 used to feature in Men in Black series

4. Our conclusion

Clearly, not only are these cars of Germany loved for their sophisticated design but their safety features are also highly recommended. You would definitely get much more than what you might pay according to Mercedes Benz E350 prices in Nigeria listed above.

For the most updated prices of the hottest car models in Nigeria, stay tuned to The best part is yet to come!

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