Mercedes Benz C350 prices in Nigeria - You can own a BENZ for less than ₦1million! (Update in 2020)

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Owning a classy Benz is not as out of reach as you might think. Check out the entire price of Mercedes Benz C350 in Nigeria, starting from ₦900k!

1. Overview

As usual, before looking through prices of Mercedes Benz C350 in Nigeria, let’s spend a few retrospective minutes for its history, retold by

Mercedes Benz C350 belongs to C-Class which was launched in 1993 to replace W201 series. C-Class are compact executive cars, available in front engine, rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive layouts (4Matic).

C-Class cabriolet on the road

C-Class was launched in 1993 with different automobile layouts

The very first C-Class generation was W202, made from 1994 to 2000 in two car body styles: a 4-door sedan and 5-door wagon. These cars used to be the smallest unit from this car manufacturer of Germany, but A-Class that arrived in 1997 has taken that position since then.

W202 models resembled styling designs of its 3 predecessors: W124 E-Class, E140 S-Class and R129 SL-Class. This phase also marked the participation of C36 AMG in Formula 1 race years 1996 and 1997.

Back to Mercedes Benz C350, it was of the second and third generation C-Class. Introduced in 2000, W203 debuted in the form of an inline-four sedan running either V6 petrol or –five diesel engine. Later on, V6 diesel was offered as well, boasting distinctive Mercedes vehicle technology of common rail direct fuel injection.

Unlike the previous phase, W203 was then available in both 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon and a newly-designed fastback coupe, as shown in the picture below.

a white Mercedes clc-class pictures

C350 2-door coupe when facelifted became Mercedes Benz CLC-Class

In 2007, Mercedes Benz rolled out its W204 in Geneva Auto Show with extended wheelbase and tracks. The body frame looked more solid, inspired by W221 S-Class and C219 CLS-Class. The following years witnessed facelift versions of the fourth-gen C-Class with significant modifications. For example, a novel LED taillight design was added while dashboard and fascia were revised for higher aesthetic values.

2. Price of Mercedes Benz C350 in Nigeria

As the production of C350 was discontinued in 2013, the chances you could find a brand new unit in the country is probably minimal. However, buying used Mercedes C350 is not a bad idea, especially in a Tokunbo-prevailing market as one in Nigeria.

a Mercedes Benz C350 CDI

Purchasing a used C350 is worth-considering

Prices of used Mercedes Benz C350 in Nigeria vary, depending on numerous factors, ranging from production year, car condition, fuel mileage to custom clearance tariffs or any pop-up cost related. Excluding in this list are like-new cars as their price range is totally different from common adverts. Prices of these special units can reach up to 20 million and above.

Before deciding on any car, not just luxury vehicles, make sure you consider carefully every detail as well as contact seller directly to check the vehicle condition.

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2.1 Price of foreign used / tokunbo Mercedes Benz C350 in Nigeria

Price of Foreign used Mercedes Benz C350 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo 2005 Mercedes Benz C350 price N2,000,000 – N4,000,000
Tokunbo 2006 Mercedes Benz C350 price N2,100,000 – N5,000,000
Tokunbo 2007 Mercedes Benz C350 price N2,100,000 – N5,000,000
Tokunbo 2008 Mercedes Benz C350 price N4,100,000 – N8,700,000
Tokunbo 2009 Mercedes Benz C350 price N4,100,000 – N8,700,000
Tokunbo 2010 Mercedes Benz C350 price N4,500,000 – N9,000,000
Tokunbo 2011 Mercedes Benz C350 price N5,800,000 – N9,500,000
Tokunbo 2012 Mercedes Benz C350 price N5,800,000 – N9,500,000
Tokunbo 2013 Mercedes Benz C350 price N10,000,000 – N12,000,000

Brief review on Mercedes Benz C350 2010

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2.2 Prices of Nigerian used / locally used Mercedes Benz C350 prices in Nigeria

Price of Locally used Mercedes Benz C350 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Nigerian used 2000 Mercedes Benz C350 price N900,000 – N1,200,000
Nigerian used 2000 Mercedes Benz C350 price N1,200,000 - N2,000,000
Nigerian used  2007 Mercedes Benz C350 price N1,200,000 - N2,000,000
Nigerian used  2008 Mercedes Benz C350 price N2,300,000 – N5,500,000
Nigerian used  2009 Mercedes Benz C350 price N2,300,000 – N5,500,000
Nigerian used 2010 Mercedes Benz C350 price N2,800,000 – N8,000,000
Nigerian used 2011 Mercedes Benz C350 price N3,000,000 – N9,000,000
Nigerian used 2012 Mercedes Benz C350 price N3,000,000 – N9,000,000
Nigerian used 2013 Mercedes Benz C350 price N4,000,000 – N9,500,000

Mercedes Benz C350 autographed by stars

Benz C350 is favoured by many stars globally

3. Final remarks

Compared to other models such as E350 or C300, Mercedes Benz C350 prices in Nigeria are totally affordable. Though buying brand new is almost impossible, picking a pre-owned is sometimes a wiser choice, based on your financial status and personal demands.

Should you be still between minds, let’s check more car price list in the local market for the most appropriate selection.

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