Mercedes Benz C240 Price in Nigeria (Update in 2020), plus reviews of interior, problems & more

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If you think owning a Benz is a luxury that beyond your wildest dream then check out this list of Mercedes Benz C240 Price in Nigeria, updated for 2019. You will find that a decent used unit of this Benz can be had for as low as around ₦1 million. Extra for you is our concise review of its interior, performance and common problems. Let's check it out!

1. Overview of Mercedes-Benz C240

Mercedes has always been a king in the automotive industry. It was first introduced into the world by Daimler-Benz in the year 1926. This company was founded by Karl Benz and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG). This brand has their headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The brand has manufactured a whole lot of motor vehicles in different body styles ranging from buses, passenger cars, lorries and so on. They also have two main subsidiaries which are the AMG & Maybach.

The Mercedes has been known to have produced different versions of the C-Class like the C320 sedans, the C230 sports coupe, the C32 AMG high-performance sedan and the C320 station wagon. The Mercedes Benz C240 is not quick or fast but it has a sporty look. The Mercedes Benz C240 comes with a featured interior and a stylish redesigned exterior. The C240 also integrates an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) while the new six-speed manual transmission has greatly improved on its shift action.

The C240 is among the most favoured models of Benz fans not only in the US or Europe but also here, in Nigeria although Mercedes-Benz C240 price in Nigeria is not as affordable to most average budget.


Carl Benz cruising on the first Benz model with his wife

2. Mercedes Benz C240 price list in Nigeria

For you to know more about the latest prices of Mercedes Benz C240 in Nigeria, we at have provided a detailed comprehensive list below for you to know more about the prices of the Benz C240 including foreign used and Nigerian used models of different production years.

2.1. Price of Brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class in Nigeria

As the C240 has been discontinued and replaced by more modern models, we list here the price of brand new C-Class for your reference.

Please note that the actual prices might be added with delivery, clearance, tax and other fees.

  Brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class in Nigeria
 Model Price in Nigerian naira
Brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class 2019 price To be updating... 
 Brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class 2018 price  Starting from  15 million
 Brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class 2017 price  Starting from ₦ 11 million


2018 Mercedes Benz C-class - Aggressively elegant design

2.2. Price of foreign used Mercedes Benz C240 in Nigeria

There are lots of different ways you can purchase a foreign used Mercedes Benz for sale in Nigeria, such as taking a shopping trip from dealer to dealer, travelling to Cotonou where many car dealers source car from or shopping online. But I suggest you go for the online option to directly contact the seller, negotiate once and for all without you going anywhere.

  Foreign used Mercedes-Benz C240 price in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2000 price ₦1,100,000 - ₦1,500,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2001 price ₦1,100,000 - ₦1,500,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2002 price ₦1,100,000 - ₦1,700,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2003 price ₦1,400,000 - ₦2,600,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2004 price ₦1,400,000 - ₦2,600,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2005 price ₦1,600,000 - ₦3,000,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2006 price ₦1,600,000 - ₦3,000,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2007 price ₦2,100,000 - ₦4,500,000
Tokunbo Mercedes-Benz C240 2008 price ₦2,100,000 - ₦4,500,000

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2.3. Price of Locally used Mercedes Benz C240 in Nigeria

Nigerian used units of Mercedes Benz C240 are always much cheaper than tokunbo ones but it depends on the condition of the car, the year of production and other factors like how clean the car is.

Locally used Mercedes-Benz C240 price in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2000 price ₦750,000 - ₦1,500,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2001 price ₦750,000 - ₦1,500,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2002 price ₦800,000 - ₦1,800,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2003 price ₦800,000 - ₦1,800,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2004 price ₦800,000 - ₦1,800,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2005 price ₦820,000 - ₦2,100,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2006 price ₦820,000 - ₦2,100,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2007 price ₦1,300,000 - ₦2,000,000
Nigeria used Mercedes-Benz C240 2008 price ₦1,300,000 - ₦2,000,000

To buy Mercedes-Benz C240 models in Nigeria, don't forget to check out Cars for sale on Naijauto or take a look at the list of Mercedes Benz dealerships at the end of this post!

3. Mercedes Benz C240 design and safety enhancements

3.1. Mercedes Benz C240 exterior highlights


The beautifully crafted exterior of Mercedes Benz C240

From the outside, the Mercedes Benz C240 is smooth and sleek from bumper to bumper with upmarket the halogen headlamps, bi-xenon headlights with heated headlamp washers, heated exterior mirrors, body-color rocker mouldings, power exterior mirrors, rear fog lights and lamp, side markers lamp on side mirrors, body-colour side mouldings, and power glass sunroof.

3.2. Mercedes Benz C240 interior and safety features

The Mercedes Benz C240 is a good choice if you are looking for a luxurious cabin. High-quality materials are used generously everywhere you look and touch, and the list of standard and optional features is extensive.

To make driving easier, The Mercedes Benz C240 interior features the Mercedes Benz embrace which offers you maximum comfortability while driving. Installed on the dashboard is a well functional LED light that gives the dashboard and the door panel a touch of uniqueness that improves visibility when you are inside the car.

Also included in it is the anti-lock brake that automatically senses when the tire stops rotating, then it will modulate the brake pressure which also allows the tire rotate thereby increasing the cars ability to turn while braking.


Can you just imagine the beauty of the power front seats - what can I say?

The airbag system is the best in class with front-impact airbags are there for the driver and passenger in a case of a frontal crash, side airbags in front and rear seats to protect the torso in case of the side crash while added overhead airbags protect the drivers head in the case of a rollover. And to top it all it comes with a full powered memory front seat.

Mercedes Benz has produced different models of the Benz C240 since 2000. These cars of Germany feature a distinct nice touch of elegance, and a very good authentic leather was used to cover the steering wheel to give it a nice touch of brilliance and elegance.

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4. Mercedes Benz C240 engine and performance

The Benz C240 is capable of cranking out 168 hp at 5700 RPM with a 2.6L Gas V6, while the torque is capable of cranking 177 at 4700 RPM. The ABS systems and the sophisticated engine management controls the torque transferred to each wheel that allows the system to be effective at any speed.  

The Mercedes C240 also has a four-wheel independent suspension, a multi-link front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension. The optimal 6-speed automatic transmission will give you the best combination of fuel economy and power.

Speaking on the fuel economy, the Mercedes Benz C240's engine scores 19 mpg on city roads and 25 mpg on the highway. Isn’t this impressive for a high-end ride?

Watch how this Mercedes C240 drift!

Mercedes Benz C240 possible problems

The most common problems facing the Benz C240 is that the engine may start stalling due to a crankshaft position sensor that has failed. A knocking noise may occur over bumps if the sway bar end link joints wear. Also, catalytic converter failure is common and may cause the check engine light to illuminate. The SRS airbag light can comes up abruptly if you spill liquids on the seatbelt buckle.

Based on user reports of various C240 models, Mercedes-Benz C240 years 2003, 2004 and 2005 are the models that are the most likely to experience problems.


The stunning beauty of a wine Mercedes Benz C240 - just wow!

5. Extra nuggets on Mercedes Benz models

5.1. Mercedes-Benz C Class

The first production of C-Class started in 1993. The manufacture of these compact executive cars takes place in Bremen Germany and some other locations around the world. The C-Class was the smallest model of the Benz family up until the production of the W168 A-Class which arrived 4 years later.

The first generation of the C-Class sedan called W202 was manufactured 1st June 1993 while the second generation W203 was produced 7 years later. It was this same period the sedan came out with a V6 petrol engine and later a V6 diesel engine. Both employed rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive automobile layouts.


The exquisite beauty of the Mercedes Benz C-class 2018!

5.2. The remarkable achievements of the Mercedes Benz

The most successful year of the Mercedes Benz was in 2017 when the company sold 2.3 million cars all over the world. What led to this rise in sales was the growth of the SUVs, C-Class Saloon and E-Class saloon while they maintained their market leadership status in major markets like USA and Germany. They have won the award for being the best premium brand of automobiles in the world for the second year running. China is actually paying off for the Mercedes brand because the bulk of their sales was made in the Chinese market. China was the strongest and largest market for the C-Class.


Bigger, Techier, and Fancier - nothing can stop Benz in ruling the auto world

5.3. Mercedes Benz models: which is the most favoured?

It has been known that Benz lovers prefer the new Mercedes Benz 2018 AMG because of the new state of the art tech that comes with it.

The AMG comes with a 503 hp with 4.0L V8 Biturbo engine, for better performance and packaging, its V8 twin turbo's are installed inside the 'V' of the engine, it can sprint from 0 to 60 seconds in 3.9 seconds. We still have more for you about this beast so don't dull. The performance of the AMG is aided by the AMG Sport Exhaust system it comes with which also allows it generate the AMG sound which you can escalate with a push of a button.


The brilliance of the AMG body styling

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6. Mercedes Benz Nigeria - Mercedes Dealerships in Lagos

Mercedes Benz is one of the most popularly used automobiles in Nigeria, especially among the youths. So its safe to say you can find your Mercedes dealership easily and anywhere in Nigeria, but if you can't do the searching, trust Naijauto to give you what you want!

  • Wonderwheels Automobiles

Address: 90B Opebi rd, Maryland, Ikeja

Phone: 0806 602 2639

  • M-B Automobile services limited

Address: The Mercedes-Benz Centre, Gottlieb Daimler Road 3rd Roundabout - Lekki – Epe Expressway, Lekki- Lagos

Phone: 0909 000 9901

  • Weststar Associates limited ( Mercedes Benz Nigeria )

Address: Prince Samuel Adedoyin Str, off Gottlieb Daimler road, Lagos, Expressway, Ikate Bustop, Lekki

Phone: 0809 999 8375

  • Globe Motors

Address: 635 Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos

Phone: 0802 342 3438

  • R.T. Briscoe Nigeria PLC

Address: 18 Fatai Atere Way, Matori, Oshodi, Lagos

Phone: 0703 868 8304

  • Kia Motors Nigeria showroom Isolo

Address: Oshodi Apapa Express way, Isolo 100001, Lagos

Phone: 0805 535 9999

  • BRAS Motors

Address: Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Phone: 01 774 6666

7. Conclusion

The Mercedes claimed the 30th place in a Fortune 100. This shows that the splendid carmaker also follows a user-friendly scheme.

Meanwhile, the C-Class is the most in-demand model among all other Mercedes Benz products, most especially the C-Class Saloon and Estate.

Utilizing the cheap labor source and abundant materials in China for the manufacturing doesn't mean the Mercedes Benz C240 price in Nigeria comes cheap. However, you have plenty of other options when buying Tokunbo or locally used units. Take time and enjoy shopping on!

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