Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria, review & used car buying guide

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1. Overview of Lexus IS 250

As first introduced under the code name XE10 in 1990, the Lexus has been through 3 generations with each one of which came with a total improvement in design. Though all three-gen models bring the car brand different success that built up its reputation over time, today, let's just give the spotlight for the second generation which was unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, being codenamed XE20 and officially named the Lexus IS 250.


3 generations of the Lexus IS 250 has all brought home success

The Lexus IS 250 was put into production between 2005 and 2013 during which two more chassis were introduced as well. Notably, this was marked the latest Lexus finesse design to be introduced. Above all, all these upgrades in the IS 250 make sure the passengers are put at the highest safety level. So below is more about the Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria, review, and buying guide brought to you by - the biggest car website in Nigeria!

But first of all, we summarise it here some outstanding pros and cons of Lexus IS 250 for a quick look before we go into details of each feature!

Brief evaluation of Lexus IS 250  
Advantages Disadvantages
  • High safety features

  • Good steering wheel handling
  • Seat comfort

  • Very reliable with second-hand value

  • Attractive body styling

  • Braking noise

  • Consumes more fuel than a regular compact sedan

  • Low internal storage

  • Small rear leg room

  • Cabin noise

2. Prices of the Lexus IS 250 in Nigeria

This section will give you a guide price range on brand-new, Foreign used or Tokunbo and Nigerian-used Lexus IS 250 for planning a budget whenever you are ready to purchase the car.

2.1. Prices of brand new Lexus IS 250 in Nigeria

Beginning with the brand-new Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria, there may be few of this kind of cars available for sale in Nigeria since the luxury offered by this model is not fully packed for executive class. However, the well-to-do middle-class people would prefer to buy it as a foreign used car.

Brand-new Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria

Model Price

2010 Lexus IS 250

₦7 million - ₦10 million

2011 Lexus IS 250

₦9 million - ₦11.8 million

2012 Lexus IS 250 ₦10.5 million - ₦13 million
2013 Lexus IS 250 ₦11 million - ₦15 million
2014 Lexus IS 250 ₦12.5 million - ₦15 million

2015 Lexus IS 250

₦14 million - ₦17.5 million

2.2. Prices of Tokunbo Lexus IS 250 in Nigeria

This section features more of the kind of vehicles that saturate the Nigerian automobile market; it is for the customers of mid-level luxury vehicles are not as affluent as those who go for the brand-new. Let us go right into it and show you how the market views the Lexus IS 250 through pricing:

Foreign-used Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria

Model Price

Tokunbo 2006 Lexus IS 250

₦2 million - ₦3 million

Tokunbo 2007 Lexus IS 250

₦2.5 million - ₦4.5 million

Tokunbo 2008 Lexus IS 250

₦3 million - ₦4.8 million

Tokunbo 2009 Lexus IS 250

₦3.25 million - ₦6 million

Tokunbo 2010 Lexus IS 250

₦6.5 million - ₦8 million

Tokunbo 2011 Lexus IS 250

₦7 million - ₦9.5 million

Tokunbo 2012 Lexus IS 250 ₦8.5 million - ₦13 million
Tokunbo 2013 Lexus IS 250 ₦10 million - ₦13.5 million
Tokunbo 2014 Lexus IS 250 ₦10 million - ₦15 million

Tokunbo 2015 Lexus IS 250

₦12.5 million - ₦15 million


The sports car appearance is a plus for the Lexus IS 250

2.3. Prices of Nigerian used Lexus IS 250 in Nigeria

Nigerian-used Lexus IS 250 prices in Nigeria feature the least cost of the car in the market since they are all locally-used; the prices vary according to the location of use and year of production of the particular car.

Nigerian-used Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria

Model Price

Nigerian-used 2006 Lexus IS 250

₦1.8 million - ₦3 million

Nigerian-used 2007 Lexus IS 250

₦2 million - ₦3.5 million

Nigerian-used 2008 Lexus IS 250

₦2.2 million - ₦3.5 million

Nigerian-used 2009 Lexus IS 250

₦2.5 million - ₦5 million

Nigerian-used 2010 Lexus IS 250

₦3.3 million - ₦5.7 million

Nigerian-used 2011 Lexus IS 250

₦4.5 million - ₦7.8 million

Nigerian-used 2012 Lexus IS 250

₦7 million - ₦9 million

Nigerian-used 2013 Lexus IS 250

₦7 million - ₦9.5 million

Nigerian-used 2014 Lexus IS 250

₦8 million - ₦11 million

Nigerian-used 2015 Lexus IS 250

₦10 million - ₦12.5 million

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3. Lexus IS 250 exterior & interior design

The Lexus IS 250 was shaped a 4-door sedan that features fastback profile, smooth coupe-like contours, an arrowhead motif at the side windows and front fascia. The car belongs to the compact executive car class which has a set of highly sensitive automatic headlamps. Coming with the appearance of a sports car, its body style is a plus to the overall impressive rating. Aside from that, it is a portable vehicle that can easily manuever around the corners.


The Lexus IS 250 offers adequate cargo space for your stuff

The Lexus IS 250 brought out distinctive qualities from the previous generations with the matte finished dashboard featuring the steering and entertainment controls, as well as air conditioning. Along with these, the car interior boasts of high-end automotive technologies listed down below:

  • Memory leather seat

  • First aid kit

  • LED interior lighting accents

  • Temperature gauge for the surrounding

  • Automatic climate control

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Instrument display lighting

  • Six-CD entertainment system and several other features.

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The safety of occupants was really put much thought of

4. Lexus IS 250 engine performance

The Lexus IS 250 comes with a 2.5 liter V6 petrol engine, producing 205 hp and a torque of 186Ib-ft at 4,600 rpm, which means it is capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds. Likewise, this car can hit a top speed of 260km/h with its 6-speed automatic and manual transmission system for RWD drivetrain and 6-speed automatic transmission system of AWD drivetrain.

Fans of the Lexus IS 250 would never forget the facelift version introduced in 2008 which saw a tremendous improvement in the steering and suspension. For this, the car gained more stability and control over the steering wheel.


The Lexus IS 250 runs on a V6 engine

According to the design of the second generation, The Lexus IS 250 was available in two trims adopting rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive layout. The fuel economy for the Lexus IS 250 is around 24mpg on an average for the RWD and something around 25mpg for the AWD.

Also, the luxury vehicle comes equipped with the safety features listed below:

  • Multiple airbags system

  • Pre-collision system (PCS)

  • Stability control system

  • Blindspot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) which helps to maintain steering control while braking

  • Automatic tighten seat belt pretensioners.


The car belongs to the compact executive car class which has a set of highly sensitive automatic headlamps

The Lexus IS 250 has other extra features which include;

  • Smart Access keyless entry with push to start button

  • Backup cameras with touch screen navigation

  • Cruise Control system

  • Power moonroof

  • Reverse camera

  • Heated leather-wrapped steering wheels

  • 18 inches rims and tires

  • Ventilated seat

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5. Lexus IS 250 car buying guide in Nigeria

5.1. What to look for when buying used Lexus IS 250 in Nigeria

Buying a used car in Nigeria needs some level of carefulness because the sellers usually have various reasons as to why they want to sell the vehicle. There could be faults which do not appear obvious initially, so the buyer has to look closely.

  • Go on a test drive with a trustworthy mechanic to ascertain overall car wellness

  • Check for scratches, leakages, and rust on the body of the car 

  • Observe vehicles for abnormal sounds

  • Check exhaust pipe for abnormal smoking

  • Inspect the interior for airbags, seatbelts and basic comfort equipment.

5.2. Where to buy the LEXUS IS 250 in Nigeria

Check out these car listing locations and dealers in Nigeria to purchase the Lexus IS 250;






  • Jamil motors - Lagos and Port Harcourt

  • (e-Auction Vehicle)

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Video: Lexus IS saloon 2006 - 2013 review - CarBuyer

6. Conclusion

The Lexus brand is a company known for manufacturing luxury vehicles; this brand is a split-up of the Japanese automaker Toyota and can be seen as a subsidiary of Toyota. The Lexus brand has also done greatly in winning the heart of the Nigerian automobile market due to its reliability and durable characteristics. These traits have been picked up from the company’s experience with Toyota cars; with proper maintenance discipline, a Lexus vehicle can serve for about 15 years.

We will conclude with some of the rivals of the Lexus IS 250 in the Nigerian market, so find the list below;

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class (Checkout Reviews: C200, C230, & C240)

  • Audi A4

  • Cadillac ATS

  • BMW 3 series

Lexus beats most of these competitors with their improved handling stability, the IS 250 was rated class-leading steering with driver selectable performance. They hold the award for the overall five star in Road safety test and a very good choice for a family car due to its safety.

Besides this Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria, review, and used car buying guide, you can read more car prices and car reviews on

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