Lexus GX470 & GX460 prices in Nigeria (Update in 2020)

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In this article, you can find latest updates of Lexus GX470 & GX460 prices in Nigerian market, including brand new, Tokunbo and locally used cars.

1. A brief overview of Lexus GX series

Almost everyone has ever heard of Toyota at least one time, which is one of the most reliable brand in automotive industry. Lexus, a luxury division of this car manufacturer, is no less renowned for its stylish and high-performance products. Not only are these cars of Japan favored for their durability but they also boast sophisticated styling designs inside out.

Lexus GX460 front look

Lexus GX series inherit the durability and powerful performance from Toyota line-up

Lexus GX standing for Grand Crossover is placed between the RX crossover and full-size off-road vehicles - LX SUVs. It was built mostly based on the platform of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with four-wheel drive layout and powered by Toyota's 4.7l, 32-valve, 4-cam 2UZ-DE V8 engine. This series was first introduced in 2002 with the release of Lexus GX470.

Right after its launch, this luxury mid-sized SUV became a hit in auto markets across the globe, and the Nigerian market is not an exception. With eye-catching body styling features and comfy interiors, GX470 has remained a popular brand in the Nigerian market till date. However, the production of this automobile model came to a stop in 2009, paving the way to the arrival of its descendent – Lexus GX460. Based on the previous platform for GX470, Lexus GX460 develops more automotive technologies to enhance its top-notch quality, aesthetic highlights and performance durability. Worth of note, GX460 incorporates new, highly-appreciated safety features including Pre-Collision System, lane departure warning system, Driver Monitoring System, and Lexus Enform with Safety Connect telematics.

So, after a rather long introduction, now we all wonder “How much is a Lexus GX470 or GX460?

Keep calm and scroll down, its price list are just right beneath this picture!

Lexus GX470 angular rear

GX470 has remained a popular brand in the Nigerian market till date

2. Lexus GX460 & GX470 prices in Nigeria

As mentioned above, Lexus GX470 has stopped its production in 2009. It’s impossible to obtain a brand new unit on the market now. However, this series remains among most sold vehicles of GX line-up. Its long-lasting performance and styling outlook is clearly undeniable, so buying a foreign used (Tokunbo) or locally used is worth-considering.

Another thing to mention is that Lexus GX460 is the current version of this series, which can be found in brand new condition. This all-wheel-drive vehicle series measures 4,856 mm in length, 1,933 mm in width, and has a wheelbase of 2,850 mm. Its curb weight is 2,452 kg in total.

Below are the updated price list of new Lexus GX460, also the latest Lexus GX470 prices in Nigeria, including Tokunbo and Nigerian used cars.

2.1. Brand new Lexus GX460 price list in Nigeria

When buying a brand new Lexus GX460, you may see some differences in the price of each unit. This is due to the changes in currency exchange rate, years of production as well as some other factors.

Prices of Brand new Lexus GX460 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Brand new Lexus GX460 2010 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000
Brand new Lexus GX460 2011 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000
Brand new Lexus GX460 2012 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000
Brand new Lexus GX460 2013 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000
Brand new Lexus GX460 2014 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000
Brand new Lexus GX460 2015 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000
Brand new Lexus GX460 2016 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000
Brand new Lexus GX460 2017 price  N25,000,000 – N42,000,000

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2.2. Tokunbo (foreign used) Lexus GX470 prices in Nigeria

Though you cannot find a brand new GX470 throughout the entire national market, foreign used units are popular these days. For Nigerian drivers, there’s no problem driving a Tokunbo as foreign used cars have become a familiar term and are confirmed their stability. Many are more willing to buy a Tokunbo than a brand new version. Overall, Lexus are truly favoured in this market, that’s why foreign used Lexus GX470 for sale are often hunted for.

Foreign used cars in Nigeria

Foreign used cars are popular in Nigeria

Before coming to its price list, please be noted that the price may vary from case to case due to slight differences in currency exchange rate, car condition (though it’s usually not an issue for Tokunbo cars), custom clearance charges and production year.

Prices of Tokunbo (foreign-used Lexus GX470 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
 Foreign used Lexus GX470 2002 price  N3,500,000 – N5,500,000
Foreign used Lexus GX470 2003 price N3,500,000 – N5,500,000
Foreign used Lexus GX470 2004 price N3,500,000 – N5,500,000
Foreign used Lexus GX470 2005 price N3,500,000 – N5,500,000
 Foreign used Lexus GX470 2006 price   N6,000,000 – N9,000,000
Foreign used Lexus GX470 2007 price  N6,000,000 – N9,000,000
Foreign used Lexus GX470 2008 price  N6,000,000 – N9,000,000
Foreign used Lexus GX470 2009 price  N6,000,000 – N9,000,000

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2.3. Locally (Nigerian) used Lexus GX470 prices in Nigeria

Because buying a brand new Lexus GX470 is now impossible due to its stop in manufacture in 2009, finding a locally used unit is not a bad idea. However, unlike Tokunbo (foreign used) cars, you should look through car condition carefully before coming to an agreeable price. Having said that, you can quite be sure Lexus GX470 has a remarkable durability, therefore, the car condition may just vary a little bit. Also, the cost may lower or add up due to differences in fuel mileage, production year and some other factors.

Prices of Locally (Nigerian) used Lexus GX470 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
 Locally used Lexus GX470 2002 price  N3,000,000 – N4,000,000
Locally used Lexus GX470 2003 price  N3,000,000 – N4,000,000
Locally used Lexus GX470 2004 price  N3,000,000 – N4,000,000
 Locally used Lexus GX470 2005 price  N3,000,000 – N4,000,000
 Locally used Lexus GX470 2006 price  N3,200,000 – N6,000,000
 Locally used Lexus GX470 2007 price  N3,200,000 – N6,000,000
 Locally used Lexus GX470 2008 price  N3,200,000 – N6,000,000
 Locally used Lexus GX470 2009 price  N3,200,000 – N6,000,000

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3. A bit more about Lexus GX470

Not long after its introduction in January 2002, Lexus GX470 had been warmly welcomed in Nigerian market for its high performance regarding local weathers and terrains. The first product was officially rolled out for sale nearly one year later, bearing many resemblances to Toyota 4Runner but with more hi-class frills. Its appearance also gives out a sense of reliability, which can ensure driver’s safety and comfort under all circumstances. Inside its cabin is stylish decoration with 3 spacious seating rows to accommodate up to 8 passengers.

Lexus GX470 seat arrangement

A GX470 can house up to 8 passengers at once

According to annual customer surveys, Lexus GX470 is rated among the most efficient, durable and strongest products of Lexus mid-sized luxury SUV line-up. It can also be considered a reference point for other designs of the same segment in the vehicle industry in general. Employing 4.7L V8 engine, same as the larger LX 470, the first generation of Lexus GX also follows standard permanent 4-wheel-drive system mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission with a center locking Torsen differential. Thanks to these power features, this car can produce 235 hp and 434 Nm at max.

Over the time it presents on the auto market, GX470 has proved its utmost concern about users’ experience with constant progress in upgrading safety features or driving assistance gadgets. Downhill or Hill-Start Assist Control, Kinetic (or Optical) Dynamic Suspension system, Bluetooth compatibility, side curtain airbags, climate control, navigation systems and tire pressure monitoring system are just some worth-mentioning traits.

Lexus GX470 with modern equipment

Many cutting-edged technologies have been applied to this model

Considering all merits above, this design totally deserves various awards given, namely “Four Wheel of the Year” from Four Wheeler Magazine in both 2003 and 2004, “Automobile Magazine All Star” in the segment of mid-sized sport utility vehicles in 2003.

However, Lexus has replaced the manufacture of GX470 with their next generation – GX460 in 2009. Regardless of numerous changes in bodyworks, this version still maintains its leading quality, firmness on the ground as well as luxury exterior and interior design.

The only one thing that may not render Lexus GX470 the best on-road vehicle in Nigeria is its unimpressive fuel economy, high weight and limited space efficiency. At the time this model on sale, a variety of SUV models from different carmakers were also put in production, namely Nissan Xterra debuted in 2000. That’s why market competitiveness was one of the reasons forcing Lexus to change their strategies to research and develop the new GX460.

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4. Lexus GX470 & GX460 review

4.1. Lexus GX470 & GX460 strong points

  • Ruggedness and high efficiency: owing to its 4.7L V8 in GX470 then 4.6L V8 powertrain in GX460, these models are positioned at top of the list for mid-size SUVs. Its ability to properly handle as well as powerful engine shows no need to complain about.
  • Little noise: This feature is surely a good news for many people who might get easily annoyed by engine sounds. Even when the car is revving, it remains surprisingly quiet. This helps to distinguish Lexus cars from other four-wheeled vehicles of the same category.
  • Outstanding safety features: Of course drivers should care about their safety first. Such technologies as automatic braking system, electronic stability control or optional rear backup camera should be highly appreciated.
  • Aesthetic status: Clearly, these luxury SUVs own a simple but impressive styling design. Their catching appearance is always a point to consider for those searching for a perfect SUV.

A quick drive in Lexus GX470

4.2. Lexus GX470 & GX460 drawbacks

Needless to say, nothing is flawless. Neither are Lexus GX children. Despite having a remarkable V8 engine to produce top power, its fuel economy might fail the expectations of various customers. Considering there’re quite a good few SUVs performing well with acceptable fuel mileage (for example recent generations of Nissan Pathfinder), Lexus GX470 & Lexus GX460 might lose considerable points in this field.

5. Conclusion

All in all, Lexus GX470 & Lexus GX460 prices in Nigeria vary from brand new, foreign used and locally used units. When buying these luxury vehicles, please pay attention to car condition, currency exchange rate and custom clearance charges if have. Though used cars might not be compared to brand new units for certain aspects, you can trust in durable automobile layouts as well as remarkable transportation engineering technologies from this automaker. Driving a Lexus, either old or new, will never fall short of your expectations. Don’t forget to check Nigeria car prices on Naijauto to update latest changes.

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