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1. Overview of Lexus ES 300

The Toyota manufacturer is renowned for what it offers—quality, always; and so is its progeny Lexus. Headquartered in Japan, Lexus has its market in 70+ countries globally, including Nigeria. The brand was developed from a corporate project. Toyota aimed to introduce to the world compact executive and mid-size luxury cars, which started in 1983 and ended with the Lexus LS flagship model in 1989.

As gathered by, the Lexus ES Series was launched in 1989 at the North American International Auto Show with ES 250 as its maiden model. It was developed to complement the LS series, driven by the Camry’s 6-cylinder 2.5 liter engine which develops 156 hp.


Sharing the body styling with the Toyota Windom, the ES 300 came out as a Lexus model in 1991

With design patents finalized as the year ends in 1988, the second generation Lexus ES (XV 10) which shared aesthetics with the Toyota Windom was announced in Japan in September 1991 as an entry-level luxury car and was renamed the ES 300 to indicate the boost in engine displacement from 2.5 liters to 3.0 liters. The Lexus ES 300 price in Nigeria, consequently, was lifted up thanks to the obviously bigger and more rounded figure than that of its forerunner with 5 inches and 3 inches in length and width respectively and more that we will discover today.


Each time getting upgraded, the total length got a little stretched

2. Prices of Lexus ES 300 in Nigeria

2.1. Prices of Lexus ES 300 1991 - 1996 in Nigeria (ES XV 10)

The second-generation ES (XV 10) was produced from 1991-1996. The half-liter increase to 3.0 liter was not the only upgrade the ES 300 received. It received a total redesign that featured no-frame window doors and an invisible B-pillar on the side profile. There was an increase in comfort for legroom as the car stretched in length and width (5 inches and 3 inches respectively). On the flip side, an update on the body frame added the car's weight which was 90 kg heavier than the predecessor.

The front-wheel-drive vehicle production was kicked off on September 9, 1991, and with the executive sedan going on sale the same year in America. It was not marketed in Europe as the Continent has been fully treated with other Toyota models, which is why you could hardly find a tokunbo 2nd-gen ES series from the Old Continent. This move turned out to lead the ES series to a major success in sales, peaking the highest sales figure a Lexus model's ever achieved.

To keep the success on the way up, Lexus brought a passenger airbag to all the ES 300 models as standard equipment in 1993. 2 years later, a Coach Edition emerged offering a Coach leather trim and Coach luggage package, which boosted the 20% of sales compared to the previous year.


You can see the original ES 300 model looks like the Japanese local market Toyota Windom

 Prices of Lexus ES 300 1991 - 1996 in Nigeria
 Model  Price
Brand new Lexus ES 300 1991 - 1992 ₦2,000,000 – ₦2,500,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 1991 - 1992 ₦600,000 – ₦700,000
Nigerian used ES 300 1991 - 1992 ₦350,000 – ₦400,000
Brand new Lexus ES 300 1993 - 1994 ₦2,200,000 – ₦2,500,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 1993 - 1994 ₦700,000 – ₦750,000
Nigerian used Lexus ES 300 1993 - 1994 ₦400,000 – ₦450,000
Brand new Lexus ES 300 1995 - 1996 ₦2,700,000 – ₦3,500,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 1995 - 1996 ₦750,000 – ₦850,000
Nigerian used Lexus ES 300 1995 - 1996 ₦450,000 – ₦500,000

2.1. Prices of Lexus ES 300 1996 - 2001 in Nigeria (ES XV 20)

As production of the XV20 series started in 1996 and ended in 2001, upgrades applied to the ES 300 this period included an electroluminescent instrument panel, walnut trim, automatic climate control, heated outside mirrors, and leather seats. A premium sound system, electrically powered moonroof, and heated seats are options in higher trims.

This generation even continued to keep the car longer with the length increased by 2.4 inches. It's a different story about the weight which had been reduced. Now coming into the cabin, something that hits right to your attention is a new electroluminescent Lexus Optitron instrument panel. Riding promises more fun with the power moonroof.


The third generation, however, reduced the weight

 Prices of Lexus ES 300 1996 - 2001 in Nigeria
 Model  Price
Brand new Lexus ES 300 1996 - 1997 ₦2,500,000 – ₦2,800,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 1996 - 1997 ₦700,000 – ₦800,000
Nigerian used Lexus ES 300 1996 - 1997 ₦450,000 – ₦500,000
Brand new Lexus ES 300 1998 - 1999 ₦2,800,000 – ₦3,200,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 1998 - 1999 ₦800,000 – ₦850,000
Nigerian used Lexus ES 300 1998 - 1999 ₦500,000 – ₦650,000
Brand new Lexus ES 300 2000 - 2001 ₦3,200,000 – ₦3,800,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 2000 - 2001 ₦900,000 – ₦1,500,000
Nigerian used Lexus ES 300 2000 - 2001 ₦650,000 – ₦800,000

2.2. Prices of Lexus ES 300 2001 - 2004 in Nigeria (ES XV 30)

The fourth-generation ES 300 made its debut in the middle of 2001 as the 2002 model. Receiving a more upscale appearance and an interior design that provides a feeling of luxury, the more aerodynamic ES 300 XV 30 series was produced from the year 2001 – 2004. To be specific, the doors, center console, and dashboard come with California Walnut wood trim designs. Other features include an electric rear sunblind, chrome door handles, fog lights, and auto-tilt rearview mirrors when car is in reverse. With all those upgrades earned the car five-star ratings for the MHTSA crash test in 2003.


This generation proves the model is one of the safest cars on earth

Prices of Lexus ES 300 2001 - 2004 in Nigeria  
 Model  Price
Brand new Lexus ES 300 2001 - 2002 ₦3,500,000 – ₦4,500,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 2001 - 2002 ₦1,500,000 – ₦1,700,000
Nigerian used Lexus ES 300 2001 - 2002 ₦1,300,000 – ₦1,500,000
Brand new Lexus ES 300 2003 - 2004 ₦4,500,000 – ₦5,200,000
Tokunbo Lexus ES 300 2003 - 2004 ₦1,800,000 – ₦2,200,000
Nigerian used Lexus ES 300 2003 - 2004 ₦1,700,000 – ₦2,000,000
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3. Brief review of Lexus ES 300

From the start of the ES production, Lexus placed emphasis on aspects such as drive experience, noiselessness, and interior features to make sure the ES series deliver comfort and luxury—the two things they originally aimed to achieve.


Lexus cars are known for their durability like any Toyota model

The Lexus ES 300 mid-size sedan offers an experience that suits drivers who are looking for a car that blends consistency and comfort without breaking the bank. The ES 300 model production spanned from 1991 to 2003, making up the second to fourth generations of the ES series. It was succeeded by the ES 330 which was given an upgrade to a 3.3-liter engine that develops 218 hp of power.


Most buyers choose a black painting because it comes with luxury

Pros and cons of the Lexus ES 300

In general, these are some advantages and disadvantages of Lexus ES 300. Please check them below for your reference!

Advantages of Lexus ES 300:

  • Noiseless engine
  • Interior comfort
  • Navigation and Mark Levison sound system (2002 model and later)

Disadvantages of Lexus ES 300:

  • Needs more power for better acceleration
  • Deeper bucket seat bottom

Video: 1998 Lexus ES300 3.0 L V6 Review

4. Notes when buying used Lexus ES 300 in Nigeria

When buying a used Lexus ES 300, you should look out for belts and hoses.

It is also strongly advised for a buyer to change some engine components, such as valve cover gaskets and fuel filter.

Change of transmission fluid and gasket is pre-emptive maintenance that may save you a whole lot of headaches and unpleasant failures.


The interior is furnished with walnut wood (in certain trims)

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5. About Lexus brand in Nigeria

Just like her mother company Toyota, Lexus is a reliable brand that will give you peace of mind and save you the money you should have used on maintenance, which explains why it is one of the 10 biggest Japanese international brands and appears in over 70 countries and territories.

Brought to Nigeria, Lexus, though badged a luxury brand, become one of the most popular brands on the roads with most of its vehicles are imported as Tokunbo alternatives via shipping, which helps the prices become more affordable for car enthusiasts who love luxury, fun, and reliability.


Lexus cars, either new or used, are frequently hunted by Naija people

6. Conclusion

Just as what a typical Nigerian asks for, Lexus brought to us the choice that no one would refuse: luxury at affordable prices. It is the Lexus ES 300 price in Nigeria that would be magnetic to all car buyers. More than just the affordability, it is the reliability that inherits from its mother company Toyota. What do you ask more?

If you are looking to buy the Lexus ES 300 for sale, click here to see all listings on!

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