Latest prices of Hyundai i10 in Nigeria - Get your money's worth (Update in 2020)

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The article presents the updated prices of Hyundai i10 in Nigerian market (both brand new and used units), also giving objective evaluations over the model.

1. A brief overview on the Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 is compact city cars of South Korean automaker – Hyundai Motor Company. The product introduction took place in October, 2007 in India, which was the target market of i10 series.

Current Hyundai i10 is of the second generation. The first gen was produced from 2007 to 2013 while its successor launched the following year remains popular till date.

Initial models, also known as Dodge i10, are in the form of a 5-door hatchback, emphasized with gaping air dam, stylish pulled-back headlamps and fog lamps with clear lens included. Also, the boot space can be released with a chrome lined handle on the tailgate. In addition, an integrated roof spoiler is available in top-end variants. This design is placed between its 2 predecessors Hyundai Santro and Hyundai Getz.

2 Hyundai Grand i10 cars

Hyundai i10 has gone through 2 generations

The first-gen i10 shares the same 1.1L iRDE 4-cylinder engine with Kia Picanto which produces 66 PS at max but has lower carbon dioxide emissions.

After India, i10 also presented itself in the European market with different powertrain variants, ranging from 1.2L gasoline Kappa engine to 1.1L 3-cylinder diesel CRDi. Some upgrades are accordingly introduced in certain models as well, namely electronic stability control in UK-spec cars.

The second generation of i10 is launched under the names of Hyundai Grand i10, Hyundai Grand i10X (crossover variant of i10) or Hyundai Xcent (for sedan layout).

Most new i10 products sold today in Nigerian market belong to this gen with 2 gearbox options: either automatic or manual transmission. However, such original features as ABS (anti-lock braking system) or EBD (electronic brake force distribution) are absent in current standard models. Driver and passenger airbags are also optional. Hyundai i10 is competing directly with such popular models from other brands as Suzuki Swift and Mitsubishi Mirage.

As the Hyundai i10 prices in Nigeria is always of interest to Nigerian car buyers, we compile its fair market prices, covering brand-new, tokunbo (foreign used) and locally used units in this article. Read on and check out.

The on-end battle of Hyundai Grand i10 versus Suzuki Swift

2. Hyundai i10 prices in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Hyundai i10 can be bought in both brand new and used cars. Prices vary greatly, not just due to the car condition, but also for the production year, fuel mileage and custom clearance tariffs.

Brand new Hyundai i10 prices in Nigeria 
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Brand new Hyundai i10.3 9 million – 11 million
Foreign used (Tokunbo) Hyundai i10 in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Foreign used (Tokunbo) Hyundai i10 2007 - 2010 750,000 – 2 million
Foreign used (Tokunbo) Hyundai i10 2011 - 2014 800,000 - 2.2 million
Locally (Nigerian) used Hyundai i10 prices in Nigeria
Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Locally (Nigerian) used Hyundai i10 2007 - 2010 600,000 – 1 million
Locally (Nigerian) used Hyundai i10 2011 - 2012 650,000 - 1.1 million

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3. Why do we recommend Hyundai i10 for Nigerian drivers?

Hyundai i10 is truly a practical car for Nigerian drivers. Besides its compact body style easy to drive through various routes, these front-wheel-drive vehicles also showcase a worth-noticing fuel economy. Moreover, this product boasts an environment-friendly engine with low CO2 emissions compared to other cars using the same powertrain option.

Particularly, Hyundai i10 is the first small car in its aimed market to have variable valve timing gadget VTVT paired with the Kappa engine. In fact, Honda Jazz is installed an i-VTEC head with similar functions but it belongs to the higher segment.

a white Hyundai i10 running on road

Hyundai i10 has a high fuel economy rating

Other merits include:

  • Adjustable seats: No surprise but this should be a must when finding a car to purchase. How can you feel most comfortable while you can’t fully stretch your legs out?
  • Smart key option: For keyless entry, Hyundai i10 offers smart key functionality. All that is the manufacturer’s efforts to enhance user experience.
  • Reliable air conditioning system: Talking about Hyundai, people can be assured of what the company promises to do. Especially under the scorching hot weather as in Nigeria, this feature is clearly an advantage.
  • Small car with large capacity: An i10 can accommodate 5 adults while its fuel tank has a capacity of 35 litres.
  • Harmonious styling: Not gaudy or fancy at all, Hyundai cars stay tuned with simple beauty from the outside to interiors. At first glance, i10 gives out a sense of smart cutesy shape. Closer look inside reveals a dual-tone cabin with silver accents throughout. Recent addition of new instrument cluster or blue illumination shows encouraging progress in aesthetic design.

Mainstream as it is, Hyundai i10 is exactly what you need for a modest amount of budget but cost-effective engine performance on road. Even the prices of brand new Hyundai i10 cars in Nigeria are lower than some Tokunbo units from luxury brands.

Hyundai i10 car overall design

Go for Hyundai i10 if you choose practicality

4. It's time to conclude

Admittedly, Hyundai i10 can’t be compared with top-notch models with fancy designs or state-of-the-art vehicle technologies. However, driving an i10 on Nigerian roads will worry you nothing at all, from the comfort during trips to performance reliability. Extravagant look of hi-class cars might suit if you are a high maintenance driver but consider carefully whether it is the true value you’re looking for in a private transport within your budget. At the end of the day, practicality is what matters.

Prices of Hyundai i10 in Nigeria is so relaxing to look at, right? Don’t hesitate to get you one on – the leading auto portal in the country. Also, remember to check out the updated price lists of numerous car models here.

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