Lamborghini Gallardo price in Nigeria – the only Lambo you can buy pre-owned in Nigeria (Update in 2020)


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In the Lambo vehicle line-up, Lamborghini Gallardo price tag seems to be the most modest. You can even find used Lamborghini Gallardo for sale in Nigeria.

1. Top 10 facts around Lamborghini Gallardo

Before coming to updated Lamborghini Gallardo prices 2018 in Nigerian naira, let’s look through top highlights around this well-known model collected by

Lamborghini Gallardo was manufactured from 2003 to 2013, following sports car body styles. The production was discontinued in 2013 when the company introduced its successor – Lamborghini Huracan.


Gallardo is named after a fighting bull breed

Below are 10 facts you must know when mentioning Lamborghini Gallardo models:

  • Gallardo is named after a Spanish historic breed of fighting bulls. (Bonus: Miura is also a bull ranch, bred from Gallardo and 4 other breeds)
  • Gallardo is the first Lamborghini’s best seller with 14,022 units produced throughout its life span, outnumbering both Murcielago and Aventador.
  • The last Gallardo was rolled off its production line on exactly November 25, 2013.
  • Only two bodywork styles are available: 2-door coupe and 2-door spyder.
  • The first Gallardos were powered by V10 engine, mated to 2 trademark transmissions: classical H-Box 6-speed manual transmission and renowned Lambo 6-speed E-Gear which allows drivers shift quickly up and down via paddles.
  • Gallardo Coupe can reach up to 520 metric horsepower, equivalent to 382 kW and 513 hp thanks to upgraded suspension and low gearing ratios.


The Gallardo could arrive at the owner's garage in many colors


Lamborghini Gallardo is designed in forms of 2-door coupe and spyder

  • Gallardo’s concept car – Lamborghini Concept S which features speedster body, employing mid-mounted 5.0L V10 engine was only produced 2 units for styling display. One without engine was intentionally exhibited in Lamborghini museum while the other failed to reach its target price in auction.
  • A lighter Gallardo Superleggera used to be introduced with rear diffuser and some other parts covered with carbon fibre, reducing its total dry weight by 100 kg compared to the base model. Superleggera also boasted the styling design of legendary 350 GT by Carrozzeria Touring.
  • Lambo’s distributor – Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A and another organization donated 2 Gallardos for Italian State Police force in 2004. After the car given by Lambo S.p.A was destroyed while performing its duty, Lambo has offered a modern Huracan with uprated gadgets as a replacement.
  • Gallardo once joined FIA GT3 Championship 2007 after being tailored by motorsport specialists Reiter Engineering. These people are the ones to manufacture Murcielago R-GT and Diablo GTR Super Trophy race cars.


Who could resist falling in love with this green Lamborghini Gallardo?

Besides all interesting facts about Gallardo, you might need to know that this model comes with several automobile layouts which are longitudinal, mid-engine, all-wheel-drive (coded LP560-4 and LP570-4) and rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive (named LP550-2) versions.

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2. Lamborghini Gallardo price in Nigerian naira

Among numerous Lamborghini luxury vehicles, Gallardo might be the car fitting budgets of most drivers. Its price range vary greatly from average to hi-class levels, so you can consider configurations, production years with suitable price tags.

Moreover, you can also buy used Lamborghini Gallardo for sale on auto portal online, but pricing is still a huge problem for many.

Now have a look at updated price list below to see “How much is a Lamborghini Gallardo?


Compared to other Lambo models, Gallardo has a quite modest price tag

Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo prices in Nigerian Naira  
 Model  Price in Nigerian Naira
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2004 prices in Nigeria  31 million - 37.8 million
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2005 prices in Nigeria  32.4 million - 39.6 million
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2006 prices in Nigeria  33.9 million - 47.1 million
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2007 prices in Nigeria  37.4 million - 52.1 million
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2008 prices in Nigeria  40.7 million - 67.2 million
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2009 prices in Nigeria  47.7 million - 72 million
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2010 prices in Nigeria  44.7 million - 80.7 million
 Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2011 prices in Nigeria  51.7 million - 83.6 million
Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2012 prices in Nigeria 57.7 million - 92.1 million
Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2013 prices in Nigeria 64.4 million - 102.3 million
Brand new Lamborghini Gallardo 2014 prices in Nigeria 74.6 million - 117.9 million

Not only can you buy a brand new Gallardo but you can also refer to used Gallardo car for sale in Nigeria. However, these cars seem to cost much more than brand new model years 2004-2008.

This is because the price list provided is suggested retail prices by Lamborghini manufacturer. It hasn’t been added certain fees to import or any kinds of tax into any country yet. That’s why the real price to get a Lamborghini Gallardo landing in Nigeria may be doubled or several times higher than the listed pricing.

Foreign used Lamborghini Gallardo prices in Nigeria
 Model  Price in Nigerian Naira
 Foreign used Lamborghini Gallardo prices in Nigeria  78 million – 80 million

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Review

3. To conclude

Needless to say, Lamborghini vehicles are for the well-off but if you are crazy about this luxury sporty, schedule your over-time working hours and tighten your budget from now. Nothing's impossible, neither is your Gallardo!

Above is the latest Lamborghini Gallardo prices in Nigerian naira. Please update any changes in Car Prices and check out thousands of used cars for sale on

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