Kia Rio prices in Nigeria – The pride of South Korean vehicle industry (Update in 2020)

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Replacing the first-gen Kia Pride, Kia Rio rose to become the new pride of this South Korean car manufacturer. Check out Kia Rio price in Nigeria in the post below!

1. Introduction

Kia Rio was rolled out in 2000 with both hatchback and sedan/saloon body styles. The car was designed on FF automobile layout, using front-wheel drive and I4 engines.

Before Kia introduced Rio, the brand was selling Kia Pride (or Kia Avella) which was actually the rebadged Ford Festiva for Korean market. Kia then stopped the production of the Pride and launched Rio models with already 4 generations till now.

a red Kia Rio and sky background

Rio succeeded to become the next-gen Kia’s Pride

No more playing for time, let’s come to the Kia Rio prices in Nigeria in the next section!

2. Kia Rio prices in Nigeria

You can order a brand new Kia Rio 2018 from Kia Motors dealerships throughout the country with a very competitive price. On the other hand, you can also find a vast range of used Kia Rio for sale on both offline and online markets.

Among used cars for sale, Tokunbo Kia Rio is not that easy to find. That's why we could just include here the pricing of certain models which you may encounter when surfing second-hand markets online. Meanwhile, most of Rio pre-owned vehicles are Nigerian used with very low price tags.

a white 2018 Kia Rio

Prices of brand new Kia are even lower than certain used models

2.1. Brand new Kia Rio prices in Nigeria

Brand new Kia Rio prices in Nigeria
Model Price
Brand new Kia Rio 2018 N5.4 million - N7.5 million

2.2 Tokunbo Kia Rio prices in Nigeria

Foreign used Kia Rio prices in Nigeria
Model Price
Tokunbo Kia Rio 2006-2008 N1.5 million - N2 million
Tokunbo Kia Rio 2014 - 2017 N2.5 million - N5 million

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2.3 Nigerian used / Locally used Kia Rio prices in Nigeria

Locally used Kia Rio prices in Nigeria
Model Price
Nigerian used Kia Rio 2003 - 2005 N650,000 - N1 million
Nigerian used Kia Rio 2006 - 2007 N700,000 – N1.2 million
Nigerian used Kia Rio 2008 - 2009 N720,000 – N1.5 million
Nigerian used Kia Rio 2010 - 2012 N1 million – N1.5 million
Nigerian used Kia Rio 2013 - 2015 N1 million - N2.2 million
Nigerian used Kia Rio 2016 - 2017 N2.5 million – N4 million

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3. Transformation of Rio through 4 generations

Rio – the tough first days

The first-gen Rio, when premiered in the US under the name Kia Rio Cinco, had been immediately recognized as the cheapest among mass-produced cars in this country.

Despite its affordable price and quite stylish design, Kia Rio failed to retain its consumers due to the limited quality as well as driving experience.

a white first-gen Kia Rio

Here comes the appearance of first-gen Rio!

In America, Rio models adopted DOHC I4 or four-cylinder gasoline engines to produce 104 hp at max. In the UK and some European markets, the Rio used SOHC four-cylinder/ eight-valve petrol instead but the top speed could only reach 75 hp. Clearly, this number was rather modest compared to other available products at that time.

In 2003, Kia released a facelifted version of Rio which was then produced by SAIPA in Iran for local markets. Though some top of the range models were equipped with such standard safety features as seat belts, airbag or ABS, the Iranian version was not offered ABS or airbags till 2012.

Learning from its sister

The beginning of 2005 witnessed the introduction of second-gen Kia Rio built on similar platform with Hyundai Accent. Powertrain upgrades also share many common features with the product from its sister carmaker – Hyundai Motors Company.

a second-gen Kia Rio front

The second-gen Rio adopted many features from Hyundai Accent

No longer producing wagon bodystyle, Kia designed a new 5-door hatchback to catch up with the trend. A novel style was also applied to both exteriors and interiors, safety content and fuel economy. Power strength was boosted with the addition of a 1.5L turbodiesel mated to either 4-speed automatic gearbox or 5-speed manual transmission.

Hyundai Kia Automotive group intended to release Rio hybrid models in 2007 but the plan had been canceled after the testing on pre-production vehicles by South Korean government.

Kia tiger nose

Distinctive Kia’s Tiger Nose design

The year 2010 marked an improvement in Rio styling when its facelift received new Tiger nose grille besides redesigned steering wheel resembling Kia Soul and Kia Forte. DOHC four-cylinder 16-valve engines were also introduced for more powerful on-road performance.

The warm welcome of success

Thanks to continuous adaptations, third-gen Kia Rio (named Kia K2 in China) welcomed a myriad of achievements.

Engine options varied from Kappa to U-Line; modern drive-assisting systems like Intelligent Stop & Go were unveiled. An exclusive 3-door Rio Sport EX with 50 top-spec European standard was delivered to New Zealand for further marketing.

All that effort has led to the triumph of Rio over Range Rover Evoque and Ford Territory to win 2011 Car of the Year by reputable Carsguide.

third-gen Kia Rio three-quarter look

Kia Rio is finally recognized for its quality

This generation also made a huge lift in safety level when it received 3/5 “Good” ratings from IIHS crash tests along with 5-star overall from Euro NCAP.

Inheriting remarkable merits from the third-generation, current Rio models are having steady progress in its sales worldwide. supposes that we don’t need to discuss much around the forth-gen Rio, let these model pictures say it all for you!

First, take a look at glossy 2018 Kia Rio exteriors:

a 2018 Kia Rio sedan

a 2018 Kia Rio hatchback

Kia Rio model year 2018 comes in traditional sedan and hatchback body styles

Next are 2018 Kia Rio dual-tone interiors!

a 2018 Kia Rio cabin in black and red

The combination of black and red is never outdated

2018 Kia Rio black and red seat covers

The seat covers are also toned to match the overall interior design

2018 Kia Rio cabin in black and grey

A different version covered in smart black and grey

Now, watch the video below to enjoy 2018 Kia Rio performance!

2018 Kia Rio review and road test

4. Conclusion

We must say, the story of Kia Rio illustrates endless efforts are no less important than gifted talents in making great successes. In spite of having a low starting point, Rio has proved its determination and abilities through time, rising to one of the most popular models in many countries, including our nation.

Kia Rio prices in Nigeria or any other market have never let its buyers down. Maintaining its humble price but striving non-stop to better its quality, Kia is surely our favourite.

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