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Overview on Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude is a sports car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda with its first generation of Honda Prelude produced in 1978.

The company used this model to build its Japanese retail sales, and after gaining success, they focused on making an advanced model suitable for the international automobile market.

The name "Prelude" was derived from Toyota’s initial trademark. However, Toyota gave the trademark name to Honda to use. The Honda Prelude was the company’s first model to introduce a power moonroof as standard equipment. the Prelude later used the power moonroof as its trademark and selling point.

However, this model of the Honda Prelude only lasted for five generations, that is, from 1978 to 2001. Above all, let's agree that the short spell of production is enough to engrave in Nigerian car enthusiasts the love this sleek sedan! Now just jump right in our Honda Prelude price in Nigeria review to see what merits as well as demerits this car carries!


The Honda Prelude is one of Nigeria's best selling sedans ever

Nigerian Background of the Honda Prelude

Just like most other Honda vehicles, the Prelude is also in the Nigerian automotive market. Most Honda Preludes come with a 2-door design that was gotten from the Honda Accord design.

Nigerians that love to drive accommodating cars usually consider the Prelude before any other model of Honda Vehicle except for the Civic, and Accord. The Honda Prelude is designed to withstand the hot climate and rough roads of Nigeria. Therefore, the car can navigate comfortably in Nigerian highways. Since Honda stopped producing the Honda Prelude since 2001, Nigeria still beckons on its previous production for commuting.

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Best Honda Prelude Model of all time

When it comes to deciding on car buying, a lot of Nigerians tend to become more confused than ever.

Since most automakers ship in varieties of cars to meet the basic demand of all their customers, most people might end up buying the wrong model. After some years, these motorists may sell out the car out of frustration.

The Honda Prelude comes in different models and shapes. Despite having a 2-door design in all the models, their tech features and body shape still define the difference. Below is the list of best Honda Prelude models that can withstand Nigeria’s weather condition.

1. 1990 Limited Version of Honda Prelude Si State

This model of the Honda Prelude is considered to be one of the best car models Honda has ever made thanks to amazing tech features that enable the users to navigate smoothly in Nigeria’s Highways.

The 1990 Honda Prelude comes with a B21A engine which is a special engine attributed to only Si States Cars. You can check that out in any certified car dealer shop within Nigeria.


The pop-up headlights once "rampaged" the roads!


Still relatively young, the 1990 model of the Honda Prelude was a winner!

2. 1978 Honda Prelude

This model is the first generation of Honda Prelude designed with special features just to captivate the interest of the Japanese Market. Its moon roof became the trademark of the company. This model also has a distinguished headlight. This featured alone, gave the car a significant recognition in the early 80s.


This is the Prelude's first outing. Imagine this 40 odd years ago!

3. 1994 Honda Prelude

This model was produced as the 4th generation of the Honda Prelude in 1994. Most automobile lovers in that year admired this model of the Honda Prelude because of its increased engine capacity. Apart from this, the 1994 Honda Prelude can switch from 4WS to electronic.


A better engine was this model's trump card in 1994 (Photo Credit

4. 1982 Honda Prelude

After the first generation of the Honda Prelude, the company decided to reconstruct the first version in a better version. 1982 Honda Prelude happened to become faster and sportier than the first generation of the Honda Prelude. Despite having a similar shape with the 1978 Honda, the company focused more on its engine transmission and other advanced features.


This is so like the first generation from 1978, but notice the softening lines 

 5. 1997 Honda Prelude Type S

Honda company decided to come different in 1997 by the manufacture of the 5th generation Honda Prelude with standard exterior design. The synthetic materials used in designing its seat makes the 1997 Honda Prelude a special model of this brand.


Did the Prelude catch up with the future in 1997? Seems so!

Exterior Designs of Honda Prelude

  • Every Honda Prelude comes in 2-door coupe design.
  • The wheels of this Honda product are almost the same in every model, and the wheels are connected firmly with alloy knots.
  • Its body shape is unique and it differs in all generations, from boxy to curvy.
  • Honda 1978 has unique headlights that support a smoother night drive. Apart from this model, other generations of Honda Prelude come with special headlights for Night drive.
  • Every Honda Prelude has a tail light, bumper, screen wiper, turn signal light, emergency light LOCATED at a different position.


Wow! The Honda s2000 is said to have replaced the Honda Prelude in 2001

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Interior Design

  • The interior design of Honda Prelude is compatible as it comes with the seating capacity that can accommodate 4 people at a time.
  • Seats of 1997 Honda Prelude are designed with synthetic material, and that makes it unique and special.
  • Honda Prelude has its regulators and switches connected to the dashboard.
  • The car comes with an air vent and airbag to protect you while you drive.
  • Its speedometer, steering, brake system, and coin hole is almost the same.
  • The cargo space of the Honda Prelude is accommodating.


The 1998 Honda Prelude interior is simple and classy

Performance Specification

The performance specification of the Honda Prelude differs from its generation. However, we will use the 2001 Honda Prelude performance specification to give you an insight into the other generations of the Honda Prelude:

  • Drive Type: Front-wheel.
  • Horse Power: 200Hp
  • Turning radius: 18.7
  • Fuel tank Capacity: 15.9
  • Horsepower rpm: 7000
  • Weight base: 101.8
  • Curb: 3042 lb
  • Luggage capacity: 8.7 CU.FT
  • Base engine size: 2.2 liters
  • Torque rpm: 156 Lb.ft 


The Honda Prelude is a strong brand of Honda, and the company invested a lot to ensure that this product wins the hearts of buyers, for this reason, Honda Prelude can navigate comfortably in Nigeria’s highways.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the Honda Prelude ranges from 9.2Km/L to 10.6 Km/L.

Maintenance and cost of spare parts

The maintenance and spare part costs of the Honda Prelude may be different from other models of Honda. Since this model is old in the market, you should be selective when it comes to finding the best mechanic to execute the maintenance services. However, the cost of spare parts and maintenance is relatively affordable.


The brand new Honda Prelude is rare as the car was discontinued as far back as 2001.  But Tokunbo models are rare but available, See more specific pricing here:

Tokunbo Honda Prelude Price in Nigeria
Model Price
Tokunbo Honda Prelude 1994- 2001 ₦250,000 - ₦1,100,000

Local Nigerian used prices here:

Local Nigerian used honda Prelude Price in Nigeria
Model Price

Local Nigerian used Honda Prelude 1994-2001

₦250,000 - ₦450,000

Alternative options

Honda Prelude is not 100 percent reliable. It still comes with its downside. However, you may consider making a choice. You can check out for these alternative Honda products,

Local Dealership

When it comes to buying a Honda vehicle, you should always contact an accredited car dealer. Check here to contact them.

Watch this video to see how suitable for tuning a Honda Prelude is:

All You Need to Know about the Honda Prelude - Are They Good for Tuning or Modding


In conclusion, you should know that the Honda Prelude can withstand the Nigerian environment. Also, it can boost your chances of buying your dream car at a discount price.

You can read more posts like this Honda Prelude price in Nigeria review in our Car Prices section on Hope this helps!

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