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The Honda Legend is a flagship automobile model manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda. The company was aiming to expand its model range above the Honda Accord, and also offer a premium level sedan which would appeal to wealthy middle-aged customers. These latter were the traditional buyers of the Toyota Crown, Mazda Luce, and Nissan Cedric/Gloria.  The Honda Legend price in Nigeria is based on the relative popularity of the model in the country. 

The major mechanical difference between the Honda Legend sedan and the Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan sedans is that the Legend is a front-wheel-drive car. About this choice, Honda stated that it was "quite simply the most logical means to the ends the engineers desired: a true luxury car with a low, aerodynamic hood; a spacious interior with a nearly flat floor, and the superior traction that results from placing the engine and drivetrain transversely over the drive wheels." This provided the Honda Legend with a front-end heavy 63/37 front to rear weight distribution ratio, similar to the NSU Ro 80. 

Surprisingly, this V6-engined executive car has had a long span of up to six generations from 1985 to date, making it one of the oldest Honda models to grace our Nigerian shores.

So now we shall take a look at these various generations and also delve into the models and prices attached to them.

1. First Generation (1985-1990)

In order to turn the Honda Legend into a worthy competitor of the sedans that Nissan, Mazda and Toyota were manufacturing at the time, the Honda Legend sedan was given an upgrade in form of a facelift in 1987 after it was released in 1985. With a 2.5i V6 4AT (173 Hp) engine, an upgrade was done on the trim-level finishing, which made it seem more luxurious. 

These car models are rarely ever seen in the Nigerian market due to their being outdated and because of the rush for newer models.


Honda Legend 1985-1990 is the first generation

2. Second Generation (1990-1996)

This generation of Legend was better equipped with a larger engine than its predecessor, though it continued to offer both the sedan and coupé variants. These Honda Legend models benefited from much of the research and testing done for Honda's new mid-engined high-performance sports car, the Honda NSX. They also had improved collision safety features with passenger-side airbags, with a 3.2i V6 4AT (205 Hp) gasoline engine under the hood.

  • Used red Honda Legend 1995
  • Estimated price: ₦650,000 


Honda Legend 1990-1996 is the second generation

3. Third Generation (1996-2005)

An increase in the engine size to 3.5 liters was this generation's most obvious change even though the horsepower (205hp) remained the same.

It was now based on the platform called E-KA9 by Honda, and with upgrades to all its features. It also received a facelift which was introduced in 1998.

The styling was said to more closely resemble the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and a transponder key security system was offered. Starting with this generation, cabin air filters (also known as pollen filters) were installed as standard equipment and are located behind the glove compartment internationally.

  • Used Honda Legend 2004
  • Estimated price: ₦830,000
  • Used Honda Legend 2002
  • Estimated price: ₦700,000


Honda Legend 1996-2005 is the 3rd generation

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4. Fourth Generation (2005-2008)

This car generation was changed to a four-wheel drivetrain from a front-wheel drive, with a system called "Super Handling All-Wheel Drive" SH-AWD. This earned the Honda Legend the Car Of The Year award in Japan, making it the fourth time in five years that Honda had scooped up the prize.

This model year came equipped with a facelift that didn't bring too many changes, just a couple of body modifications which now included a backup camera at the rear bumper.

Running on a gasoline engine with 3.5L V6 6AT (295 Hp), the VTEC was also added to improve efficiency.

  • Used Honda Legend 3.5i V6 2006 
  • Estimated price: ₦1,900,000  
  • Used Honda Legend 2007 k
  • Estimated price: ₦2,900,000


Honda Legend 2005-2008 model is the fourth generation

5. Fifth Generation (2009-2012)

This new generation responds to customer feedback with regards to the current model.

With a top of the range Honda, it came with a revised facelift which gave it an edge when it was unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show, 2009. The most noticeable change was to the exterior style of the Legend, with new lights, bonnet, front wings, boot lid, bumpers, and the adoption of standard 18" wheels.

Under the hood was a new 3.7L V6 engine placed with VTEC added to the exhaust valves. It was linked to a brand new 5-speed automatic sequential gearbox (295 Hp).

  • Used Honda Legend 2012
  • Estimated price: ₦4,500,000 -  ₦6,000,000
  • Used Honda Legend 2010
  • Estimated price:  ₦3,156,500 -  ₦4,800,000


Honda Legend 2009-2012 is the 5th generation

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6. Sixth Generation (2014- Present)

This generation only comes as a hybrid sedan and is almost a replica of the Acura RLX.

It's a luxury sedan with key features added to it like Jewel LED headlights, a head-up display, and a color display built into the rear center armrest.

There is also a Krell Industries 14-speaker sound system, just to mention a few. It has the same 3.7L V6  gasoline engine as the last generation with 7AT (382 Hp), which is aided by three electric motors, two in the rear and one at the front.


Honda Legend 2014- the present is the sixth and last generation


These are prices for the new Honda Legend:

Brand new Honda Legend Price in Nigeria
Model Price
1985-1990 NA (Not Available)
1991-1996 NA (Not Available)
1997-2005 NA
2006-2008 NA
2009-2012 NA
2014- Present ₦9 million - ₦28.5 million

These are foreign used or tokunbo prices:

Tokunbo Honda Legend Price in Nigeria
Model Price
1985-1990 ₦250,000 - ₦400,000
1991-1996 ₦300,000 -₦450,000
1997-2005 ₦450,000 - ₦1,000,000
2006-2008 ₦1,900,000- ₦2,900,000
2009-2012 ₦3,150,000- ₦6,000,000
2014- Present NA

Local Nigerian used prices here:

Local Nigerian used honda Legend Price in Nigeria
Model Price

Local Nigerian used Honda Prelude 1994-2001

₦250,000 - ₦450,000

Let's take a look at the 2020 Honda Legend below in the video:

2020 Honda Legend | Modern Midsize Sedan

Alternatives and local dealers

Alternatives to the Honda Legend

What are the alternatives to the Honda Legend models? As okay as this car is, you like to consider other cars like these below: 

  • Lexus LS400
  • Audi A6
  • Mercedes Benz CLS
  • Lexus GS

Local dealerships for Honda Legend

A reliable accredited car dealer is always the best when buying a car. This is a list of dealers where you can get great cars.


No doubt there is a constant influx of top-notch cars into Nigeria, and an outstanding quantity of car types made available for purchase, with the Mercedes Benz brand and the many models of the Japanese automobile company, Toyota, such as the Camry, Venza, and Lexus, etc. Even with these taking the lead on present car sales, the Honda Legend is doing relatively well for itself and holding its own as one of the most sought after Honda models in Nigeria. 

Although, those looking to purchase some of the latest models currently in the Japanese market would do well to place orders for overseas importation due to the scarcity of upgraded models in the Nigerian market. This Honda Legend price in Nigeria guide will go a long way towards a great choice for your collection.

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