Honda Insight Price in Nigeria review: Is this queen of compact hybrids?

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The Honda Insight is that car model Honda automotive used to break the norm as the most fuel-efficient land vehicle in the USA. This, of course, was as of 2010.

You will rarely see the Honda Insight in Nigeria because Hybrid technology is just gaining ground in this part of the world. Yes, that's the gist! The Insight is a hybrid compact sedan in production with other Honda vehicles to date. The fact that the hybrid version is rare in Nigeria, though, won't stop us from bringing you the Honda Insight price in Nigeria review.


In 1999, Honda manufactured a production 2-door hatchback car based on the Honda JV-X concept car. This was equipped with the Honda Integrated Motor Assist system. This car was named the Honda insight and it went on to become the most fuel-efficient petrol engine car available at the time. It even beat the Toyota Prius which was produced by Toyota 7 months after the Honda Insight was released.


The first-ever Honda Insight; a 2 door legend

These are the types of cars we need for daily driving even though you have to trade off the ability to transport luggage and more people in the car (this problem was later solved by Honda). Today, we would be looking at this car from the first to the third generation. It is safe to call it a car review. The prices, pros, cons, and all that is there to know about the Honda Insight. 

Watch this road test of the 2019 Honda Insight review to get a feel of what this awesome compact car can do for you:

2019 Honda Insight road test

First Generation Honda Insight Hybrid Review ZE1 (2000 - 2006)


No doubt, this car was heavily inspired by the Honda Civic but it was restricted to a 2 door sub-compact liftback design. Like a proper sports car design, it has only two seats. This car was the most aerodynamic car of its time. Light, small, and streamlined in every angle. The signature of the Insight was the absence of a rear tire wheel arch. It made the car look futuristic.

Interior and features

This car uses a digital speedometer that the Honda Civic later adopted in 2006. The first generation Honda Insight in its first year of production had an optional air condition but from the second year (2001), air conditioning became standard.


The problem of space was a disadvantage of the first Insight

The infotainment was a standard cassette player with a 4-way speaker plus radio. Then in 2004, the Insight got a rear-mounted multiple-disc CD changer that got the car up-to-speed entertainment-wise.

Engine and Performance

The petrol engine is a 67hp 1 liter 3 cylinder engine (very small I know) while the electric motor adds another 13hp from a 10Kw supply that now makes the car drive like a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder sedan. Once the car is idling i.e. at a stop with the engine still running, the engine shuts off to save petrol consumption. This engine is either paired to a 5-speed manual or a CVT automatic transmission.


An advanced digital gauge and the simple interior

Please listen to this: you don't buy the first-generation Honda Insight because you want to speed on the third mainland bridge at night. You buy because you want to save all the money in the world.

Second generation Honda Insight Hybrid Review (ZE2/ZE3) 2010 - 2014


Honda Insight 2010 introduced a new design for the insight after halting production between 2007 and 2009. This was to work on the lack of passenger carrying ability of the first generation Honda Insight. The Honda Insight ZE3 is a 5 door liftback that now conveniently carries 5 people. 


The second-generation Insight looked friendly

This design is very similar to that of the first-generation Toyota Prius Hybrid car. That is really funny because Honda inspired Toyota to create a Hybrid model. Toyota got the design of a family hybrid car right from inception and Honda just had to follow suit.

It's not about doing it first, it is about doing it well. It was still based on the Honda Civic in appearance at the front then the Honda CR-Z at the rear. In 2012, the Insight got a facelift and added air intakes, new headlights/taillights, and refreshed rims just to give the Insight a better look.


Can you see the similarity between them? The Prius and Insight

Interior and features

The interior features a two-tier instrument panel on the dashboard. This means there is a stand-alone digital speedometer mounted on top of the analog tachometer together with the fuel/temperature gauge. The infotainment also takes cues from the previous generation though this one has its controls edged towards the driver with very simple and logical controls. 

The car comes with an 'eco' button that activates a feature called the Honda Eco Assist System. This system has an interactive two-color indicator that shows the driver if the car is being driven efficiently or otherwise. I told you this car is the friendliest Honda you can buy. 


The interior was designed for engagement and comfort 

This car sits 3 people at the rear but with limited legroom available. The facelift in the 2012 Insight also affected the interior. It got more interior room and the dashboard also got a refreshed instrument cluster.  

Engine and Performance

It uses a 1.3 liter inline-4 cylinder engine together with a 64.7KW brushless DC motor that combines to produce a peak power of about 160 hp at 5800 RPM. This engine is paired with a CVT automatic transmission and a front-wheel-drive car layout on all trims. The EX trim has a paddle shifter attached to it for a fun and engaging driving experience. The Integrated Motor Assist System (IMAS) vehicle technology is also present in this car.


This is what the IMAS technology of Honda looks like 

Car and Driver magazine compared this car to the 2010 Prius and the Insight was the better option because of its user engagement and fun to drive features.

In 2013, the Honda Insight was on its way out of production because its sales numbers were very bad compared to other hybrid cars in the market. This was the second time Honda would stop the production of the Insight and this time it lasted in two years.

Third Generation Honda Insight Hybrid Review (ZE4) 2019 - Present


In 2018, Honda re-introduced the Insight as a Honda Civic 2018 shaped car with a fully Hybrid powertrain. The new generation Insight is a traditional 5 door compact sedan that looks very good just like its Accord and Civic relatives.


Here is the 2019 Honda Insight. Amazing right?

The out-back and short trunk profile also aid the airflow as the sharp cut-off at the rear helps air separate easily from the rear of the car. This design aids its fuel efficiency and reduces road noise.
A horizontal grille network graces the front end of this car along with the large chrome that Honda now styles on their cars. The rear end immediately sends you a signal that you are about to see a cool car with led fitted both in front and at the rear.

Interior and features

The Insight uses the same interior from the Honda Accord 2018, a base 5-inch screen with Bluetooth and navigation while the optional 8 inches infotainment screen available on the EX trim comes with apple car play and android auto integration. The three trims available are the Honda Insight LX, EX, and Touring. 

The cockpit is driver-focused which places it ahead of its competitors. The premium outlook includes a stitched dash, soft-touch surfaces and a sport-focused steering wheel. The instrument panel features a 7-inch multi-information display that is customizable.

USB connectivity, Bluetooth streaming audio, and Pandora integration are standard on the LX trim. The EX and Touring trims get an added SiriusXM Radio, HD Radio, two USB inputs, and two additional speakers for the 180-watt system.


It comfortably seats 5 people though it looks very compact 

Engine and Performance

The new Insight uses a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine paired with an electric motor that produces a combined 151 horsepower that is put out by a smooth CVT automatic transmission. This is controlled by a push-button gear selector. This makes the Insight sprint from 0 to 60 in about 8 seconds. This drive train is silent, comfortable, and refined. 


See the dashboard, the gear selector and the impressive cargo space 

There are three drive modes on the Honda Insight: ECON, Sport, and EV. ECON is the mode that will maximize the vehicle's economy. Sport mode gives people the opportunity to drive a bit more aggressively. In EV mode, only the electric motor is used. As such, it's only applicable on short trips.

Fuel economy & Affordability

Here is why the Honda Insight is often referred to as an ultra-low emission vehicle:

Fuel consumption of the Honda Insight
Honda Insight Models Fuel consumption for every 100 km
 1999 - 2006  3.4 Liters
 2009 - 2011  5.7 Liters
 2012 - 2014  4.3 Liters
 2019 - Present  4.5 Liters

The fuel consumption as you can see is super low, so, if you ever come across an Insight for sale, never let it slip through your fingers. The Honda Insight's mpg has always made the car stand out when talking about Hybrid cars because of the special Honda Integrated Motor Assist System. The average fuel consumption of cars in the world today is 8.0 Liters per 100 Km just so you know.

How safe is the Honda Insight

Honda Sensing is standard on all models of the Honda Insight for sale. This includes a Lane Watch that uses a video camera to display images. Those are of the Insight's passenger-side blind spot when the right-turn signal is activated. Other standard features of the Honda sensing include; adaptive cruise control, lane departure assist, lane-keeping assist, steering assist, collision warning, and emergency braking assist. 

Insight Touring trims also include the latest iteration of HondaLink, which offers cloud-based services including a 4G Wi-Fi mobile hotspot, smartphone-based remote vehicle locking/unlocking, stolen vehicle tracking, and more.


All these Honda cars all have the Honda Sensing too 

This car also earned a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition, it was named a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Passenger airbags are also available as standard. I hope you know that a car without airbags cannot pass a safety test?

Price of the Honda Insight in Nigeria

A brand new 2019/2020 Honda Insight ranges between ₦10,800,000 - ₦14,500,000 depending on the trim level. Please, do not forget that shipping and customs charges into the country are excluded from this price. Below are the prices of both the Tokunbo and locally used Honda Insight in Nigeria.

Price of Foreign used Honda Insight in Nigeria
 Model year Price in Naira
Tokunbo 1996 - 2006 Honda Insight price in Nigeria ₦800,000 - ₦1,500,000
Tokunbo 2009 - 2011 Honda Insight price in Nigeria ₦900,000 - ₦4,000,000
Tokunbo 2012 - 2014 Honda Insight price in Nigeria ₦2,500,000 - ₦6,000,000
Tokunbo 2019 - Present Honda Insight price in Nigeria ₦12,000,000 - ₦14,000,000
Price of Locally used Honda Insight in Nigeria
 Model year Price in Naira
Tokunbo 1996 - 2006 Honda Insight price in Nigeria ₦800,000 - ₦1,500,000
Tokunbo 2009 - 2011 Honda Insight price in Nigeria ₦900,000 - ₦3,000,000
Tokunbo 2012 - 2014 Honda Insight price in Nigeria ₦2,000,000 - ₦4,000,000

Note: all these prices may vary below or above what I stated here. When buying a Honda Insight used, make sure your technician tests the battery capacity that powers the electric motor just to avoid buying one with a failing electric capability.

Pros and Cons of the Honda Insight

The Pros of Honda Insight car in Nigeria

  • Very economical as a daily driver car
  • Very good car for vehicle transport business
  • Small-sized for easy driving
  • It drives like a hybrid but looks like a regular wheeled vehicle
  • Three drive modes are available


You can see how complex this wiring is. A lot of  mechanics get it wrong when fixing 

The Cons of the Honda Insight car in Nigeria

  • Lack of cargo space in the trunk
  • Hybrid vehicles are difficult to maintain in Nigeria
  • Lane Watch system interrupts infotainment
  • Small Cabin due to compact size

Verdict & Conclusion

A lot of people still don't understand that Hybrid is the future of car technology even in Nigeria especially for people that used their cars as commercial vehicles. You should not be scared of buying Hybrid cars like the Honda Insight. You just have to be sure that your automobile technician is well seasoned so that he/she can tackle your Hybrid car repair. The Honda Insight is one of the best compact Hybrid cars on sale today in the Automotive world.   

Now you know more about this car including Honda Insight Price in Nigeria, you can go ahead and make a solid purchase.

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