Honda CR-V prices in Nigeria - which model year should you go for? (Update in 2020)

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For those who have been longing for a trusted price list of Honda CR-V in Nigeria, this article will give you much more than you need. Which model year is the best? Find your answers inside!

1. Overview of Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V utilized the same platform with Honda Civic but was built as a compact crossover SUV. It falls into the category of mid-range sport utility vehicles, placed between the Honda HR-V and Honda Pilot.

The CR-V had been produced in 1995 but it’s not until 2 years later that this car was rolled out in North American market. Since its first days, CR-V has been designed as front engine and front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive layouts.

a white Honda CR-V front look

Honda CR-V employs similar platform with Honda Civic

By degrees, Honda is spreading the manufacture of CR-V for global markets. Factories are set up worldwide, from Mexico to China where Dongfeng Motor Corporation had joined in as well.

Just like when buying any model else, Honda CR-V price in Nigeria is the information of top interest to Nigerian buyers. Let's take a look at the list of Honda CR-V we have compiled from trusted dealerships and individual sellers across the country below.

2. Brand new Honda CR-V price in Nigeria

Good news is Honda Nigeria does distribute Honda CR-V in dealerships nationwide. Prices of CR-V in Nigeria are not very expensive.

However, you can hardly find a brand-new CR-V model year 2015 backwards, so if you’re interested in a second-gen CR-V for example, looking for a used Honda CR-V cars for sale is the only choice.

  Brand new Honda CR-V price list in Nigeria
Model Price
Brand new Honda CR-V 2017 price N16 million - N22 million
Brand new Honda CR-V 2018 price N17 million - N24 million
Brand new Honda CR-V 2019 price To be updating...

3. Cost of Foreign used Honda CR-V in Nigeria

  Foreign used Honda CR-V price list in Nigeria
Model Price
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2003 price N1.9 million – N2.3 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2004 price N1.9 million – N2.3 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2005 price N1.6 million – N2.5 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2006 price N1.6 million – N2.5 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2007 price N2.5 million – N4 million
Tokunbo ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2008 price​​​​​​​ N2.5 million – N4 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2009 price N3 million - N5.5 million
Tokunbo ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2010 price​​​​​​​ N3 million - N5.5 million
Tokunbo ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2011 price​​​​​​​ N3 million - N5.5 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2012 price N6 million - N7.5 million
Tokunbo ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2013 price​​​​​​​ N6 million - N7.5 million
Tokunbo ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2014 price​​​​​​​ N6 million - N7.5 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2015 price N8 million – N16 million
Tokunbo ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2016 price​​​​​​​ N8 million – N16 million
Tokunbo ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2017 price​​​​​​​ N8 million – N16 million
Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2018 price N13 million - N21 million

a 2018 Honda CR-V and 2 people

One can order a brand new CR-V 2018 from Honda Nigerian dealerships

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4. How much is a locally used Honda CR-V in Nigeria?

Locally used Honda CR-V price list in Nigeria
Model Price
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 1999 price N480,000 – N900,000
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2000 price​​​​​​​ N480,000 – N900,000
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2001 price N650,000 - N1.3 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2002 price​​​​​​​ N650,000 - N1.3 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2003 price​​​​​​​ N650,000 - N1.3 million
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2004 price N1.1 million – N1.7 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2005 price​​​​​​​ N1.1 million – N1.7 million
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2006 price N1.2 million – N1.9 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2007 price​​​​​​​ N1.2 million – N1.9 million
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2008 price N1.7 million - N2.7 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2009 price​​​​​​​ N1.7 million - N2.7 million
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2012 price N3.3 million – N5.5 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2013 price​​​​​​​ N3.3 million – N5.5 million
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2014 price N4.4 million – N8.7 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2015 price​​​​​​​ N4.4 million – N8.7 million
Nigerian used Honda CR-V 2016 price N9 million - N13 million
Nigerian used ​​​​​​​Honda CR-V 2017 price​​​​​​​ N9 million - N13 million

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5. Which Honda CR-V model year should you opt for?

Honda CR-V has been around for 20 years with numerous changes through 5 generations. Products of each phase, albeit following certain similar designs, boast different features focusing on distinctive demands of temporary societies. That’s why to decide which model year best suits your needs, it’s essential we look through some highlights of all generations.

a Honda CR-V and a Mazda 5

CR-V is often compared to Mazda 5

First-gen Honda CR-V

CR-V was the first in-house designed SUV from this car manufacturer of Japan. In its home market, this automobile was considered luxury vehicle due to its exterior dimensions surpassing Japanese Government regulations.

The first-gen CR-V employed 2.0L straight-four B20B engine (later on B20Z) mated to both 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission to produce 126 hp at max. The outer dimension of this engine is similar to Integra’s 1.8L mill.

Honda CR-V first generation

Here we present the first-gen Honda CR-V!

CR-V chassis was a unibody design featuring a four-wheel double wishbone suspension. Plastic cladding was drastically utilized to cover both front/rear bumpers and fender wells.

Safety level of first-gen CR-V is not highly rated by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as the dummy’s left leg had been broken during the test.

Second-gen Honda CR-V

The second-gen CR-V was developed into even bigger and heavier frame, staying in line with seventh generation Honda Civic. It was powered by the K24A1 engine and reached 160 hp at top speed.

Fuel economy rating stayed the same as previous models at 10L/100 km city and 8.4L/100 km highway thanks to the installation of i-VTEC system.

design of second-gen Honda CR-V

This generation gained Best Small SUV by Car and Driver magazine.

Also, the 2005 facelift featured positive modifications in both styling and safety content. New taillights and headlights were equipped with clear indicators. Either low or high beams received separate H1 bulbs. CR-V in the US and Canada adopted many safety features like anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, vehicle stability control, traction control and side airbags. Meanwhile, other markets may lack one or some features above.

Third-gen Honda CR-V

The third generation was released in 2007 with major changes in exterior design. The side-opening rear door was replaced by a rear liftgate while the spare tire was removed.

a third-gen Honda CR-V on road

The year 2007 marked the turning point in CR-V design

To produce maximum 166 hp, CR-V for American market employed K-series 2.4L inline-four engine mated to 5-speed automatic and manual gearbox as in previous models. At the same time, a 2.2L i-CTDI diesel engine was offered for Europe and Asia-spec products.

Particularly, the Euro-spec CR-V adopted R20A 2.0L engine developed from Honda R-series i-VTEC SOHC engine.

Fourth-gen Honda CR-V

Not many changes in appearance, we must say, but the 2.4L i-VTEC inline-four engine could then produce up to 185 hp and 220 Nm at max along with all-new Real-Time AWD and intelligent control system.

a fourth-gen Honda CR-V

Earth Dream engine was first applied to 4th-gen CR-V

Especially, the 2015 facelift introduced the direct injected “Earth Dream” and CVT (continuously variable transmission) powertrain option. This was actually released on Accord before and showed great improvement in EPA statistics.

Fifth-gen Honda CR-V

The fifth-gen Honda CR-V has just premiered in 2016 using the same compact platform as 10th-generation Civic.

The base model stays loyal to Earth Dream 2.4L I4 engine whereas the premium trims showcase a remarkable max speed of 190hp thanks to its 1.5L turbocharged I4 engine.

Test drive on the latest CR-V

These modern products come with special “Honda Sensing” package consisting of ACC (adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow, CMBS (collision mitigation braking) and LKAS (lane keeping assist).

6. Honda CR-V 2008 - the model year that is especially sought-after

You’re just gone through brief summary of 5 CR-V generations, which phase would you opt for?

As for, we highly recommend third-gen Honda CR-V, especially model year 2008 due to certain reasons.

First, this generation marked an obvious transformation in styling design with the addition of rear liftgate without the spare tire. Second, the model year 2008 is the revised car of initial third-gen 2007 so it collects all merits and avoid possible faults of previous version. Third, though later generations prove more efficient, the difference is minor while the price gap is rather significant.

The last point is consumers’ opinions which all show a huge affection towards Honda CR-V 2008. Believe it or not, let’s take a look at its eye catching design and performance on road in the pictures below!

2008 Honda CR-V exteriors

a 2008 Honda CR-V front design

a 2008 Honda CR-V side look

2008 model features a rear liftgate without a spare tire

2008 Honda CR-V interiors

2008 Honda CR-V seat arrangement

2008 Honda CR-V cabin

The interior design of Honda CR-V 2008 looks smart and well-toned

7. Your final decision: Honda CR-V

As an objective auto portal, our aim is to provide information from different reliable sources to readers. Please understand that the Honda CR-V prices in Nigeria, as well as our recommendation above, is just for reference based on the analysis of market trends and consumer reports.

To have a well-informed decision, please check out more Car prices with brief description of each model in Nigeria. You should also visit Cars for sale to have an overview of current auto market these days.

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