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Honda Accord 2014 Introduction

Since 1976, the Honda Accord has joined Honda's lineup. Records have also shown that so far this vehicle has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States. In 1970, Honda considered pulling out from the production of automobiles as a result of the poor responses it received from the Honda 1300. Although two years later Honda released the 'Civic', confident as a result of its success, Honda decided to manufacture a bigger companion model, and it chose the name 'Accord'.

The Honda Accord has been in production since 1976 till date and has been divided into ten generations, of which the Honda Accord 2014 falls among the ninth. Today Naijauto will look at basic information around Honda Accord 2014 prices in Nigeria and how you can buy and maintain an Accord 2014 properly.


The Honda Accord 2014 comes fitted with LED headlamps


The Honda Accord 2014 has a body length of 191.4 inch on a 109.3 inch wheelbase

Honda Accord 2014 trim levels

The Honda Accord 2014 sedan comes in six trims: LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, EX-L V6, and Touring, while the coupe comes in four different trims the LX-S, EX, EX-L, and EX-L V6. The base trim level of both the sedan and the coupe (the LX and LX-S) are fitted with a 185-horsepower four-cylinder engine. They also come with attractive standard features such as the rearview camera, the USB port, the dual-zone automatic climate control, and Bluetooth. These base trims should have the ability to quench the needs of most shoppers.

The Honda Accord Sport offers minimal changes in design and comes with a three horsepower boost. The proximity key and the moon roof are the only features added to the EX models. The EX-L V6 and the touring levels come with an additional v6 engine making it the best buy for consumers seeking for more power.


Simple illustrations of Honda Accord 2014 trim levels

Honda Accord 2014 interior highlights

Both Honda Accord 2014 sedan and coupe have been made with the ability to carry five. Leather seats are on hand while the material covering of the interior is made standard. Heated and adjustable front seats are optional. The entire cabin of this vehicle has an ample amount of space making it very cozy. Most especially, its backseat made the most spacious draw buyers' attention. The Accord sedan has been given 15.5 cubic-feet trunk space while the coupe has 13.7 cubic-feet. The trunk-mounted subwoofer takes 0.3 feet trunk space in upper trim levels.


Leather seats make it look more luxury


The Honda Accord 2019 offers about 38.5-inch rear-seat legroom

Child safety is regarded as very important, that's why the seat has been included with full sets of large anchors and tethers on the rear outward seat. The vehicles easy to operate dashboard layout makes adjusting cabin settings easier. Rousing graphics are also included in the vehicle's infotainment system. The Accord also includes amazing standard interior features like the 8-inch display screen, the backup camera, a four-speaker stereo, while the optional features include the seven speaker stereo, the navigation system, the satellite radio etc.

Honda Accord 2014 engine performance

Base models of Honda Accord 2014 sedan and coupe share the same output of 185 hp (189 horsepower on sport models) four-cylinder engine producing adequate power for regular driving, and a six-speed manual transmission complements this. The accord's acceleration is much faster with the introduction of the 278 horsepower v6 engine. This comes with a six-speed automatic transmission.


The Accord 2014 is built with either 2.4 Liter I-4 or 3.5 Liter V6 engine depending on the Trim

All Accords are known for their graceful handling, giving a more confident ride and beating many of its competitors in this aspect. Coming with such an accurate gearbox, perfect clutch take-up, outstanding vehicle responsiveness, and a rev-happy feeling, the Honda Accord feels far more developed than most vehicles on its level.

Honda Accord 2014 fuel economy & safety features

Whichever your decision is based on the four-cylinder engine or the v6, the Honda Accord 2014 offers great mileage. The four-cylinder engine has been worthy enough to earn a 36 mpg highway (and an excellent EPA city rating of 27 mpg). While the v6 has racked up to a 34mpg highway.

This vehicle also comes with an amazing feature, the Econ button. With this, the 2014 Accord gets a group of fuel-saving means. This could include a little reduction in throttle response and preservative use of some attachments (e.g A/C).

Safety is also of the utmost importance to all shoppers, the Honda Accord 2014 does not disappoint when it comes to this aspect. The vehicle has an electronic brake distribution and a brake assist which complements the four-wheel disc brakes.

All models of the Accord 2014 also come with: the hill-start assist, stability control, forward departure warning, lane watch blind spot display, adaptive cruise control system and the lane departure warning. Moreover, the car also comes with a fresh smart vent technology for its side airbags that eliminates the need for the detection in occupants' positions. Visibility is very much improved when compared to other vehicles in the Accord's class. This is due to the thin pillars and a low beltline.

Honda Accord 2014 Pros & Cons summary

The Honda Accord 2014 for sale offers excellent fuel efficiency rate, the vehicle also has perfect handling, giving drivers smooth and confident rides. The Accord is also commended for its spacious rear seats. The trunk space in the Honda Accord looks average at 15.5 cubic-ft but doesn't have room for carrying longer items with rear-seat passengers as a result of a lack of split-folding in the rear seats.

The car seems to be made more ideal for drivers who prefer fun to comfort.


The interior paves generous room for the rear passengers

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Rivals of Honda Accord 2014 & buying tips

While the Accord has agile handling other vehicles have a more flexible and enjoyable driving nature an example is the Mazda 6, which even has better fuel efficiency. Both vehicles have a decent trunk space but the Mazda6 could be preferred because of its split-fold rear seat. Despite all of this shoppers do opt for the Accord because of its high dependability.

The Hyundai Sonata 2014 is another big competition which the Accord 2014 faces because of its strong base engine and the smooth ride it offers, simultaneously, producing a sporty and comfortable ride.

For Honda Accord 2014 car buying tips, please refer to our guidelines here: 5 essential things to look for when buying a used Honda Accord

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How to maintain Honda Accord 2014

To maintain every car model, you should definitely grab general car maintenance tips. has plenty of that, feel free to check!

For Honda Accord 2014, there are certain things to pay close attention to.

First, when the vehicle's odometer run a full circle of 7,500 miles, it is advisable to change the engine oil and oil filter. Tires, rear brakes, and the exhaust system also need to be properly inspected every 7500 miles. At 30 000 miles engine needs to be cleaned and tuned. Transmission fluid needs to be inspected and plug washer replaced. All of these should be done every 30,000 miles.

When getting to 90,000 miles it is necessary to replace the timing belt and water pump, these could be expensive, so it is vital to be ready beforehand.

For detailed instructions when maintaining Honda Accord 2014, please download its manual here!

Honda Accord 2014 long term review

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