Ford Edge prices in Nigeria

Let's check out our article for the up-to-date Ford Edge prices in Nigeria, covering its brand new, foreign used and locally used units.

If you are in love with an SUV driving experience but get tired of its unattractive look, then the Ford Edge is the deal for you. Still an efficient, savvy, and classy SUV, it promises a great sense of comfort and brings you to a whole new level. There’s no doubt the Ford Edge ranks among the best sport utility vehicles ever produced by the automotive industry.

It was back in 2006 that Ford Motor Company brought it to production. Throughout the years, minor changes have come in the Edge and not until 2015 did the model experience big changes. Having gained credits of Nigerian motorists, nowadays Ford Edges are easy to be spotted on the roads.

Ford Edges angular front

Having gained credits of Nigerian motorists, nowadays Ford Edges are easy to be spotted on the roads

Moreover, the Ford Edge is also suitable for individual users because of its beautiful design and great convenience although it is best for family usage. It is capable of housing up 5 people with ease and comfort, and a large cargo space which can be enlarged with folded rear seating row.

The Ford Edge boasts a stylish exterior design, along with well-engineered chassis, earning the SUV an enjoyable and smooth drive. This article will mainly focus on the Ford Edges prices in Nigeria including its locally used prices, foreign used “Tokunbo” prices and brand new prices.

Ford Edge side view

The Ford Edge boasts a stylish exterior design, along with well-engineered chassis, earning the SUV an enjoyable and smooth drive

Please note that the listing will not provide exact prices, rather it will just show the average prices of the car to help you get a certain idea before making the final deal for your Ford Edge.

The Ford Edge comes available in 4 versions including the Sport, Titanium, SEL and SE. Among them, the standard variant SE comes more affordable while the Sport and Titanium get higher price tags.

1. Brand new Ford Edge Prices in Nigeria

It is understandable for everybody to wish to own a completely new car rather than an old one. A brand new Ford Edge in Nigeria will be priced from 15 million to 25 million naira. This range of the prices is influenced by some elements including customs duties/tariff, foreign currency exchange rate, car model year, cost of importation on the seller and version.

Ford Edge on the road

A brand new Ford Edge in Nigeria will be priced from 15 million to 25 million naira

2. Foreign used (tokunbo) Ford Edge prices in Nigeria

Foreign used (tokunbo) Ford Edge prices in Nigeria  
Model years  Prices
2007 Ford Edge  N3 Million – N4 Million 
2009 Ford Edge  N3.5 Million – N4.5 Million 
2010 Ford Edge  N4.5 Million – N6 Million 
2011 Ford Edge   N5.5 Million – N8 Million 
2012 Ford Edge  N6 Million – N7.5 Million 
2013 Ford Edge  N6.5 Million – N8 Million 
2014 Ford Edge   N7 Million – N9 Million 
2015 Ford Edge  N12 Million – N14 Million 

3. Locally used Ford Edge prices in Nigeria

Like the brand new Ford Edge prices in Nigeria, the locally used units are also different for various model years. The prices are also affected by some main factors consisting of car condition, engine strength and capacity, dashboard’s state, floor, roof and seats.

Locally used Ford Edge prices in Nigeria
Model years  Prices
2007 Ford Edge  N2 Million – N3 Million 
2008 Ford Edge  N2 Million – N3 Million 
2009 Ford Edge  N2 Million – N3 Million 
2010 Ford Edge   N2.5 Million – N3.5 Million 
2011 Ford Edge  N4 Million – N5 Million 
2012 Ford Edge  N4 Million – N4.5 Million 
2013 Ford Edge   N4 Million – N5 Million 
2014 Ford Edge  N4.5 Million – N8 Million 
2015 Ford Edge N8 Million – N9.7 Million 

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4. Ford Edge pros and cons

4.1. Ford Edge’s advantages

  • Well-built chassis: The Ford Edge is designed for cross-country trips, so it must be a well-built vehicle with a perfectly-balanced body.
  • Stylish Interior: The Edge interior is evaluated to be beautiful in both standard and sports version. It is also comfortable and spacious for the driver and passengers with either automatically and manually adjustable seats. The cabin is also equipped with some handy nooks to help car users hold small items.

Ford Edge interior

The Ford Edge interior is evaluated to be beautiful in both standard and sports version

  • Roomy cabin: This SUV boasts a spacious cabin with 39.2 cubic feet. It can house up a reasonable amount of items with comfort.
  • User-friendly: The Edge is provided with a user-friendly entertainment, Smartphone integration and information system. The navigation screens are good while the 8’’ touchscreen in the newest model can decode voice commands, gestures and swipes. Its controls are easy to use and convenient for the driver to reach even when being on the go.
  • Excellent Engine Performance: The Blue Oval brand offered the Edge 3 engine options including a standard 2.0L turbocharged engine for the SE version, a more powerful V6 engine for the Titanium and SEL variant and a 2.7L twin-turbo V6 unit for the sport edition.
  • Good fuel-efficiency, even on a standard engine
  • Carlike, smooth handling capability

Ford Edge on the road

The Edge has a good fuel – economy even with a standard mill

4.2. Ford Edge’s disadvantages

Although the Ford Edge has become popular in the automotive market in Nigeria, its parts haven’t been largely available in our country yet like that of Honda or Toyota models. Therefore, the prices of the Edge’s parts are also not cheap at all. However, it comes to be good news that owning a Ford Edge, you will not have to worry about spending a huge sum of money on maintaining or repairing the car often.

This car is one of the models that have the most modern automotive technologies in the auto market today. Although electrical or mechanical problems of this car rarely happen, as it happens, it is actually not easy to find a car expert around that can help solve the problem. Its components are not the same as other famous brands and you cannot just use a random part to replace the necessary things in the car. 

With all the above insight, we hope you have got an idea of the Ford Edge price in Nigeria. Stay tuned for prices of more hot car models on

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