Top luxury price list of Ferrari cars in Nigeria (Update in 2020)

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Overview of Ferrari in Nigeria

As you already know, Ferrari is a world famous brand with a huge international appear. The company is famed for rolling out luxury supercars that are just as fast and pricey. Nigerian celebrities will not be left out in the Ferrari Party and have connected with the Ferrari brand to boost their personality status. A number of Nigerian stars and celebrities have taken ownership of a Ferrari. Enjoy this highlight and after that you'll find comprehensive lists of Ferrari prices in Nigeria, brought to you by - the biggest car website in Nigeria!


If you're lucky enough, you may see some Ferrari on Lagos streets

Nigerian celebrities who own Ferrari cars

  • Dino Malaye

First on the list is flamboyant Nigerian Senator Dino Malaye, who is known for showing off his expensive automobiles. The Nigerian senator who is currently enduring turied time in his political career has got some real hot swagger.


Flamboyant Senator Dino Malaye with his Ferrari

  • Davido

Nigerian Pop singer and the 30 Billion Gang chairman wont be left out too. Davido has in his possession a Ferrari 458 Italia which has a market value of over $300,000 which is well over ₦100 million. This model is believed to come with a 4.5 Liter V8 engine that churns out about 570 hp using a 7 speed automatic transmission.

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Davido is a proud owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia

  • Mompha

Another celebrity owner of a Ferrari is instagram mover Mompha, who is a fierce rival of another social media king Hushpuppi. Mompha is said to have purchased a brand new Ferrari 488 Spider just a few days after buying another very expensive luxury car. He acquired the said Ferrari for a market value of over ₦150 million.

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Mompha showing off his Ferrari Brand New 488 Spider worth over N150 million

  • Hushpuppi

The King of Instagram, Nigeria chapter. Hushpuppi is definitely no stranger to Nigeria's social media community. He makes sure to flaunt his expensive gadgets including luxury cars.

He has flaunted a number of Ferrari on his instagram page with the most recent being Novitec tuned Ferrari N-Largo 812. The German company announced that only 10 units of this will be made avialable world over. Hushpuppi happens to be one of the few lot to acquire this exclusive luxry supercar which is built with a 6.5 Liter V12 engine that sneezes out over 840 hp. The N-Largo 812 whuch is based on the 812 Superfast costs a whooping ₦181 million.


Hushpuppi showing off his expensive Ferrari

Prices of Ferrari PininFarina Sergio in Nigeria

A collaboration between the 2019 World Strongest Brand Ferrari and the Munich headquartered Italian automaker PininFarina resulted in the production of this concept car which was presented to the public at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The PininFarina Sergio is an expensive pimp of Ferrari 458 Spider with the same mechanical properties. It retains same overall exterior look like the Spider but is rather fitted with an engine borrowed from the 458 Special A and also has its interior reworked with some really top quality materials and design.

The Ferrari-PininFarina collaboration saw just six of PininFarina Sergio being built, with a rather shocking starting price for most Nigerians.

Ferrari car prices in Nigeria  
Model Price
Ferrari PininFarina Sergio

₦1.087 billion


Only 6 Ferrari customers are picked to own the Pininfarina Sergio

Prices of Ferrari F8 Tributo in Nigeria

F8 Tributo which Ferrari refers to as “A Celebration of Excellence” is one piece of exciting design and art as fitting tribute to Ferrari's famous 3.9 Liter V8 engine. The performance of Ferrari F8 Tributo is justified by the beastly power output delivered by its 3.9 Liter Twin-turbo V8 engine. This engine holds the title of the most powerful V8 engine within the Ferrari catalogue. It offers about 710 horse power at 7000 rpm (at 182 hp/Liter), with 568 lb-ft of maximum torque down the other end.

Ferrari car prices in Nigeria
Model Price
Ferrari F8 Tributo in Nigeria ₦95 million


The F8 Tributo's 3.9 Liter Twin-turbo V8 engine delivers an enviable 710 hp

Prices of Ferrari Laferrari in Nigeria

The Pinnacle of Ferrari's road-car Programme, the best Ferrari ever made (in terms of horsepower). The Laferrari is a two seater super car that blends a 6.3 liter Ferrari V12 with a KERS esque battery pack and an electric motor which produces a 950bhp and a 663lb ft of torque. The V12 has gotten a lot of optimization which is a an explanation for the instantaneous throttle response, natural hybrid feeling and general sharp responses.


The Laferrari blends a 6.3 liter Ferrari V12 with a KERS esque Battery Pack

The seats, frankly are pads inclined on the carbon tubs with adjustments made to the control to blend in. With shoulders high and knees low the seats provide a very high degree of comfort and improved vision.

Ferrari car prices in Nigeria


Brand new price

Tokunbo price

Ferrari Laferrari in Nigeria 2015

₦1 billion - ₦1.5 billion

₦1.1 billion - ₦1.4 billion

Ferrari Laferrari in Nigeria 2014

₦1.1 billion - ₦1.2 billion

₦542 million - ₦1.3 billion

Prices of Ferrari 488 Spider in Nigeria

The main attributes of the 488 Spider are its amazing blown spoiler, variable flaps accompanied with rear diffuser, the central aero pillar at the front. Despite not being too beautiful, the 488 spider doesn’t lack any form of entertainment or even power. Its 3.9 Litre twin turbocharged V8 engine powers out an outstanding 661 hp and 560 lb-ft torque. Its engine gives it the ability to reach 124mph within 8.7 seconds, a heavenly feat. In order to operate with this monstrous performance, the 488 spider has an ultra quick shifting dual clutch seven speed transmission to match.


The 488 spider comes with an ultra quick shifting dual clutch seven speed transmission

Its engine is amazing but its handling and ride are even more amazing, present are the magnetic dampers which assist in keeping everything down when filtration of rough surfaces occurs, an E-diff, and the most current side slip angle control. The 488 spider gives the driver a perfect position at the centre of the machine. And those incredible decorative front wings increases confidence on the road.

Ferrari car prices in Nigeria


Brand new price

Tokunbo price

Ferrari 488 Spider 2019

From ₦101.5 million

₦119.3 million - ₦126.5 million

Ferrari 488 Spider 2018

₦93.6 million – ₦133.3 million

₦90.3 million - ₦112 milion

Ferrari 488 Spider 2017

₦91.9 million - ₦125 million

₦90.3 million - ₦119.3 million

Ferrari 488 Spider 2016

₦90.8 million – ₦113.5 million

₦81.2 million - ₦115.7 million

Prices of Ferrari Enzo in Nigeria

In a time of high performance vehicles, in a world filled with supercars, having a 3.1 sec time for (0-62) mph lap and a 217mph top speed, the Enzo proved itself as a worthy machine. Although built in a time where several top technology techniques were still evolving, only few of Ferrari's works can match this beauty. Setting the pattern for all ensuing Ferrari V12’s, the f140 engine was incorporated into the Enzo giving it the record as the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in the world at that time. The Enzo produced a maximum output of 650 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque.


Ferrari debuted the V12 f140 engine in the Enzo

Exactly like its predecessors, Ferrari Enzo's interior was naturally design to push through boundaries, carbon fiber inhabited most of the surfaces. In an effort to maintain its curb weight to Ferrari’s standard weight, its electric windows and stereo were sacrificed.

Because the Enzo was produced long time ago, the price to acquire an unit is very expensive. You are supposed to buy a pre-owned with a billion price tag.

Ferrari car prices in Nigeria
Model  Brand new price  Tokunbo price
Ferrari Enzo 2003 From ₦232.5 million  ₦1 billion - ₦1.1 billion

Prices of Ferrari Portofino in Nigeria

Having a record of being the most market-researched Ferrari ever. This beauty is super fast and takes off like a fiery cat clearing the (0-124) mph lap in just 10.8 seconds as well as reaching a top speed of 195mph. The 3.9 liter engine doesn't have any problems with having the Ferrari's usual sound. It has a magnificent quality inside. Even With an extra 5 centimeters in the rear seats its still suited for Rodeo drive shopping expeditions rather than humans. A 10.2 inch high definition touch screen, an apple car play takes care of infotainment. The air con gets more speed and less noise than before.


A 10.2inch high definition touch screen and apple car play takes care of infotainment

The confusing designs of the 488 are substituted for more easy going ones, although the f1 aping multi-function wheel has really not changed. This is a Ferrari suspected to be used more often than it other competitors, its 460 mile fuel range and low fuel consumption makes this hypothesis easier to believe.

  Ferrari car prices in Nigeria
Model Brand new price Tokunbo price
Ferrari Portofino 2019 ₦84.1 million - ₦94 million ₦75.8 million - ₦94 million
Ferrari Portofino 2018 ₦74.1 million - ₦76.2 million ₦77.8 million - ₦84.5 million

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Prices of Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Nigeria

The 430 Scuderia has been created for road and track purposes, because of this its tires has the same accomplishment as that of a standard rubber. The scuderia racks up interesting figures about its speed. Ferrari claims this vehicle can lash a 62mph in under 3.6 sec and tops out at 198mph. It delivers solid power and torque rating, both standing at 503 hp and 346 lb ft respectively.


Ferrari adopts the E-diff from 430 and the 599 GTBs F1 traction control system for this one

Comfort when riding has been made outstanding, smoother transmission are now available and flexibility has seen some considerable increase. The most amazing aspect of this beauty are in it electronics. Ferrari adopts the E-diff from 430 and the 599 GTBs F1 traction control system, this combination has enabled Ferrari to produce an ultimate driver improvement aid.

Ferrari car prices in Nigeria
Model Brand new price Tokunbo price
Ferrari 430 Scuderia 2009 ₦38 million – ₦157 million ₦68 million - ₦72.3 million
Ferrari 430 Scuderia 2008 ₦26 million – ₦70.8 million ₦36.1 million - ₦47 million
Ferrari 430 Scuderia 2007 ₦27.5 million – ₦53.5 million ₦36 million - ₦43.3 million
Ferrari 430 Scuderia 2006 ₦15 million – ₦70.7 million ₦36 million - ₦39.7 million
Ferrari 430 Scuderia 2005 ₦16.3 million – ₦61.6 million ₦32.1 million - ₦36.1 million

Prices of Ferrari 488 GTB in Nigeria

The 488 GTB becomes Ferrari's first turbo assisted mid engine car since the iconic f40. Notable peculiarities are the faster gearchanges and a smarter adaptive suspension. The 488 comes with a 3.9 Litre dual-turbo V8 engine that gives it a maximum response to aggregate throttling, 0.8secs after your foot hits the spot. The interior of the 488 GTB feels current and expensive coupled with an incredible design.


The 488 comes with a 3.9 Litre dual-turbo V8 engine

The control pods are now kept either side of the instruments position, which itself constitutes high definition screens and the middle control looks kind of what was seen in the laferrari.

Ferrari car prices in Nigeria
Model Brand new price Tokunbo price
 Ferrari 488 GTB 2019  ₦95 million – ₦131 million ₦97.6 million - ₦122.8 million
 Ferrari 488 GTB 2018  ₦71.2 million – ₦130.6 million ₦82 million - ₦104.7 million
 Ferrari 488 GTB 2017  ₦81.8 million – ₦104.7 million ₦81.3 million - ₦104.8 million
 Ferrari 488 GTB 2016  ₦72.6 million – ₦102.9 million ₦78.7 million - ₦97.6 million


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