Electric car prices in Nigeria - Go green to save our planet!

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1. Overview of electric cars in Nigeria

One of a car owner’s top priorities is to make sure his tank never runs dry. Folks who have been driving for some time will automatically nod their heads. Many drivers have become pros at mitigating fuel cost; nonetheless, you will have to visit the petrol station again, when your fuel gauge falls below the red line. But, what if you never have to visit the petrol station again? This is the question the manufacturers of modern Electric Vehicle (EV) use to tantalize sedan and SUV enthusiasts. Electric cars are powered partly or entirely by electrical current, thereby mitigating petrol costs or totally eradicating it.


The whole world is gravitating toward electric vehicles

These EV cars have been increasingly introduced into the Nigerian auto market in recent times as the common belief that they are expensive and cannot be fueled adequately has lost its grounding. There is a range of electric vehicles that’s not beyond the average man’s grasp, so let's check out the electric car prices in Nigeria in this article!

Naijauto.com gathers 5 of the most affordable electric cars for your consideration down below!

2. Chevrolet Volt price in Nigeria - ₦12 million

The Chevrolet Volt uses both petrol and electricity and in terms of non-fuel, it is considered one of the best electric cars in Nigeria.

It is a plug-in hybrid but we’d rather call it an electric vehicle. This is because it offers an exhilarating fuel economy, even for a hybrid. Its electric mode can take it as far as 53 miles. Sold at ₦12 million, the Chevy Volt appears to offer its money’s worth and more.


Besides the fuel-operating engine, an EV option is offered too

Launched first for Europe, then international markets, the Chevy Volt impresses with acceleration and quick handling response and comes with an array of features that will make pricier vehicles blush.

Aside from it, it is equipped with a rear-view camera, USB ports, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Its array of exciting tech features combine with a 149 hp electrically powered engine to make this car’s price a giveaway.


It can reach up to 53 miles at full charge


You can get an electric Volt around N12m

3. Nissan Leaf price in Nigeria - ₦11 million

At full charge, the hatchback battery electric vehicle Nissan Leaf can run up to 151 miles. This range is far beyond what most EVs in its category offers. Features such as satellite radio, Bluetooth, connectivity, ProPilot Assist, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto come standard with the Leaf. It also has a 5-inch color display for navigation. These features helped the Leaf won the 2011-2012 Car of the Year Japan, the 2011 World Car of the Year, the 2011 European Car of the Year, and the 2010 Green Car Vision Award.


The Nissan Leaf is one of the best EVs ever produced

The Nissan Leaf is one of the most successful EV products from the Asian market. It performs excellently and handles well. Carrying an engine power of 147 hp and a price tag of ₦11 million, the Nissan Leaf can be said to be apt for its price.

Video: Nissan Leaf 5 year review

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4. Honda Clarity price in Nigeria - ₦12.1 million

About a decade after its introduction, the Honda Clarity team has worked hard to bring the model to its present state of aesthetic appeal. The current look it wears proves to be the quintessential translation of what the company hopes for.


Honda Clarity is one of the best EVs in terms of appearance

The Honda Clarity is polite with fuel consumption, with a combined economy of 114 miles per gallon and its 161 hp electric engine takes it as far as 89 miles. This battery-electric car is sold at ₦12.1 million—a price set considering its luxurious interior and array of features. Keyless entry, multi climate control, and Apple CarPlay are standard in the Honda Clarity. However, the slight sluggishness it demonstrates on the road may make you look at the alternatives.

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5. BMW i3 price in Nigeria - ₦15.8 million

In the BMW i3, a 168 bhp electric motor combines with a lithium-ion battery pack to carry the car for a range from 85 miles to 120 miles. The BMW i3 has an optional motorcycle engine that optimizes the batteries’ performance. Sized virtually the same as the Ford Fiesta, the BMW i3 feels relatively spacious with its extended headroom.


The BMW i3 was first introduced at the 2011 International Motor Show Germany in concept form

The sporty driver would be grateful to the manufacturers for making it lightweight while coming with the ability to accelerate from nil to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds. Its components are made from aluminum and carbon fiber. It flaws the Toyota Prius in acceleration and 0.3 tons lighter than a Nissan Leaf.

The 2014 World Car Design of the Year and 2014 World Green Car of the Year winner comes in a number of versions and offers a starting price of ₦15.8 million.


The interior is smartly designed for large space

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6. Volkswagen e-Golf price in Nigeria - ₦11 million

A laudable integration of a power-packed electric engine and the typical hatchback Golf design, the compact Volkswagen e-Golf delivers swiftly at command.


The e-Golf is one of the most luxurious EVs in its class

The Volkswagen e-Golf is priced at ₦11 million. The hatchback came with an array of features, including Satellite/HD Radio, a digital cockpit, Bluetooth and USB port integration, and a rearview camera. The car is powered by a 134 hp electric motor that generates an incredible acceleration. Considering its array of features and good performance, it is definitely not a rip-off.

7. Conclusion

When you compare electric vehicles to conventionally fuelled cars, there are many upsides to the former. The components of an electric car do not allow much movement, this ultimately translates to less frequent maintenance. Electric vehicles also offer a more climate­- and environmental-friendly alternative of consuming energy, as they use renewable energy and help us reduce emission hazards. And the most important one…you spend less on refueling.

We hope you enjoy our article on electric car prices in Nigeria. More interesting articles like this can be found on Naijauto.com, check out our price article section now!

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