BMW M5 price in Nigeria: For those who put class and luxury at first

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Overview of BMW M5

The BMW M sub-brand is known to be the Motorsports series brought out by the German automobile manufacturer. A milestone was reached in 1985 when the brand introduced the BMW 5 series which came up with a modification of the M1's engine and appeared in sedan and wagon body style. The BMW M5 has prevailed 6 generations, familiarizing car enthusiasts with 2 variants.

The M5 is made muscular. Its styling makes it one of the kind in the luxury car segment. Currently, the sedan is operated by the four-wheel-drive technology which is known as xDrive. Throughout the history of the BMW M5, it has got constant updates and upgrades, so now its buyers can have the experience of being behind the wheel of a 5-speed, 6-speed, 7-speed, or even 8-speed variants (offered in both manual and automatic transmission.

Today, will be guiding you through the BMW M5 price in Nigeria, review, and buying guides to see if it is worth your next buy. Check out!


The BMW M5 made a world record for drifting for 8 hours straight

BMW M5 in Nigeria

The BMW brand made an early entry into the Nigerian automobile market and the BMW M5 was available for customers since their introduction; this sports sedan has proven to be credible and worth every penny it costs. Nigerians relate luxury and durability with the German automobile maker and they expect nothing less when they buy the BMW M5; it is a good thing the company knows how to satisfy their customer’s taste and they do well to provide the newer models in the country.

People have many options to buy BMW M5 in Nigeria, ranging from authorised dealerships to online marketplaces, which will be listed in later sections.

Video: Watch this video to get more details on the BMW M5

Prices of BMW M5 in Nigeria

The BMW M5 price in Nigeria is reviewed in three sections that capture brand new, foreign used and Nigerian used models. We can begin with the prices of the brand new version of the car.

  • Brand new BMW M5 prices in Nigeria

The suggested retail prices of BMW M5 brand new models range from 14 million to nearly 40 million naira, depending on trim levels and production years. These price tags may not include delivery fees.

Prices of brand new BMW M5 in Nigeria

Model  Price
BMW M5 2005 - 2010 Standard  ₦14 million - ₦17 million
BMW M5 2005 - 2010 Competition  ₦14 million - ₦19 million
BMW M5 2011 - 2016 Standard   ₦15.5 million - ₦20 million
BMW M5 2011 - 2016 Competition ₦17 million - ₦23 million
BMW M5 2017 - 2019 Standard  ₦19 million - ₦35 million 
BMW M5 2017 - 2019 Competition   ₦21 million - ₦39 million

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  • Tokunbo BMW M5 prices in Nigeria

The Tokunbo prices of the BMW M5 are affected by a number of elements. One among them is because of customs duty on importation. See the pricing details down below:

Prices of foreign used BMW M5 in Nigeria

Model  Price
Tokunbo BMW M5 2005 - 2010 Standard ₦6 million - ₦10 million
Tokunbo BMW M5 2005 - 2010 Competition ₦6 million - ₦13 million
Tokunbo BMW M5 2011 - 2016 Standard   ₦9.5 million - ₦14 million
Tokunbo BMW M5 2011 - 2016 Competition ₦11 million - ₦17 million
Tokunbo BMW M5 2017 - 2019 Standard ₦12 million - ₦21 million 
Tokunbo BMW M5 2017 - 2019 Competition ₦15 million - ₦26 million

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  • Nigerian used BMW M5 prices in Nigeria

The next table shows the prices of the Nigerian-used BMW M5 and the model year. These price tags are also prone to changes in each situation, depending on car condition and related factors in purchase process.

Prices of locally-used BMW M5 in Nigeria

Model Price
Nigerian-used BMW M5 2005 - 2010 Standard  ₦2.2 million - ₦7 million
Nigerian-used BMW M5 2011 - 2016 Standard   ₦5 million - ₦11 million
Nigerian-used BMW M5 2005 - 2010 Competition   ₦3 million - ₦7 million
Nigerian-used BMW M5 2011 - 2016 Competition   ₦5 million - ₦13 million

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BWM M5 Specifications: Pros & Cons summary

To help you get an overview of M5 performance, we have combined below essential specifications of BMW M5 for your reference. Please see in this table!

  BMW M5 Specifications

Engine Turbo V8 Engine
Max. Torque 750Nm @ 1800rpm
Max. Power 460kW @ 6000rpm
Transmission 8-speed transmission
Drive Type Rear-Wheel Drive
Fuel Consumption 10.6L/ 100km

Advantages of BMW M5

The following points are factors that should encourage you to buy the BMW M5 in Nigeria;

  • It is a sport-ready luxury sedan.

  • The safety features are top of its class.

  • The comfort experience in this car is rivaled by only a few.

  • The BMW M5 is fast and quiet while at it.


The BMW M5 is now in the sixth generation

Disadvantages of BMW M5

Looking at this side of the BMW M5, customers should consider if they can handle these facts before deciding to own this car.

  • The stability control takes over without notice.

  • The fuel consumption for this car is high.

  • Maintenance may be expensive since it is a complete luxury vehicle.


One of the weak points of the M5 is the steering wheel does not provide a firm grip

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Notes when buying used BMW M5 in Nigeria

Visiting the dealership or going to check out a BMW M5 means you should have a clue on what to inspect and what questions to ask. We have listed a few hints to guide you for your new buy:

  • Go with a trusted technician to help inspect the engine and transmission of the car.

  • Listen to how the engine revving sounds and check for smoking from exhaust (Avoid white smoke at any cost).

  • Go on a test drive with the car to see how it handles speed and terrains.

  • Inspect the interior for damages and a leaking roof.

  • Check the body to know if it is rusting or bent and whether it has been worked on.


Remember to inspect and test drive the car before purchase!

Common problems of the BMW M5

Make sure you know these common problems to keep up a maintenance plan to guard against abandoning your BMW M5;

  • Suspension and shock absorber get weak easily in poor road conditions.

  • The steering linkage does not give a perfect grip, so you should go for alignment often.

Our sincere advice on which trim you should go for is that the BMW M5 Competition comes to the table before the standard BMW M5, so plan to get the Competition trim of the models in the fourth to sixth generations.

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Where to buy BMW M5 in Nigeria

Addresses of accredited or authorized dealers of BMW M5 in Nigeria are included in the table below:

Authorized BMW Dealers


BMW Showroom 68A Adeola Odeku Road, Victoria Island Lagos
BMW Service Centre KM 46 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Awoyaya Lagos
BMW Service Centre  1 - 7 Coscharis Street, Kiri Kiri Industrial Estate, Maza Maza Lagos
BMW Service Centre Plot 388 Constitution Road, Central Business District Abuja, Nigeria
BMW Showroom/ Workshop Nwaniba Road, Opposite Radio Nigeria, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
BMW Showroom/ Workshop Plot 8 Guda-Abdullahi Road, Farm Centre, Kano


The luxurious black 2006 BMW M5

Besides, you can check these online locations as well for BMW M5 for sale in Nigeria;

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Whether it is the base sedan or the competition sedan, they both consume a lot of fuel and won't arrive at your home with an easy cost; but if class and luxury are your styles, then look no further as the BMW M5 is just the right choice for you. Comfort and effective driving aid are not excluded either when describing the possessive attributes of the BMW M5 Series. We have a few of this car in the car listing section, and you should go check them out.

If you find this article of BMW M5 prices in Nigeria helpful, don't forget to check for more Car prices on!

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