Acura ZDX Prices in Nigeria (Update in 2020)

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Let's check out our article about the up-to-date Acura ZDX prices in Nigeria, covering its brand new, foreign used and locally used units.

In Nigeria, Acura might not be the most famous car brand but it is still a familiar name in the local auto market. Even when you put this brand in the same line with Honda or Toyota, it is still not an unfair comparison. Acura is indeed a luxury division of Honda. Therefore, its models are also highly appreciated for its style, quality and creativity.

One of the most outstanding models of this brand is the Acura ZDX. This mid-size luxury crossover is confident to attract all admirers with its stylish exterior before they look at what is included inside. That is why it has won Nigerian motorists' hearts. The Acura ZDX may not be the most well-known car in our market but it is still an excellent model of Acura.

Acura ZDX angular front

This mid-size luxury crossover is confident to attract all admirers with its stylish exterior before they look at what is included inside

If you have fallen in love with this car, it is very necessary to check out how much this crossover goes for in the Nigerian market. Now let bring you a full price list of the Acura ZDX in our country, including its Nigerian used, foreign used and brand new price.

1. Brand New Acura ZDX prices in Nigeria

The Acura ZDX has gone through a total of 4 years of production, from 2010 to 2013 before being discontinued in 2013 so there is no brand new unit available on the current market.

2. Foreign used Acura ZDX prices in Nigeria

Although the Acura ZDX’s production has been stopped about 5 years ago, its foreign used units are still found in the market. In Nigeria, foreign used cars are enthusiastically welcomed. The Acura ZDX is not the most sought-after model in the automobile market but its tokunbo version is widely available. You can buy it directly in Nigeria or import from other countries all over the world.

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Remember that the prices vary because of some certain factors including the car’s condition, the year of production, tariffs, custom clearance fees, currency exchange rate at the time of buying and other factors.

Now let’s take a look at the up-to-date prices of foreign used Acura ZDX in Nigeria:

  Foreign used Acura ZDX price list in Nigeria
Model year  Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Acura ZDX 2010 price N8,000,000 – N13,000,000
Tokunbo Acura ZDX 2011 price N8,000,000 – N13,000,000
Tokunbo Acura ZDX 2012 price N8,000,000 – N13,000,000
Tokunbo Acura ZDX 2013 price N8,000,000 – N13,000,000

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3. Locally used Acura ZDX prices in Nigeria

In fact, there are a number of buyers prefer locally used cars than the foreign used units because of a significant reduction in the price without caring about currency exchange rate and clearance changes. We all know that locally used vehicles might have series of electrical or mechanical issues but it is not always the case. In fact, they show just a little difference from foreign used units. However, it is still essential to check the car’s general condition before making the final deal.

It should be noted that the following prices also depend on the car’s condition including its features, fuel mileage and neatness.

Locally used Acura ZDX models are largely available. Let’s check out the newest locally used Acura ZDX prices in Nigeria:

  Nigerian used Acura ZDX prices in Nigeria
Model year  Price in Nigerian Naira
Locally used Acura ZDX 2010 price N7,000,000 – N9,000,000
Locally used Acura ZDX 2011 price N7,000,000 – N9,000,000
Locally used Acura ZDX 2012 price N7,000,000 – N9,000,000
Locally used Acura ZDX 2013 price N7,000,000 – N9,000,000

4. Something you need to know about the Acura ZDX

Acura ZDX was developed from the second-gen Acura MDX. It got a fastback style that significantly reduces cargo space and the rear passenger part. Since its launch in 2009, the ZDX immediately became one of the top-selling models of Acura. It comes equipped with a full package of features including a multi-view parking camera, a panoramic sunroof, a standard audio system, xenon headlights, automatic climate change, 19’’ wheel and a navigation system.

Under the hood, the Acura ZDX is armed with a 3.7 L V6 engine which is capable of dishing out 300 hp and 366 Nm of torque. This car’s lifetime lasted from 2010 to 2013 with no considerable change in its design and equipment as well.

Acura ZDX on the road

Under the hood, the Acura ZDX is armed with a 3.7 L V6 engine

Although the ZDX owns a sleeker, fresher and sportier look, it’s performance isn’t still better than its predecessor MDX. Thanks to the SH-AWD system, the crossover gets good levels of grip and control. The V6 engine sounds impressive and its operation is smooth, especially on on-roading performance, but still lack low-end grunt.

2010 Acura ZDX Tech Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

5. Acura ZDX pros and cons

5.1. Acura ZDX: Things to love

  • Appealing exterior styling

With a glossy design from bumper to bumper, the Acura ZDX will definitely garner many stares and odd looks from passers-by. If you’re into flush vehicles and are seeking for one that well matches any occasion, the Acura is worth a slot on your wishlist.

  • Comfortable seats

Want to sit comfortably in the car during every trip? The Acura ZDX knows the way to get you relaxed and satisfied. With this crossover, rest assured that every ride will be comfy.

  • Smooth handling

This feature is typical for all Acura models and the ZDX is no exception. It allows you to maneuver easily even when challenging tight spaces. Further, the vehicle is also easy to park in not-too-spacious parking lots.

Acura ZDX on the road

It allows you to maneuver easily even when challenging tight spaces

  • Nice audio system

The ZDX sound system can bring you a perfect balance when using it. If music is your passion, the Acura ZDX is absolutely perfect for you.

Acura ZDX dashboard area

The ZDX sound system can bring you a perfect balance when using it, not to mention its loudness

  • Advanced safety kit

The ZDX is protective enough with all safety features it has to offer.

5.2. Acura ZDX: Things you might not like

  • Poor fuel economy:

Under the sheet metal of the ZDX is a V6 mill, but it is not fuel efficient as it should be. In fact, the fuel economy on the ZDX is quite poor and is a minus.

  • Confined cargo space

If you often need to load goods or deliver something bulky with your own transport, Acura ZDX might not be a sensible choice. The limited cargo space is a seeable drawback of this vehicle but it won't matter much to those prioritizing room for passengers.

6. Conclusion

With its creative design, ZDX has impressed many customers at the very first sight. Though there're certain points the automaker need to work on, this car is still an advisable consideration for daily usage.

In the end, hope that our article will be helpful for you, especially those who intend to drive home an Acura ZDX. With our updated Acura ZDX prices in Nigeria, you will never have to worry about buying a ZDX with an exorbitant price.

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