Xenon headlight pros and cons: should you go for it?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Without any doubt, xenon headlights are the best and the brightest for driving at the darkest time of the day but they have drawbacks too. Click here for the pros and cons of xenon headlight to see if you should buy them!

When it comes to the most trending and latest technology of headlights in town, xenon will come straight to your mind except you do not have much grasp on the area of discourse. You also have the exciting offer to replace the old factory equipped headlights with the much superior xenon headlights. So, don’t feel bad if you missed out on it earlier. It doesn’t really require of you to buy a very expensive car before you can really enjoy this advanced technology. Also, there is availability of xenon headlight kits for sale, which permits you to easily upgrade the existing headlights in your car with the newer xenon headlights. We are quite sure this info will really excite those using older cars. With these headlights, you can have full access to the road at any time of the day.

1. What is xenon headlight?

Don’t let us bore you by going too deep into the ‘behind the scene’ of the technology. In simple terms, xenon is that type of gas what has no colour or odor to it. With just little electricity to heat it up, it tends to light up very brightly. If you are thinking that the common yellow lights, halogen lights and the LED lights are very bright, you really need to see the xenon lights come up.

2. Should you use xenon headlights?

Here on Naijauto are the pros and cons of xenon headlights so that you can consider whether to go for this special kind of headlight or not.

2.1. Advantages of xenon headlights

Without much ado, it is much easier to say lots of good things about xenon headlights. Check out the four good reasons why it’s really cool to have xenon headlights.

  • Whiter lighting

The xenon headlights are very much capable of producing a very white light. By implication, it will afford you the opportunity to see clearly irrespective of how dark or dim the area is while driving. Another good thing about its white light is the ability to see farther than the popular halogen light.


Xenon headlights stretch over long distance than the halogen or the LED headlights

  • Brighter light

One thing xenon edges over all kinds if light is its superior brightness. When you deploy these lights during night drive, it makes it seem like daytime driving. LED and Halogen do not come close.

  • Lasts long

Because of the presence of certain gas in the xenon headlights, it makes it difficult for the gas to die or run down at any time soon. Halogen headlights in particular have duration of 400 hours to 1000 hours. If you use xenon headlights, you will enjoy very bright light for as long as 2,000 hours.

  • Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, xenon headlights are very reliable and last for a very long time. What you just need is a little electricity to heat up the gas and make it very bright. Consequently, xenon headlights consume less battery power especially when you compare it with halogen headlights.

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2.2. Disadvantages of xenon headlights

Obviously, there is nothing like perfect technology. There will always be one or two flaws based on some considered factors. For now, we can only point out two setbacks with using the xenon headlights.

  • Glare

While you are enjoying your driving experience in the darkest place on the road, the brightness of xenon headlights becomes a problem for other motorists plying the road. It causes a glare that reflects on their mirror, hereby making driving very difficult for them. If not handled properly, it might lead to accident or other forms of road rage where they lash out words at out over your super bright headlights.

  • Expensiveness

It is normal to think that this headlight doesn’t come cheap. If you are going for the best, you have to pay the price. This applies to the xenon headlight and its expensive nature. Due to the fact that you might want to upgrade the earlier headlights that come equipped in your old car to xenon headlight, you will need to acquire the whole xenon headlight kits for the specific model. These kits are often expensive coupled with the labour cost of installing it.

Xenon vs. Halogen headlight comparison (also Static vs. Adaptive headlights

Finally, everything still boils down to the size of your pocket. If indeed you can afford xenon headlights for your old car, it is advisable you get for your car for better access especially in the night.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

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