Which is better, carburetor or fuel injection?

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on December 05, 2018

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Carburetor vs fuel injection - which one should choose over the other? which is the best among these two? Want answers? Click here to find out and read more.

A lot of debate has been made about carburetor vs fuel injection for years now. Car lovers and enthusiasts have always had different views about these two. Some are convinced and love the utility of the fuel injection more. While others think and believe that the engine’s performance is being done enough justice to by the carburetor alone and not the fuel injection. So, the question still remains – Which is the better option between carburetor and fuel injection?

Naijauto.com will not categorically choose one of these two, rather we will explain better on the two and let you decide for yourself, which one is best in your own view. Reasons being that these two have different features and lots of factors regarding the intended usage plays a role in determining which one is best for a car buyer.

1. What are carburetors and fuel injections?

Nothing really complicated about these two. They are systems that feed the engine cylinders of a car with fuel and air. The gas combustion that happens after this released energy into the combustion chambers and into the pistons as well. The carburetor’s earlier versions utilized fuel vapors or air flow for ignition in the cars while the later versions used a different kind of principle. The later versions supplied the same amount of fuel and air into the intake of the pistons. These carburetor systems had a downside of not being able to monitor the air-to-fuel ratio for each cylinder respectively. Nonetheless, carburetors are extensively used in racing cars because they are long-lasting.

In the early 1990s, the carburetor as a system lost its vogue and this gave rise to the emergence of the fuel injection taking over its place. This fuel injection system has been made available since then in both electrical and mechanical versions as well as for both gasoline and diesel engines.


Carburetors are extensively used in racing cars because they are found to be long-lasting

There are 2 different types of fuel injection system – direct fuel injection and port fuel injection systems. The direct fuel injection is more advanced. It can supply fuel directly into the cylinders and it can handle 2- or 4-stroke engines. This system allows the perfect calculation of the amount of air and fuel required based on engine load conditions, then release this amount into the cylinders. And based on the current engine report, it also adjusts that amount constantly as such.

2. Pros and Cons of Carburetor vs Fuel injection

Like we mentioned in the first paragraph above, it's better if we list and discuss some of the pros and cons of both systems for you to easily see and chose which one is your most preferred choice among these two.

2.1. Performance and Power

In terms of delivering fuel and air into the cylinders in the engine, an electrically controlled fuel injection system provides a more accurate result than a carburetor. Reason being that it can supply the actual required amount of fuel that the engine needs to function at its maximum power and also provide the utmost performance/driving experience. Unfortunately, carburetors can not calculate the precise amount of fuel this way. And whenever there’s a change in the fuel temperature or atmospheric pressure, carburetors also can’t adjust to this.


Fuel injection system delivers fewer carbon emissions, higher fuel-efficiency, and less fuel consumption

2.2. Fuel economy and Emissions

Again, the fuel injection system wins at this point. It helps in getting less fewer carbon emissions, higher fuel-efficiency, and less fuel consumption. It achieves all this by being able to calculate precisely and also adjust the amount of air and fuel required by the vehicle. Carburetors can’t beat this result because their delivery is not subject to the engine conditions rather it is based on an average fuel-to-air ratio which is not as efficient compared to the fuel injection system.

2.3. The cost of maintenance

This is where the carburetor wins. Guess what, you can even rebuild a carburetor entire system right in your garage at home. Just a carburetor cleaner can, a few hand tools and some other parts are all you will need to do it. This gives you an idea of how easy it will be to maintain a carburetor itself. On the other hand, a fuel injection system requires a professional for repair cases where the system has burned out. The reason being that it’s a complex system on its own.

Carburetors vs. Electronic Fuel Injection—What’s Better? | MC Garage

3. Which is now the best between fuel injection vs carburetor?

From various angles, it seems that the fuel injection system has many advantages over the carburetor from our own view. Fuel injection seems to be the perfect choice for modern day vehicles as they are packed with mostly electrically controlled parts. While smaller engines like in motorcycles still make sense to have carburetors because of their simplicity and less cost of maintenance. So, don’t be surprised most of the cars you will find on the automobile market will come with a fuel injection system. At the end of the day, it still boils down to your preference. If you go for older vehicles, you might actually have the option of carburetors.

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