When you must replace your mechanic - 5 obvious signs!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Don't get us wrong. There are still good auto mechanics out there. Check out warning signs of when you should replace your mechanic!

It is wrong to feel that all mechanics are bad and out there to cheat you. Regardless, you should also know that the sole goal of all mechanics is profit making. That doesn’t mean some of them won’t do perfect job for you. We cannot rule out the existence of bad ones, who are unethical and dishonest. This is why you need to be attentive to any stunt he is trying to pull to rip you off. Here on Naijauto are the 5 signs for you to replace your mechanic.

1. Hook you with free services & promotions

Everyone likes “awoof” in Nigeria and some mechanics can use it to their advantage. They may decide to give you free inspection and later hit with unnecessary repair and maintenance expenses. These particular set of mechanics would package the problems in such in a way that they will look inevitable. They use this free inspection as a ploy to carry out fake diagnosis on that car. They set the panic button on motion for you. Except you have a sound grasp of many components in your car, the possibility that you will fall into this trap is high very. When you notice this trait, we believe you should consider an alternative opinion from another auto repair shop.


If you are not smart enough, your auto mechanic might rip you off!

2. Refuse to release written estimate

One thing cunny mechanics understand is never giving out written estimates for any kind of repair. They are quite aware of the possibility of you looking for second opinion. This is when they start getting defensive. Once you get hold of this estimate, it is very easy for you to find out all the loop holes of this particular auto mechanic. When you notice this, it is indicator he is a con man. You need to get a new mechanic.

3. Force you to make decision quickly

Another smart move by some of these dishonest mechanics is to choke you with repair. They won’t give you room for doubt or any form of resistance. They put so much pressure on you until you yield to their interest. Despite the rationality behind some of these moves, it is important to know that decision which would cost you hundreds of thousands of naira shouldn’t be forced on you. Don’t allow any auto mechanic to rush you into making irrational financial decision. When this is becoming persistent with that particular mechanic, you should seek another opinion from outside.

4. Make unreal promises and cheap repair

Don’t get carried away with unreal promises or dirt cheap maintenance. This eventually could cause you more financial harm. Sometimes, in order to cut down your expenses ridiculously, your auto mechanic might overlook long term maintenance and do fast job for you to make quick cash off you. This could increase the severity of the problem and put your car in a potential terrible state. When you discover your auto mechanic is fond of making unreal promises, you need to look somewhere else.

How To Avoid Unnecessary Car Repair Expenses

5. Request to buy your car

Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying it is overly wrong to sell your car to your mechanic but there are ways some deceitful mechanics would take your car off you. They do this by giving you unreal repair estimate that would scare you to your bone. When they sense the panic or fear in you, they give you a proposal to sell your car off to them. If you notice it, discreetly seek a second opinion from another mechanic.

We have always mentioned on this site that you should always do your research before approaching any auto mechanic for repair. Despite the bad ones out there, there are still many good and honest mechanics in the city where you are. You just need to be patient and careful too.

All the best in the hunt for new mechanic!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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