Transmission flush – When does your car need one?

Gear slipping, grinding engine noise and stalling engine are clear signs of bad transmission fluid. Check out for more signs!

Every car owner and driver will accept that cars or vehicles have gone beyond just being machines that are bought for a purpose, rather they have gradually become an essential part of our everyday life. No car owner or driver will ever wish to see their vehicle fail them at a time of crucial need like; running late for an important meeting, an emergency medical transportation case, etc. discovered that the culprit in most transmission malfunction cases is usually the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is supposed to help lubricate the components of the transmission system and prevent them from wear or tear. But, negligence and carelessness about this transmission fluid is what leads to most of the eventual weird behaviors of such transmission system.

Indicators of the need for a transmission flush in a car

Actually, no one can tell the precise time a transmission flush is needed in a car. Reason being that different cars perform in different ways as well as the fact that many factors are considered before one can decide that a transmission flush is needed. Below we have listed and discussed some of the most common symptoms that indicate the need for a transmission flush.

1. Gear slipping

Gear slipping can be caused by low transmission fluid or dirt/grunge interrupting the flow of the transmission fluid in a vehicle. A vehicle’s gear would function smoothly only when the vehicle’s transmission is being able to create pressure that is enough. Dirt and contamination in a vehicle’s transmission fluid will obstruct/ restrict the smooth flow of the transmission fluid, thereby badly affecting the hydraulic power in such a vehicle. If you happen to notice dirty transmission fluid in your vehicle, get it changed and refilled with clean, new fluid to the same level as it was before.

2. Grinding transmission noises

Are you getting horrible noises from your vehicle when it’s started?  Well, the culprit might just be low or dirty transmission fluid in your vehicle. In any of both cases, you should just get a transmission flush as soon as possible. A good question on your mind right now might be: How do I know if the transmission fluid is contaminated or dirty?


New transmission fluids mostly have a red color but old fluid will be in dark black

Actually, it’s easy to know. First, we will like that you be aware of the color of fresh transmission fluids to be mostly red although some various brands might have a different color they prefer.

But in any case, once you notice your transmission fluid color in your vehicle has changed from the original fresh color to a total dark black color, then it is already full of sludge and needs to be flushed out.

3. Jerking or stalling of the vehicle

Are you getting a jerking feel in your car as you shift gears while moving on a smooth road surface? If your answer is yes, then you should ask yourself; When last did you get a transmission flush done? Dirty transmission fluid will give such a symptom like jerking of the vehicle. If this is noticed, a transmission flush is just the right remedy in such scenario. Dirty transmission fluid is mainly the cause of jerking, stalling, jumping and delays in a vehicle’s movement just after a gear shift or after starting the car.

4. Gear shifting problem

Contamination in a vehicle’s transmission fluid might be the main reason behind sluggishness of the car’s gear. When such case is discovered, it is very much advisable to just go for a transmission flush as soon as possible.

10 Min Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush + Replacement (Most Cars)

A transmission flush doesn’t mean an entire transmission system replacement, rather it means a complete transmission fluid flush out and change. When we say “get a transmission flush done”- We mean that you should take your vehicle to a servicing or an expert mechanic shop and request for a transmission fluid change to be done for you.


If you get a transmission flush done at the appropriate time when the vehicle is needing it, you will be saving such car form chaos and possibilities of future transmission failure.

With all that we have discussed above, we do hope you never take too long to get a transmission flush done as soon as you start getting the signs for the need. Let’s drive safe and smart!

Oluwaseun Solomon

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