When should you change your transmission fluid?


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Follow our guides to have your transmission fluid flushed or changed the right way.

It is advised that the transmission fluid should be checked frequently to make sure that it is in good condition, especially if your car runs under high-stress condition. You should check the fluid level using a dipstick and have a car mechanic check its condition.

When To Change Transmission Fluid - Joe Rizza Ford

The following is the sign of transmission fluid telling that you need changing it immediately, otherwise it will have bad effects on your car.

  • The transmission fluid changes its original colour or have burned odor: Normally, the transmission fluid is in red colour. Therefore, when it turns darker or acquires a burned odour, it means you should get it changed or your transmission has got some mechanical problem.
  • The transmission fluid is scattered with dirt or other debris: Sometimes you will find that the transmission fluid is scattered with dirt or other debris. That is also a sign showing the fluid need be changed.

A man check the fluid

 But don't be hasty when the mechanic tells you that your fluid has become darker and suggest you do a transmission change or flush

When you go to a repair facility for the fluid check or any routine service, the staff here will tell you that your fluid has become darker and suggest you do a transmission change or flush. But don't be hasty, consult your car’s maintenance schedule and consider the manufacturer’s recommendation before deciding. Doing so, you also have time to price maintenance shops.

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Don’t flush your fluid when it has burnt smelling, dark, and has little speck or flakes in it. Your transmission and the fluid might have hard part damaged but still can work and you should not flush it, otherwise, it will fail right away. On the other hand, it is better if you continue driving the car until it stops working. That will save you a replacement transmission. No one can tell you when your transmission will fail, it might be in one day, one week or one year, but it definitely will soon.

transmission fluid change

Normally, the fluid is in red colour

Don’t wait for the fluid’s smell or colour change. Most manufacturers recommend that you should have it changed every time the car gets 30,000 miles. You also can follow the industry standard which advises the fluid needs to be changed after the car has run for 24,000 miles or two years, depending on which condition come first.

Please note that a fluid change and transmission flush are totally different services. A transmission flush removes all the fluid in the cooler lines, the pan and the torque converter, meanwhile, the fluid change drains the dirty fluid from the pan.

Whichever service you opt for, make certain to have the transmission filter replaced, the pan dropped and inspected for any issues, and the fluid used is the one recommended by the manufacturer. 

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