When a car runs out of fuel, which parts get damaged the most?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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You may know of fuel being important for a car to run. But do you know that some car parts are getting damaged as a car runs out of fuel? Check here to learn more

Just as the human body needs water/food, so is the fuel essential for a car to keep it running. A lot of drivers are only aware of how running out of fuel cuts short the driving excitement for them, but only few knows that running out of fuel also damages some parts of the car. This is why Naijauto.com is putting up this article to discuss and inform car owners about the repercussions of letting a car run out of fuel too often.

Running out of fuel? – These are the parts that get damaged as you do

Many car drivers are either too lazy or just forgetful and would not re-fill their cars as its running empty but rather wait till it eventually does before the re-fill. As unserious as it may look on a normal day, it has also been observed and studied that if this is repeated continuously, many parts of such vehicle get destroyed and the engine also ages quickly. So, what are the main parts that get destroyed?

1. The fuel tank

As a car owner or driver, you should have a good understanding of your vehicle’s gas tank capacity beforehand. Reason being that, the tank gets terribly damaged each time you try driving the car with no gasoline in it. Although only few drivers know about this but it has been proven and true by car experts. What happens when you drive with no gasoline is; The gas crust which should have been left in the filter will be rather used to provide energy. And if you get accustomed to running the car many times out of fuel, this crust will corrode the engine, fuel tank, and some other parts as it sticks to them.


It is advisable to be aware of a car’s fuel tank capacity and re-fill it before it gets empty

This corrosive phenomenon that damages the vehicle will happen as a result of gas crust being attracted and collected by the energy tank because it is made of metal. This problem is even very common with old cars and it’s a serious one because it is detrimental to any car.

2. The fuel injection

The fuel injection in a car should transport fuel from the car’s fuel tank all the way to the burning tank in the car theoretically. And this is the main reason why a car’s fuel injection is the pumping system’s most important part. But, when you drive with an empty fuel tank, the injection will collect the crust inside the fuel tank and this will not only have a direct impact on the inject but will also negatively impact the filter system in such car.

To simply put, the filter will be stuffed with the gas crust. Even after being pumped later on, the pumped gasoline will still not be able to reach the burning tank of the car. And in such a case, the car will refuse to start or show some other form of weirdness.

Why Not to Drive Your Car on an Empty Tank of Gas

3. The electric motor

Take it or leave it, when you keep running a car on an empty tank, you are also damaging the electric motor of the car. On a normal day, fuel is used as a coolant by the electric motors in a car and it this method helps to cool the copper wires and the engine as well. So, this is why running out of gas makes the electric motors overheat and break.


Driving on a low tank is a horrible thing to do and it’s not one of such qualities of a good driver. You should constantly check the fuel gauge displayed on the dashboard and get a gasoline re-fill once the pointer is approaching the empty or reserve level. You should save yourself the extra cost of fixing energy filter or the fuel injection system that will be caused by running on an empty tank.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our other useful car maintenance tips and advice.

Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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