What is brake bleeding & How to do it?

For drivers who want the braking to remain robust and responsive for miles to come.

What is brake bleeding?

The process of flushing air bubbles out of the brake lines (hoses and pipes containing the brake fluid) on hydraulic brake systems is called brake bleeding. Given that the air bubbles are compressible gas while the brake fluid is incompressible and their existence in the brake system significantly lowers the hydraulic pressure which can be improved in the system, brake bleeding is essential.

brake bleeding

The process of flushing air bubbles our of the brake lines on hydraulic brake systems is called brake bleeding

With the pads wearing so thin, the fluid level sunk too low in the brake master cylinder reservoir. One or three air bubbles are pumped into the brake lines. As we’ve noted, air is compressible, so for now, you have the equivalent of a fairly soft spring in the brake fluid’s solid column between the wheels and your foot. Then, brake bleeding will flush out that air.

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Apart from a seriously worn brake, a leak in the lines and your bad driving habits, persistently slamming on the brakes for example, can also by chance let the air break into the brake system.

If the brake pedal almost hit the floor before engaging or it may feel low or spongy even when you have just had your pads changed, you have to bleed the brake.

How to bleed your brakes?

The process of brake bleeding

The process of brake bleeding

It may be difficult to bleed a brake line and you should ask for the help of a mechanic. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions as to brake bleeding.

How to Bleed Disc Brakes

Lastly, as recommended by car experts, you should bleed your brakes every two to three years to rest assured that they're in best condition. While performing the bleeding, the mechanic should not let air into the actuator of Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brakes Assist (BA), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), and other sophisticated parts of brake systems.

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