The best way to detail your car inside out

By Oluwaseun Adeniji
Publish on July 10, 2019

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Detailing your car requires a lot of time and patience from you to achieve a desired result. By applying these steps, check here to see the best way to detail your car!

Car detailing is presumably the most stressful car cleaning task that requires your efforts at least once a year. This is what we will personally call high class cleaning.

It involves sweeping, scrubbing and wiping the open spaces and hidden spot on the car. There is no perfect detailing as it depends on individual preference. However, it wouldn’t sound bad to use a day in one of your numerous weekends in a year to perform this task. Here on Naijauto, we will show you the best way to detail your car at home.

1. What you need to know before detailing your car

Before we teach you how to properly detail your car, there is something you must know; regardless of your knowledge, the result will be different based on the kind of tools, detailing products and time spent doing it. This is why it is important to acquire specialized detailing products that would make the job easier and faster.

Example of such is using a cotton swab to clean hidden and harder regions in the car such as grilles and vent. Since you are committing a lot of your time in detailing your car, you could as well procure safe detailing product designated for your type of car. Keeping these in mind will make your effort worthwhile and fruitful.


Outcome of the detail is solely dependent on the time, tools and products used

2. Steps you must take when detailing your car

Step 1: Inner cabin first!

You need to start from the inner cabin of your car. To do this, you have to blow out dirt from the tiny crevices by using compressed air in a can. Do not be too hasty to leave the inner cabin and jump at cleaning the outside. When you start with this method, the dirt flushed out will be dealt with later when you are detailing the exterior.

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Step 2: More time for the headliner!

One of the spot that can give you problem is the headliner that is connected to the roof. Removing stain from it could be difficult. That is why you need to use an upholstery cleaner and micro fiber cloth to dust off the surface of the headliner. Make sure the headliner cloth doesn’t get wet when you are doing this.


When cleaning or removing stain from the headliner, avoid getting it wet

Use dry cloth to brush the whole surface gently and make sure if there is need to apply a liquid cleaner, put small quantity on the cloth and use it to softly brush the surface of the headliner till you get rid of any stain.

Step 3: Windows are waiting!

To clean the vinyl, plastic or the inner part of the window, you need to apply different cleaning methods depending on the hardness of the surface. For hard surface, you will need to soak your cleaning cloth with the cleaner for all purpose. For your inner window, always use window cleaner or paper towels. Using balled up newspaper on the glass after cleaning will give it a very sparkling appearance.


Always use a soft and clean cloth to perform detail on the dashboard

Step 4: Now comes to the seat!

When you get to the seat, the cleaning approach is somewhat different. Since we have different materials for seat upholstery depending on your type of car. For fabric upholstery, use foamy cleaning product for that seat. You can also acquire an upholstery brush from any store close to you. Never use a vinyl cleaner for a leather seat. You can use leather conditioner for that purpose. If it is vinyl seat and you notice any tear, the repair kits will be very useful

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Step 5: Get your carpet out!

This part is quite simple and popular among car owners. This is when you will need to take the floor mat off your car. Make sure you wash rubber and fabric mats outside the car. If the carpets are torn, get a replacement. Make use you use foamy item to clean minor stain on the carpet. Refrain from saturating your carpet with cleaner to prevent mildew.


Remove the rubber floor mat from the car before washing

Step 6: Give the dashboard its shiny look!

 You will have to pay a lot of attention to the dashboard and steering. You will have to clean those spot gently without breaking anything. Take of any removable knob and apply your cleaner on the surface. For hard spot, attach a clean cloth to a soft plastic or wood to access and clean. You can also polish the dashboard after cleaning to give it flawless and shinning look.


Cleaning this part requires patience and right tools such as soft brush and plastic knife

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Step 7: It's time for doorjambs!

You must make sure you detail the doorjamb by using the dry paper towel to wipe off any heavy grease. Use brush for tight corners and wax the doorjamb after cleaning. Leave the door open and proceed to wash the exterior.

Do not just rush the outside because of the time spent on the interior. Take your time and wash small portion at a time. Use soft brush on hidden places around the headlight, door handle or lock. You will need a stiff brush and soapy water to thoroughly wash the wheels. Do not forget to change dirty water or rag after every wash. Make sure you spray down to prevent water spot.

How to detail the interior of a car

Step 8: Finally, you can clean the outside!

This is the final step. Use clean towel to dry your car. Apply a clear coat safe-cleaner on the blemishes or scratches you can see on the paint. A better alternative to this is a cleaner wax that will take care of any hidden blemish. Be careful not to apply wax on vinyl areas on your car. Always take time to take good care of your. a clean car speaks volume.

Now, your car is as good as new.

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