Easy ways to check your car’s oil level

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Car oil has to be in the right quantity for it to function properly. Find out how to check your car oil and top it by yourself to enjoy a smooth ride!

It’s common knowledge that cars make use of oil. But what for exactly? Think of oil in a car as blood in the human body. It keeps various elements of the car lubricated, creating easy movement. It keeps friction in the engine at bay, allowing it to be in top gear.

Leaving the oil unattended to for ages and not maintaining the recommended level are recipes for a disaster. It’s very important that the oil doesn’t exceed the minimum level, otherwise, it fails to perform its duties effectively.

Checking the oil level is done with a dipstick. If the oil stops at the “add” part of the dipstick, it’s a sign for you to top it. Here are simple tips to check car oil easily!

1. Remove the dipstick

It’s risky to check your car’s oil level while your car is on. Put your car off and wait until it’s cold before you start. Pull out the dipstick. Wipe off the oil on it to make sure it’s completely clean.


Position and common shape of oil dipstick in cars (Photo source: Wikihow)

2. Insert the dipstick back

Insert the clean dipstick back into the oil tank. If it gets stuck halfway, it means you didn’t position it well. Change the position and insert it again till it fits.

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3. Pull it out and locate the oil level

Pull out the dipstick from the oil tank. Look at where the oil reaches on it.

Don’t pour oil into the tiny tube where the stick enters. Look for the cap of the oil tank. The position is indicated in some cars. Open the cap, and top up oil accordingly. Close the cap properly after adding the oil.


The oil cap stays near the oil dipstick

4. Insert the dipstick back

Simply insert the dipstick back into where you removed it from.

Apart from topping your oil to the right level, you also have to change it from time to time because dirty oil damages your car engine. If you are out of oil, you can buy another one the next time you get to the gas station.

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