How often should you wax your car in Nigeria?


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Waxing a car is a practice you should get used to just to make your paint last. What's more? Let's find out!

Waxing a car is like polishing a shoe. Car waxing is the process of applying some chemical substances to the body of your car using hands or a buffing machine.

This process is performed to make sure your car always puts on a refreshed and polished look. Aside from that, wax helps maintain your car better too.


Hello, please when last did you wax your car

Important as it is, many don't take waxing cars seriously as they should. Can you believe that some simple questions like how often should you wax your car or so can lead car owners into awkward silence? But worry no more as gives you the answer today!

Why should you wax your car?

Car wax protects the paint of your car and it also makes the paint shine like new. There are some stains on cars that washing cannot remove, these stains overtime pile up and make your car paint fade off. It fades off because the dirt attacks the top coat of your car and it then eats up into the main paint and dulls it off slowly.


When you wash your car, there are still stains the eyes cannot see

Waxing your car retains the value of your car in case you have to sell it later. You know how Nigerian car buyers can be when buying cars with an epileptic paint job. A bad appearance reduces the value of your car.

How often should you wax your car in Nigeria?

If you daily drive your car, because it enters the sun and dust daily you should wax it every 3 months. This amounts to 4 times in a year, If you don't drive your car often, then you should wax your car just twice a year. 

Where to wax your car?

You can either wax your car by yourself or employ the service of a car detailer.


Waxing a car could be so time-consuming

There are many car-detailing services around Nigeria. Car wash stations and Automobile spray booths are the best places to request for the service of a car detailer.

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Does waxing your car have any side effects? 

Waxing does not affect your car in any way except you do it the wrong way. To be on the safe side when waxing your car, it is best to just use your hand with a piece of soft foam. 
Professional car detailers use a buffing machine to apply the wax.


Waxing with a machine is way faster

You can also get a buffing machine if you are ready to learn how to use it. 

Cost of waxing your car

The cost of car wax varies according to the size and brand of car wax you are purchasing. Car wax sells at a minimum price of  N2,500dhdhd and you can get it at in various places around Nigeria. Automobile part stores and Chain stores at malls are the most common places for to by car wax in Nigeria.


Every car, whether bought brand new or used, needs to be waxed from time to time to protect the paint quality of your car and retain the value of the car up there. We hope our article has helped you answer your question on how often you should wax your car in Nigeria! Cheers!

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