Water in car transmission: why it happened & how to fix


Posted by: Okenwa Emeka

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Water in your car's transmission spells trouble! Get it out or get a new transmission system. Read this article and know more about how to get water out of your car transmission!

There are a couple of things in life not to be bothered about, water in car transmission isn’t one of them. It could only mean one thing - trouble! It doesn’t take more than 2ml of water to have your transmission in need of a total overhaul.

Why water is bad for your car's transmission, how water gets into your car's transmission and what to do when you have water in your car's transmission to avoid repair or a total change are things Naijauto will be discussing in this post.

1. How water gets into car transmission

There are a few ways water can get into your car's transmission, it could be from an external factor or from within the car mechanical system.

The predominant way in Nigeria being water from puddles in potholes due to bad roads and flood after it rains. One drive through a pot hole filled with water and you stand a risk of having a water in your car's transmission. Because transmissions are built with vents, if driven in water puddle or flood above vent level and water gets in, the water cools the transmission and affects the barometric pressure thereby causing water to be drawn into the transmission unit.


Flood can get water into your car transmission

Also because all transmissions have a cooling line that connects to the radiator. This cooling line carries transmission fluid through the radiator for the fluid to get cooled. If there is a leak in the radiator cooling passage, the coolant can get into the transmision fluid line and then you have your car transmission fluid mxed with coolant.

In some occasions, water can get into the car transmission unit through the dipstick tube if poorly positioned. These rare occasions can be when water is sprayed directly on the car engine during wash or rain water enters through leakages on the hood of the car and somehow you get water in your cars's transmission.

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2. Why water isn’t good for car transmission

When water enters into the car transmission, it mixes with the transmission fluid and it loses its lubricant effect.

Also, the glue which attached the friction lining and the clutch plates wear off. After some time, the water causes rust on the metal compartments of the transmission.

When this happens the transmission stops shifting into gears and eventually the whole transmission will need a total change if damage isn’t detected early enough. The longer the time wasted and the amount of water absorbed by the transmission will determine if there is to be a total change of the car transmission or rebuild with new parts.

3. How to get water out of car transmission

Don’t try to do a DIY on your car's transmission issues. Take your car to an auto mechanic workshop and run a diagnostic on your car. That way they can detect if you have water in your car transmission and how it got there and a solution can be proffered. If still in time of early detection, they transmission unit will be flushed with new transmission fluid thoroughly. If not detected early and there has been a damaged component of the transmission unit then a total replacement may be advised.

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Routine car diagnosis is very important

Trying to figure out how water got in your transmission and trying to have it fixed on your own is quite misleading as you may not possess the right tools to do so.

Also make sure you carry routine diagnostic checks on your car this way you can detect faults and have them fixed immediately before they cause major damages.

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Okenwa Emeka

Okenwa Emeka


Okenwa Emeka is a prolific writer who combines his content creation skills with a strong passion for automobiles to make engaging articles for Naija car lovers. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing CAM with a diploma in digital marketing. 

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