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Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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The rains can truly put your car in the mechanic and that's a fact. Do you know which parts of a car are the most susceptible to water contamination? Read on to find out!

The raining season is here once more and our cars are very prone to damage during this period. A car is a machine and naturally machines can easily get faulty when in excessive contact with water. It is normal for you to protect the interior of your car from rain but what of the other parts? Admittedly, it is very difficult to shield the outside of a car from the rain, especially when it is in motion. However, there are vital car parts susceptible to water and how you can protect them in the rain.

1. Car parts most affected by rains

1.1. Engine oil

One fallout of having rainfall in contact with your car engine is the danger to engine oil. If water happens to enter into your car engine oil pan, it contaminates the oil. You have to try every means to prevent this because water plainly reduces the lubrication properties in the oil. When the lubrication is gone from the oil, the oil becomes quite useless and contaminated oil in a car engine can cause huge damage to the engine. Make sure your oil pan has a secure lid that is on at all times.

Fix: Holes on your bonnet cover must be covered or welded shut .


Keep your oil pan tightly closed all the time

1.2. Engine intake system

Just the way the exhaust system exhales, the engine intake system inhales air. Now when water from rainfall enters into the engine, it goes to the cylinder in the pistons. This houses the engine intake system. When water is in the intake system, it won't compress like air, making it remain. This causes pressure, bends in the piston rods or cracks in the engine too.

Fix: Make sure the lining along your bonnet cover is intact so water doesn’t enter through gaps.

1.3. Car transmission

No matter how little, when rain finds its way into your car transmission, then it's game over. The car transmission has friction lining clutches. Now when rain goes into the transmission, this lining takes in the water which then dissolves the glue that holds these materials to the plates, causing the gears to slip. This damages it and the only way to resolve it is to rebuild the system at great expense.

If you are able to resolve the issue quickly, then only minor damage might occur. How to tell if it is affected? If your transmission fluid looks milky, then it's a bad sign.

Fix: Is there a break in your transmission fluid container? Also check the lid.


It's extremely dangerous for your transmission to be compromised by water

1.4. Brakes

The brakes of the car are the other parts that are likely to get damaged when in contact with rain water. Even if it does not malfunction immediately, it will do so later if proper care is not administered. When water enters into your car brake fluid, it sinks to the lowest part of the tank because it is heavier than the mineral substance used in the fluid. When you apply the brakes in these circumstances, water is injected into the brake line.

Fix: When you notice water in the brake lines, don't force it out, instead find a way to suction the water out. Make sure the cap on your brake fluid receptacle is tight.

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1.5. Car Interior

Water in the car interior makes the whole place messy. It goes from damaging the car seats, to the rug on the floor and also ruins the carpet too on the cargo bay.

Fix: Check the rubber lining on the doors and windshields.

1.6. Interior electronics and electrical system

Rain water that gets in the interior of the car may also bring damages to some of the electrical wiring and electronics provided for the car. Even under the seats, some automakers have some electrical components installed. This could short-circuit and fry your entire electrical system.

Fix: Immediately dry water on floor and on the sides. Don’t start the car if electrical wiring are wet.


Rain and electronics don't mix

2. What to do when rain water comes in contact with your car

2.1. Don't start the car

You may be tempted to warm your car to make the water to dry up, but this is a very bad move. When you start the car the little problem you have with the car can become serious.

2.2. Unplug the battery

This little action is to prevent current flow and electric shock in your car.

2.3. Get a professional

If you are unsure of what to do or where to start, it's best to get a mechanic to fix things up and prevent you making this worse.


A mechanic will know what to do even if you don't

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2.4. Wind down the windows/ doors

This allows ventilation to flow into the car. This is also another way to air dry the seat. Do this when the rain has stopped of course.

2.5. Change the engine oil

Even if there is no contamination in the engine oil, it's best to change to stay safer. Don't forget to look into the oil filter too.

2.6. Check up on your fuel system

Ensure your fuel or gas is not mixed up with water. If there is water in your gas or fuel, it becomes quickly noticeable because of the heaviness as water has more volume than the gas or fuel.

2.7. Look at the other fluids

Check other fluids in your car for water contamination. Fluids like the brake fluids, coolants and others.


The rains always make driving risky and car maintenance hard 

 >>> Practice safe driving and good maintenance with helpful tips on!

Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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