Volkswagen Brake Pads - Replacement signs to look out for

By Oluwaseun Adeniji
Publish on June 07, 2019

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Knowing when and how to replace brake pads in Volkswagen might be different from other brands. Check out the Volkswagen Brake Pads replacement signs to look out for!

Do you own a Volkswagen product? Perhaps you are wondering what are the signs you should be attentive to in case you might need a replacement. We cannot argue the love Nigerians have for German products - in terms of durability, performance and strength on the road. We always have your back here on Naijauto, regardless of any model you drive.

1. Signs for Volkswagen brake pads replacement

It is important for you to know that Volkswagen mostly install wear sensor on its front brake pads. This is often manufactured into the brake pad material so, whenever you are driving and you notice the brake light warning sign on the dash is pretty much illuminated, that should be an indicator that the brake pads lifespan is coming to an end; three thousand miles or less. This happens because most drivers can really get hard on the brakes. You should set your sight on foreseeable repair for your safety and the condition of your vehicle.

The challenge here is that, unlike the front brake pads, the brake pads at the rear are not equipped with a wear sensor. This makes it hard for you to know since the warning light would not be illuminated on the dashboard instrument cluster. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see any sign of rear brake pads wear. What you should be watchful for is the grinding metal-on-metal sound emanating from the back of your car each time you attempt to depress brake pedal. This sign means there is exhaustion with the brake pads in any of your Volkswagen’s models you might be driving.


Regardless of the brand you are driving, you shouldn't take any repair in the braking system for granted

One smart thing many car Nigerian car owners do is finding specialist in VW products to fix the problem for us. Well, that shouldn’t be hard to find in any of the cities in the country.

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2. How do I avoid Volkswagen brake pad squealing?

We believe in case you are replacing your brake pads, new ones must be installed with optimal patience and patience. Before you start stepping up the gas, remember it is still new. You need to start carefully for the initial 150 to 200 miles. When you do this, it put everything into perspective.

It is normal for all replacement brake pads to be preserved and shipped with Cosmoline or oil being used on the brake rotor. The simple essence is to avoid any kind of rust especially during the long period of time it spends on the sea. When a typical mechanic handles this new brake rotor, he might not really it is necessary to clean off any residue of this preservative oil from it. When you install it with this oil, it might destroy the VW brake pad and rotors. The residue will make the brake pad get glazed by embedding itself on the replacement component, hereby causing slip into the face of the rotor. This would make the glazed brake pads or rotor to produce more heat, which impedes the proper brake pad and brake rotor break-in situation to occur. This is why the new brakes might look weak to you anytime you deploy it.

Rear Brake Pads & Brake Rotor Replacement Volkswagen Jetta 2005-2010

You should also avoid using a new brake pad replacement with used or old brake rotors. This also applies the other way round. It is important for the Volkswagen’s brake pad surface area to come in contact with a rotor that is very smooth. Using it on used rotors will prevent perfect bedding of the brake pads. That is why the performance of the brake would be low and possible squealing with the brake pad. During installation, the kit must be complete and new for both the brake pads and brake rotor.


For that optimal driving experience, get those worn out brake pads fixed!

Final notes

Some auto-mechanic repair workshops might not have a proper grasp on Volkswagen product. We recommend you take your time and get an expert that would not incur more problems on your car during repair.

And to make sure you can find reliable mechanic for Volkswagen problems, we have this list to help:

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