4 Different car paint types in Nigeria: Maintenance and repair


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The car paint types you go for will determine its final look. Depending on your budget, take a look at some of the popular types of paints in Nigeria.

It is not news that a good paint job gives your vehicle a very pleasing aesthetic look. What many people do not know is that not all paints are actually not the same in term of quality and prices.

If you intend to repaint your vehicle, choosing the right one should be a carefully-taken decision from a series of research.

The type of car paints you finally decide to go for will determine the final look of your vehicle.

On the other hand, there are specific paint types that are applied on most of these cars before leaving the factory. We will be addressing some of these car paint types, repair and how to maintain them here on Naijauto.

Types of car paint in Nigeria

1. Solid paint/finish

The solid paint is usually standard on most manufactured vehicles. At the production line, the automakers are solely interested in rolling out automotive products that will bring in lots of profit as well as maintaining their reputation.

This is why they prefer to go for standard colours such as white, black, blue and red. They sometimes offer limited shades of each colour to make it a bit more appealing to buyers.

When deciding what type of car you want to buy, there is a possibility you would have decided the ideal choice of colour you are going for.


The solid paint is the cheapest and most colour car paint type in Nigeria

  • Maintenance and repair of solid paint

Solid finishes are usually free and easy to maintain due to minimal stress during its production. Solid paints are mostly in 3 layers – primer, paint and lacquer. Recently, several carmakers are delving into the mixture of paint and lacquer together, otherwise known as ‘two-pack’ paint.

Repair of solid paint is quite simple. All that is needed is the use of the touch-up pen in filling in small stone chips in the appropriate shade.  You can get the pen from any car spares shop at affordable prices.

With the help of the simple heat lap, it is comparatively easy to carry out more significant repairs, since the paint will dry out quickly. This is one step you can carry out in your home.

With the right tools, you should be able to achieve even finish.

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Most notably, You should be very careful in order to avoid being faced with a problem like dreaded orange peel, which happens where is a separation in the layers from the moisture gaining access to it during application.

Without a doubt, solid paint is the easiest and least expensive car paint to maintain. If you are the type of person that doesn't really feel repainting of a car as much as may people would love to, wrapping it might turn out to be a good alternative after all.

2. Metallic paints

This is a bit different from solid paint and obviously more expensive.

It comes in a brighter colour than the previous paint type while featuring many ranges of colours for customers to choose from. This brightened look offered by metallic finishes comes from the little quantity of aluminium powder mixed into the paint.

This is how the metal particles pick up the light and reflect it enough to shine.  There is also a possibility of an extra effect which could be gotten from multiple layers of lacquer and paint.

Even though metallic paint will shine all day long, but direct and natural light offers the best look.


The metallic paint is more durable than solid paint while giving the car good resale value

  • Maintenance and repair of metallic paints

More often than not, it will be required of you to clean your vehicle regularly since the dirt always looks glaring on metallic finishes.

To do this, you need to make use of car shampoo and ensure the sponge doesn’t contain any grit on it. Polish gently to avoid swirl marks and avoid using car wash brushes that could spoil the final look with marks.

Not to worry, when you have these marks, it can be buffed out carefully.

Unlike the solid paint, to repair metallic car paint is usually labour intensive and expensive to carry out. It could also be difficult to get the exact body match and would require more attention. However, the end usually justifies the means as it boosts your car resale value as well as awesome appearance.

3. Pearlescent finishes

If you think Metallic paints are the best products the market can offer, maybe you should try out these pearlescent paints. They are more expensive, deeper and shine brighter than the previous paints we have indicated here.

Formed from ceramic crystals in paints, the pearlescent paints reflect and easily refract light.

The interesting thing about these paints is that while the colour depth cannot be matched by metallic paints, they become iridescent under lighter shades. This means it offers different colours from various angles, enough to give that incredible appearance.


Pearlescent finishes offer different colour outlooks from different angles

  • Maintenance and repair of pearlescent finishes

Due to its nature, pearlescent paint is very vulnerable to marks and to repair would take more labour time than the metallic paint. The best way to maintain this type of car paint is to avoid any form of mark on it, which ultimately will help retain its good resale value.

4. Matte finishes

It takes someone who really understands paint to appreciate this matte finish. Not only do they cost a lot of money, but they also are not the shiny type of car paint. They are mostly offered in shades of black, silver and grey.

To achieve a matte finish, it is required to use various methods such as the use of a flattening agent in the lacquer or utilizing the primer with high epoxy content.

Regardless of the method you end up using, the matte finish doesn’t reflect as much as it absorbs the light. Finally, it gives an appealing dull sheen that makes your car look so unique on the road.


The matte paint job gives your car that cool, unique look on the road

Here is a short clip on how you can easily care for a matte finish on a car. Check below for the video:

Video: How To Care For Matte Paint | Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Prescription

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  • Maintenance and repair of matte finishes

Just like other premium paint types, the matte finishes demand daily cleaning through the use of specially made polishes and shampoos.

If you encounter droppings from birds on this type of paint, you should clean it off immediately since it contains acids that will do a lot of damages on it. The maintenance of matte finishes is a bit hard and would incur lots of financial debt on you.

This is why you apply this type of car paint only when it is out of pure love for it and also if you can afford it. It doesn’t appeal to many people which might make it challenging to get a buyer afterwards for it.


Remember, it is important to find a competent painter before you give your vehicle out to be repainted if you intend to try out a different paint colour on it.

No matter how much you are spending on the new paint job, if the painter hasn’t mastered the craft well enough, the outcome will be disastrous. Whether you are going for solid paint, matte, pearlescent finish or any of future car paint types, your car paint is about to turn some eyes on the roads.

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