8 ways to transform your car into a luxury vehicle


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Are you up for a car transformation? If you think your car needs a luxury look, then check out these ways of modifying cars into luxurious models!

Have you ever driven around town and saw a luxury car, only to turn green with envy wishing your car can be up to that luxury standard? Probably your daily driving on your older car is getting some eyebrows raised whenever you cruise by. And now, you want to give your car an improved look, to give it some shine and class. There are some ways to go about it and that's what this article pieced here on Naijauto is all about.

The article will be letting you on into some of the ways you can make some changes to give car that luxurious look. Though they are closely related, the difference between your non-luxury car and the luxury cars you see on the road lies on some minor changes. Some parts that were added to enhance the car's looks.

Though some are a bit pricey, others aren’t. But it's certain that when added to your car, they will make it look and feel more luxurious. Let's check them out.

1. Get a leather to wrap up your steering wheel

Your hands are always wrapped around your steering wheel whenever you are behind the wheels, so why are you opting for the one that came with your car? It will make a whole lot of difference when you cover your steering wheel with quality leather, as it will change its overall look and feel too. There are different options available to make this happen.


The steering wheel is the most common component you deal with, why don't give it a more aesthetic look?

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You can buy a leather steering wheel cover for as cheap as N4,000. Though there are different price options, simply go for what you can afford. You can check Jumia or auto accessory shops around town.

Another option available is to make your own wheel cover. Get a real leather, cut it to fit your steering wheel and make sure it can wrap around the entire wheel. Get a strong thread and needle to sew it. While on it, don't cover the center of the steering wheel or horn.

If you aren't up for a DIY, you can take the car to an upholstery shop. Look for shops that specialize in it to get a good job done. Does your car have a luxury version already in the market? You can upgrade your steering wheel by replacing it for the luxury steering.

2. Replace your car carpet or clean them

Do you know the source of those smell in brand new cars? Well, car carpets tend to hold smells. When a floor mat gets dirty, it oozes out bad odors. If you have dirty carpets inside your car, then it's time you clean them up. Consider taking your car to an expert in car cleaning to give it a thorough cleaning. And if they've worn out, have them replaced. Remember, you are trying to give your car a luxury look. So, doing these will improve the entire beauty of your car and also make it smell nice.

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The carpet gets dirty over time; washing it or even changing it can benefit its interior look

3. Change the wheels

The type of shoe people wear tells a lot about them. The same thing applies to cars. A car's tyres and wheel says a lot about the driver. To change the look of your car, upgrade your tyres and wheels. They will give you a smoother ride if your wheels are aligned and properly balanced. Now, this isn't about going all super flashy with spinning parts, chrome or expensive performance tyres. A simple wheel upgrade will do. If your car is fitted with a steel wheel and hubcaps, you can upgrade it.


The wheels can enhance the overall exterior look by some chrome alloy material

4. Change your seat cover

There are many seat covers in the market. Sure, you'll find the right fit for your car. They are cost-effective and a good alternative to reupholstering your car. And make sure the seat cover you are setting for matches your seat’s airbags.

You, off course, can reclaim the interior beauty if knowing the right ways of cleaning it. Check out this article 5 easy and safe steps to clean leather upholstery for more details!


The seat cover is like the soul of the exterior, a change of it might breathe a new life to the inside of the car

5. Install a collision avoidance system

Probably, your car lacks some modern features now present in new cars. If there's an aftermarket for such features and accessories, you can add them to your car. Let’s take safety features like a blind spot monitor, back-up camera, you can install them in your car without buying a new car.

6. Get new shock and struts

Some automakers recommend the shocks and struts be replaced every 80,000 kilometers. Replacing them has to do with what and how you drive your car. If your shocks and struts have worn out from usage and it's been a while you've changed them, get new ones.


A luxury feeling includes smooth rides, which cannot without good shocks and struts

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7. Replace your car stereo

Modernized cars now have double din GPS touchscreen which gives cars a luxury look and feel. Consider replacing your car stereo and speakers with the one of a higher quality. You know how important a clear sound is in luxury cars.

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8. Give your car a regular maintenance

Let's be frank, a car that undergoes regular maintenance will look and feel much better when compared to a mechanically neglected car. Clean your car regularly and also get it waxed. Your car's paint will look shiny and protected.

With these ways listed above, your car is on its way to having a luxury look and feel.

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Jane Osuagwu

Jane Osuagwu

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