What do you know about Toyota dashboard warning lights?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Getting a good grasp of these Toyota dashboard warning lights and acting would make driving exciting and risk-free for you and your loved ones.

The funny thing is, you might have been using that Toyota product for quite a while now and not knowing what those warning lights mean on your Corolla dashboard.

Just like the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the warning lights on the dashboard require an insight into what they mean and their usefulness in the car. Colour is one big clue you should be on the lookout for while identifying the warning lights and the indicators on your Toyota’s dashboard. Green or blue colour icon indicates information you solely need to pay attention to such as leaving headlights or activating it. Yellow icon is mostly a sign of potential operational or mechanical issue, which should be attended to as quick as possible such as massive drop in the level of fuel in the tank.

Well, one you should be wary of is the red colour. Many at times, red lights are indications of possible faulty elements in your Toyota that require immediate attention of a professional to help you diagnose the problem. Now that you know what these colours means, here on Naijauto are the possible dashboard warning signs or icons you might see on your Toyota vehicle.

1. Low engine oil pressure warning light

This is mostly red in colour and has the appearance of leaking oil from a lamp. When the icon comes on, it means the oil pressure in the engine is low beyond required level.

2. Battery charging system warning light

This often looks like a battery found in a car with a negative and positive sign on it. When the icon pops up, it is indicating an issue with the battery or the charging system. At this point, your car might not be getting needed electrical charge. So, if you own a Toyota Tacoma 2015, this problem might means there is a bad alternator or battery.


When this icon comes up, you should take a look at your car battery or alternator

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3. ABS warning light

When the ABS light shows on the dashboard, it is better you suspend driving and take your car straight to a workshop for a checkup. It appears like a square with ABS inside. This could signify an issue with the brake assists system or anti-lock brakes. This is not the type of light you should overlook for your safety.

4. Tire pressure warning light

This is the type of warning system that tells you to check your tire for possible low tire inflation pressure. The icon appears as flat-bottomed tire coupled with a centered exclamation mark. When you have this problem, it would tell seriously on the fuel consumption, handling, traction and most importantly, your safety.

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5. Low fuel level warning light

This indicator is known by virtually every driver out there. It is easy to identify as it looks like a gas pump. When you notice this icon showing on your dashboard, you should get a filling station and fill up your fuel tank to avoid getting stranded at the middle of nowhere.

Getting a good grasp of these Toyota dashboard warning lights and acting would make driving exciting and risk-free for you and your loved ones.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

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