To keep your car in mint condition, pay attention to these 09 parts


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To help your car stands the test of time, pay attention to these parts.

1. Brake work

Since brake pads and brake shoes are made of consumable materials, meaning they wear out over time and are meant to be changed periodically. When you do that, also change the drums and rotors as well. Sometimes, people choose to cut and sand the uneven surface of those mentioned components, but that actually decrease the effectiveness of them. Especially, the cutting cannot be done to perfection when the rotor is warped because the surface wouldn't be even. In our experience, you should not hesitate to put money down on features that keep you, and your car, safe.


The brake compartment could be fixed, but you can always buy a new one 

What's more, the brake fluid should be drained and replaced frequently too. The fluid WILL absorb moisture over time, generally speaking, 3 to 4 percents of your brake fluid is moisture after 2 years because of the hygroscopic nature of its component. It's perfectly fine when it's in the fluid state, but once the brake got heated, the moisture will be vaporized, resulting in a soft brake due to the fact that water vapor couldn't transfer the force from your foot to the wheel brake.

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2. Wheel bearing

Despite the fact that more and more models are switching to use fixed bearings, many models from the old times still use the traditional bearings, so the needs for a proper wheel bearing maintenance is still prevalent. The bearing needs to be lubricated with a special kind of fluid with higher viscosity called grease. You can think about it as the synovial fluid for the joints in your body, without being greased suitably with the kind that can sustain heat, your transmission would break down quickly. It is notable that you should never apply grease to the axle spindle.

a car's bearing

The grease to the bearing is analogous to the fluid in your joints

3. The fuel filter

This component is responsible for keeping impurities out of the fuel tank. Without it, the quality of your fuel would be affected, resulting in a low fuel economy and even damaged fuel injector. But part of the reason why people don't change their filter that frequently, apart from being neglectful, is the fact that the fuel filter is located in a hidden space, deep down inside the system. Now you know its importance, remember to change it every 40 thousand kilometers.

4. The battery

Though the latest battery technology really frees us from the burden of taking your car to an auto shop regularly, it still needs to keep an eye on. First off, the positive and negative terminals have to be washed and cleaned and tighten in some cases. Also, the voltage between terminals should be measured frequently too. Remember that if you can't charge a battery to its perfect required voltage, it's always better to undercharge it rather than overcharge because it's safer that way.

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a car's battery

The price of a new battery is not pleasant, remember to check it regularly!

The condition of your battery should be noted to prevent any unpleasant consequences. Not only the battery will not operate at its peak, the acid electrolyte would leak out when the battery has been used for too long. So remember to have an experienced mechanic to check it in your nearest maintenance appointment. The categories checked should include the regulator, the alternator, and the terminals gravity state.

5. All the sensors

Generally speaking, sensors and almost all kind of electric switches and control cannot be maintained by the regular cars users, and in fact, those components themselves don't need to be taken care of that much. But you could know if there's something wrong with them by plugging in a code reader and refer to the error codes as laid out in the manual. To be more certain, take it to an auto shop to have the seasoned mechanic to check it for you.

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The list of sensors that need to be checked includes The oxygen sensor, the fuel pump impact switch and relay, the manifold air pressure, idle air control, MAF sensor, the intake charge temperature, throttle position, the coolant, and the EGR position sensor.

6. The ignition system

This system is somewhat similar to the lung system in your body, which constantly works the moment the body "turned on". Needless to say how intensive they should be taken care of. One notable thing when it comes to maintaining this system is to always replace the wires, coil and spark plug altogether since they're pretty cheap. Apart from the original model installed and recommended by the manufacturer, there are other kinds of spark plugs that work in slightly different temperature ranges. You could pick your favorite and consult your mechanic before making changes.

7. The AC system

There are two reasons why people don't take care of the AC system more frequently. First off, this system goes bad only gradually, not abruptly, so the changes if any would be hardly noticeable, only until the temperature is too hard to tolerate then the owner would do something about that. The other reason is the financial incentive. Changing this system is very expensive and thus most motorists would wait until the proverbial last minute to change them. This is actually counterproductive as neglecting it for a long time would lead to many dire consequences and would make it wear out faster. Think about it, why don't you spend some hours to add extra months to your AC when you can. This system should be checked every spring, including leakage, refrigerant level, and the compressor.

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a pressure gauge

Since it doesn't affect overall performance efficiency, the AC system is oftentimes neglected

8. The automotive differential

This component's working condition is unimaginably harsh. It is responsible for differentiating the speed between pairs of wheels. When your car suddenly burns an amount of fuel greater than usual, it's probably because of this component. So remember to lubricate it frequently.

a car's differential

This device has to operate in the most brutal condition in a car, treat it with care

9. The bodywork

Now that we've covered the internal system of the car, let's touch on the surface level. Even though most of us use a car because of its functionality, it wouldn't hurt to have a car with shiny exterior and interior. The inside interior, especially those with leather-warped such as leather seats or dashboard should be cleaned with extra care. With the bodywork, if you can't afford luxury maintenance package such as carbon fiber cover, at least don't leave your car covered with dust, wash it frequently yourself or take it to a washing business. The tip here if you want to wash it by yourself is to do that every week, otherwise you will find it very hard to get rid of them completely when you don't have all those specialized equipment.

a light blue car

Your car doesn't have to be flamboyant, but it should be at least squeaky clean 

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