Simple tips to make your car battery last longer than usual


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Would you like to know why your car battery is discharging too quickly? Check out these 10 helpful tips for making your car battery last longer!

Its battery care time!

As usual, Naijauto is back again with another highly informative and well-researched set of tips and bits of advice that will really help all Nigerian car owners and drivers.

Car batteries as you would already know, are very important for keeping a car running. Everyone needs a car battery that is in good condition to “start” a normal car just as much as it is also needed for powering up all of the electrical components in a car when the engine is not running.


Your car battery surely lasts longer if you adopt the proper maintenance procedures and tips

When a car battery is dying or weak, it could create some really embarrassing and frustrating car problems such as a complete car break-down while you are in a heavy traffic jam. However, we have discovered that car batteries usually don’t just fail without some underlying reasons.

A new car battery should last between 2-6 years but, just like every other part of a car – the way you treat your car battery goes a long way in determining how long it will serve you and how well it will behave.

In order to avoid experiencing unnecessary problems from your car battery, keep the battery maintenence tips in mind and apply them as you go about driving your car;

1. Avoid using your car electronics when it is idle

Whenever your car is in an idle state with the engine turned off, make sure to avoid using the car’s electronic components such as the air conditioner, radio and the likes.

All of such electrical components will quickly drain and weaken your battery, leaving it with less power to keep the car running when you really need it the most.  

A car draws electrical power from its in-built charging circuit but once the engine is off, it draws all of such power directly from the car battery and if care is not taking – you might end up with a dead car battery.


Each of the electronic features that you use drains the car battery whenever the engine is off

2. Turn off all lights when exiting the car

This point is much similar to the one above; when you forget to turn off the headlights, taillights and every other light in your car, the battery suffers the repercussion. As a matter of fact, the headlights and some other lights in any car usually drain the car battery much faster than all other electrical components.

So, keep this in mind and always remember to confirm that you have turned off all lights before getting out of your car to go anywhere.

3. Go on long rides more often

Believe it or not; the longer you drive, the more your car helps you charge up the car battery by itself.

So, we strongly advise that you should try taking your car for a long ride every once in a while, in order to maintain a fully charged battery.


Long drives are more beneficial to your car battery than short distance drives

However, if your movement will never really include long distances then, we will advise that you should buy a portable charger that you can always use to charge your car battery from an external power outlet whenever the battery gets drained and needs a jump-start.

4. Regularly check your car battery for electrical leaks

If your car is always difficult to start every morning and you are sure that you always switch off all of its electronic components before going to bed then, you are most likely facing an electrical leakage problem.

An electrical leak happens when a particular component of the car is continually drawing power from a car battery even though all the switches are turned off. Such a problematic component can sometimes even drain all of the juice in a fully charged car battery overnight.

Take your car to the nearest auto repair/service shop to have its electrical circuit checked or else the continual overnight discharge of your car battery can permanently damage it later on.

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5. Control and minimize corrosion/dirt

It is normal for most car battery terminals and heads to corrode over time and become dirty as well. But this corrosion or dirt needs to be removed regularly to ensure stronger electrical connection between your battery and the vehicle’s charging circuit.

To clean your car battery, you can apply the following procedures;

  • Remove the clamps from the battery terminals
  • Make a liquid mixture of water and baking soda then, dip a spare toothbrush or any other type of brush into this mixture and use it to scrub the dirt or corrosion off the car battery
  • After scrubbing off the dirt, corrosion or grease from the battery, take a clean dry cloth and use it to clean up the car battery

Toothbrush-being-used-to-clean-the terminals-of-a-car-battery

You can completely tidy up your car battery with just a simple toothbrush

Make sure to always clean up the terminals of your car battery at least once in every 4-6 months.

6. Fasten your battery tightly

It is very important to always keep your car battery fastened tightly in its mounting bracket especially if you drive on bumpy roads more often.

Whenever a car battery is loose and dangling in its bracket, you will experience quite a lot of battery-related problems as you drive your car. Your car might continually go off while in motion and the car battery itself might subsequently suffer short circuit or internal damage later on.

7. Never drain your car battery completely

If you are constantly having your car battery drained and recharging it over and over again; be prepared to have a permanently dead car battery anytime soon.

Multiple frequent discharge/recharge cycles kill car batteries much quicker than you imagine.

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8. Do not let the water level in the car battery go low

If your car uses a “wet-cell” battery, then make sure to always check its water/acid level at least once in every 2-3 months else you risk having a dead car battery if the water goes too low beyond proper level.

However, if you can’t handle such stress, we advise that you should just go get yourself a “Dry-cell” car battery replacement and thank us later 😊.

9. Don’t expose your car battery to extreme temperature/weather

Believe it or not; when the weather is extremely hot, your car battery suffers just like when the weather is extremely cold as well.

Try your best to always park your car in a place with an average temperature rather than extreme ones.

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10. Keep a good battery maintenance schedule

Keep a healthy maintenance schedule for your car battery just like you should for all other important parts of the car.

Regularly caring for your battery will go a long way in helping you detect any battery-related issue before it gets out of hand.

You can perform battery maintenance check every 4,800 km (3,000 miles) or 3 months.


As for us, all of the above are the most important 10 helpful tips for making your car battery last longer.

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